10 Best Backless Stud Earrings: Stylish and Comfortable 

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Imagine having a favorite pair of studs that you can’t wear because you’ve misplaced the backings. That’s what typically happens with traditional stud earrings. Backless studs are an effortless and excellent way to accentuate your style without worrying about earring backs.

If you’re looking for backless studs, this guide is for you. We’ve carefully selected a list of the 10 best backless stud earrings. You’ll also see how backless studs work and how you choose a good one. Let’s get started.

How do backless earrings work? 

Backless earrings are designed in a way that keeps them secure on the ear—they don’t have the traditional post and stopper. Some backless earrings have a curve or hook design while others (flat back earrings) have a simple, flat disc. 

All you have to do is insert the earring, and that’s it, except for flat backs which are inserted from the back and require screwing on a decorative top at the front.

Types of backless earrings 

Here are the specific types of backless earrings.

Shepherd hooks

Shepherd hooks - 10 Best Backless Stud Earrings You Need in Your Collection

Shepherd hooks are also known as “ear wires.” They have a curved wire (or hook), which you insert in your piercing to hold it in place. Shepherd hooks are very easy to wear but also easy to lose. You’ll find them mostly as drop earrings.

Flat backs

limerencia G23 Hypoallergenic 18g Flat Back Stud Earrings | F136 Implant Grade Titanium Press Fit Threadless Push Pop in Cartilage Helix Labret Lip Monroe Tragus Piercing Studs (2mm White CZ Silver)

Flat backs feature a small flat disc attached to an earring post. Instead of wearing them from the front like other earrings, you insert a flat back earring through the back of your ear. 

With the flat disc and post already in your ear, you then fix the decorative top. Flat back earrings are so comfortable; you can wear them to bed because they don’t poke.

Omega backs

LeCalla 925 Sterling Silver Omega Back Earrings 14K Gold Plated Lightweight Italian Design Mariner Anchor Link Zirconia Clip-On Omega Back Large Stud Earring for Women 18 MM

Omega back earrings have a hinged post that goes into the ear and closes behind your earlobe with a click, keeping them secure and comfy. 

💡 Fun fact: These earrings are named omega backs because they resemble the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega (Ω). 

💡 Take Note: To choose a good backless stud, look for lightweight and comfortable earrings. Also, confirm that the earrings can stay secure on the ear. You also want to ensure the earrings are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your skin.

10 best backless stud earrings 

Here’s our list of the 10 best backless stud earrings. You’ll find a mix of backless studs for girls, women, men, gold lovers, and other categories. 

Best backless stud earrings for men

Dot Earrings, High Polished Surgical Steel Screw Flat Back 8MM Disc Stud Earrings for Women Men Pack of 5 Pairs(3MM/5MM/8MM Option) (8MM/0.32" Studs)

We’re starting with these 18G flat back studs for men. They come as a set of five studs in “masculine” colors like black, gold, and deep blue. Past buyers say these studs are comfortable, great for sleeping and everyday wear, and match almost all outfits. 

It sure sounds like a stress-free piece for men. However, we found complaints about these earrings irritating sensitive skin

Best backless stud earrings for little girls

18 Pairs Stainless Steel Stud Earrings Set for Women Men Star Moon flower Heart Leaf Opal 20G Cartilage Earrings Hypoallergenic Flatback Earrings Piercing Jewelry

Do you need a plentiful pack of studs for your little girl? You’ll love this product—it contains 18 pairs of flat back studs with various designs. If your girl loses her earrings often (like most little girls do), you’ll find this pack handy. 

Fortunately, it comes at a fair price. Worried about irritation? We found reviews that these earrings do not irritate sensitive ears. On the flip side, some customers found them hard to put on

Best backless stud earrings for women

LeCalla 925 Sterling Silver Omega Back Earrings Jewelry Large Italian Design Round Dome Button Omega-Clip Back Stud Earring for Women 16 MM

These omega back studs will look great with formal work outfits for women; they’re simple yet elegant. Past buyers say that they look more expensive than their actual price. People also like how the earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Additionally, the brand has great rapport with customers and sends replacements if needed. 

Best unisex backless stud earrings

YADOCA 10 Pairs Screw Stud Earrings Flat Back Black Earrings for Men Mix Color Helix Cartilage Barbell Earrings Plugs Tunnel Punk

These 6mm flat back earrings come in various colors. You’ll get silver, gold, black, blue, and colorful earrings — all great for males and females. Past buyers say these earrings were cute and very comfortable (it’s easy to forget you have them on). However, some customers had trouble unscrewing them

Best gold backless stud earrings

PAVOI 14K Gold Flat Backs (Heart, Yellow Gold)

These 14K gold-plated backless studs feature a heart-shaped design. They’re a good pick if you love tiny earrings; customers say they’re super small

PAVOI is a sustainable brand that makes its jewelry from recycled materials only. So, if you’re worried about the ethical practices of your gold jewelry, you’re safe with these. 

Best sterling silver backless stud earrings

LeCalla Sterling Silver Jewelry Omega-Clip Back Pierce Earrings for Women

These sterling silver earrings feature the secure and sturdy omega back style. You don’t have to worry about them falling off. If they feel too tight on your earlobes, you can adjust the back clip to loosen up a little (this helped a customer who had a similar complaint). 

These earrings are said to be smaller than in the picture, so they won’t be a good pick if you want a large stud. 

Best pearl backless stud earrings

pearl earrings - 10 Best Backless Stud Earrings You Need in Your Collection

These 18K white gold-plated earrings feature pretty simulated white pearls and CZ stones. If you want something simple but elegant, you won’t go wrong with these earrings. 

The earrings have a 4.3-star general rating from over 1,200 ratings on Amazon. We think they’re worth a shot.

Best diamond backless stud earrings

FreshTrends 2mm Diamond Low-Set Prong 14K Gold Labret Cartilage Flat Back Earring, 14K Gold | 16G | 5/16" (0.03 ctw SI1 Diamond)

Want a touch of diamond on your backless studs? These studs feature a 2mm round diamond set in 14K yellow gold. The earrings are 8mm long, and you can wear them on cartilage or lobe piercings. 

You can expect the diamonds to be tiny since they’re only 2mm in diameter. These diamond studs are pretty pricey, so prepare to handle them carefully. 

Backless stud earrings for cartilage

GAGABODY G23 Titanium 16G 3mm Opal Internally Threaded Labret Helix Cartilage Tragus Monroe Lip Studs Earring Piercing 6mm

These backless studs are great for cartilage piercings like tragus, rook, and conch piercings. They’re made of titanium, a hypoallergenic and biocompatible metal. They’re internally threaded flat backs, so they won’t fall out quickly.

Buyers mentioned that these studs helped heal their piercings.    

Best backless stud earrings for unpierced ears

Cubic Zirconia Ear Cuffs - Sterling Silver Hypoallergenic Non-Piercing Cartilage Earrings CZ Clip on Earrings Round Crystal Stud Earrings for Women Girls 6mm

No piercings? No problem. These sterling silver ear clips are similar to omega back earrings; only they don’t have a post that goes into a hole. They simply clip on your ear without requiring a separate back. Each piece features a brilliant cubic zirconia stone.

These studs are versatile and can be worn on various parts of the ear — lobes, helix, or antihelix. They’re hypoallergenic, so if you have sensitive skin, it’s an excellent piece. However, the major complaint was that they became painful after wearing them for some time. 

Pick your favorite backless stud

You don’t always have to wear traditional earrings with separate backings; there’s a stylish range of backless earrings to explore. Whether you want gold, silver, male, female, or unisex backless studs, you’ll find one on our list. Pick your favorite and enjoy wearing the best backless stud earrings.

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