The Top 10 Best Diamond Earrings for Men

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Though different societies frown on men wearing earrings, we support everyone’s search for individuality through jewelry. Men’s diamond earrings are a fantastic way to show off unique masculine charm with a hint of class.

This guide explores the world of diamond earrings for men, detailing our favorite 10 pieces across various categories and tips on choosing the best one.

How to Choose the Best Diamond Earring for Men

Selecting the best diamond earring can be complicated for the uninitiated. There are many options in the market, and finding something that gives the right fit isn’t easy. But don’t worry! In this section, we’ll cover various ways you can select the right earring for you, according to the metal choice, diamond setting, cost, shape, color, and size of the diamond.


The most popular diamond color is white, but diamonds come in multiple colors, ranging from brown to yellow to black. White diamonds are sleek with a clear sparkle, but black diamonds are also famous for men’s earrings. Black earrings lend you a mysterious and powerful aura. Choose the color that fits your style best.


Diamonds come in various shapes, including round, princess, oval, pear, marquise, emerald, and cushion. The shape of the diamond can affect its brilliance, fire, and overall appearance.

Many men’s diamond earrings feature round-cut diamonds. This shape offers the most brilliance and fire while giving you a timeless look. However, other popular shapes and cuts might be more your style. For example, princess-cut diamonds are also popular among men.


The diamond’s setting refers to how the diamond is held in place on a piece of jewelry. This factor can influence the appearance and security of a diamond. Prong, bezel, and pave are popular gemstone settings for diamonds. You can use the information about each to choose the one that fits your style and the level of security you need.

Prong settings are fantastic for showing off the diamond’s beauty. Still, the diamond could fall off if the prongs are loose. The opposite is true for bezel settings, as the diamond is secure but covered, hiding most of its brilliance. Pave settings offer security and lots of shine, but they might not suit a minimalist.


Price plays a significant role in a man’s diamond earring choice. Diamonds are pricey, and the ones with the best cuts and colors often come with the biggest price tags. While some men prioritize quality and beauty over cost, not everyone’s budget can extend that far. In that situation, men usually look at price instead. In some instances, they opt for lookalike diamond earrings instead.


A diamond’s size is measured in carats. For example, a 1-carat round-cut diamond is usually about 0.26 inches (6.5 mm), and the size increases as the caratage of the diamond changes.

Some men prefer more discreet diamond earrings and opt for pieces with smaller stones. In comparison, others love their jewelry flashier and choose earrings with larger stones. Eventually, it depends on your individual preferences. 


Metals can influence a diamond earring’s final look, durability, and cost. Metals like gold, sterling silver, and platinum are common.

White gold, sterling silver, and platinum are common white metals. They glimmer with white diamonds and present a beautiful classic look. We also love the standout combination of yellow gold and brilliant white diamonds.

When considering durability, lower karat gold (10K and 14K) and platinum stand up to wear better. They’re sturdy, non-tarnish, and can last you for years.

10 best diamond earrings for men

Finding the earring that fits you perfectly doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’ve curated a list of our top ten favorite diamond earrings for men, including pieces with different metal options and diamond colors. Here are our top ten best diamond earrings.

Rockford Collection gold dangle cross earrings

GOLD Dangle Cross Hoop Earring with 0.12ct Diamonds

You can accentuate any look with this lovely gold earring from Rockford Collection. It features a chain and cross-dangle, and diamond detail. 

Additionally, you can customize it with the options available, changing the color of the diamonds (black or white), the karatage (18K or 14K), or the color (white, yellow, or rose gold). 

We place it as the best dangling diamond earring because of the subtle lift it gives to any outfit.

Zales scalloped border diamond huggie

Men's 1/3 CT. T.W. Diamond Double Row Scallop Border Huggie Hoop Earrings in 10K Gold

Exude stylish, masculine charm with these 10K yellow gold huggies from Zales. We feature it on this list as the best diamond hoop earring for men for its unique design. The piece features two rows of glittering diamonds bordered by scalloped edges and a hinged back closure to secure it. You can pair it with casual attire to bring together a dapper fit.

Kay lion stud earrings

Diamond lion stud earrings

Make a bold statement with these lion-head earrings from Kay Jewelers. The sparkling ring of white diamonds draws the eyes, and the intricate lion head carving with black diamond eyes keeps it there. We love these earrings’ bold statement and place them as our favorite diamond stud earrings.

Kay black diamond huggie earrings

Black diamond huggie earrings - The Top 10 Best Diamond Earrings for Men

We adore the contrast between white metals and black diamonds, so we place these huggie earrings from Kay as the best black diamond piece on the list. They feature a double row of black diamonds on a 10K white gold huggie frame with hinged backs.

Jared princess cut diamond stud

THE LEO First Light Diamond Solitaire Princess Earrings 2 ct tw 14K White Gold (I1/I)

Are you looking for fire and brilliance? This stud earring from Jared enters our list as the best princess-cut diamond earring and will provide lots of shine for you. The pristine cut of the diamond shows off infinite, dazzling colors and will spice up your fit with the right amount of flash. The 14K white gold post is secured with a screw-back and sits comfortably on your ear.

Zales lab-created multi-diamond stud

Men's 1 CT. T.W. Certified Lab-Created Multi-Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold

Diamonds don’t always have to be earth-mined to look good, and these beautiful earrings prove it. The piece features a round 14K white gold stud embellished with round-cut lab-created diamonds. The piece is glittery, classic, and securely comfortable all day with screw-backs. We place it as the best lab-created diamond earring on our list.

Brilliant Earth round cut diamond earrings

Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

These simple round-cut studs are customizable in every way, from the metal color to the diamond’s size. They ooze stylish minimalism, and the brilliant way the diamond sits makes it our favorite round-cut diamond earrings.

Rockford Collection La Paz stud

LA PAZ Gold Single Stud Earring with 0.17ct Diamonds - The Top 10 Best Diamond Earrings for Men

You have some creative license over how this lovely gold stud looks. There are three options for the gold color (white, yellow, and rose), and you can choose between white and black for the diamonds. This piece is on our list as the best gold diamond earring for its masculine charm.

Kolmnurk moissanite stud earrings

Moissanite Stud Earrings, 0.6ct-4ct D Color VVS1 Clarity Brilliant Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond Earrings 18K White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Screw Back for Women Men, Birthday Valentine's Day Gift

If you’re searching for the best lookalike diamond earring, we’d love to suggest this moissanite stud from Kolmnurk store. The stud is made with sterling silver plated with 18K white gold and a brilliant, round-cut moissanite gem. Customers rave about the comfortable fit and the fact that it’s giftable.

Zales square diamond stud

Men's 1/4 CT. T.W. Square Composite Champagne and White Diamond Frame Stud Earrings in 10K Gold

This gorgeous stud from Zales takes the top spot for our favorite square diamond earrings. The exquisite combination of warm yellow gold metal and brilliant white and champagne diamonds adds a hint of class to any outfit. Secure the stud with the screw back and stay comfortable and stylish all day.

Frequently asked questions

Here are our answers to some popular questions about diamond earrings for men.

Should men wear diamond earrings?

While several people worldwide frown on men wearing earrings, we respect everyone’s style choices. If you, a man, feel comfortable wearing earrings, go ahead. However, some occasions and settings might call for more traditional or toned-down attire, and it might be best to avoid earrings.

What size diamond earrings should guys wear?

Men’s studs usually measure between 2 mm and 3 mm. Of course, a man with a bigger ear lobe might want a larger stud and vice versa. Nonetheless, there’s no set restriction on the size anyone can wear. It’s always best to wear what fits comfortably and matches your style.

What shape of diamond earrings are best?

Round-shaped diamonds are the most common shape for men’s earrings and offer a lot of brilliance and fire. Other fantastic options include princess, Asscher, and cushion cuts. Ultimately, the best shape depends on your personal preference.

Should guys wear one earring or two?

Guys can wear earrings however they feel comfortable. While some men wear two earrings because they give a balanced look, others prefer to wear one for a minimal effect. To cater to both preferences, some brands sell earrings in pairs, while others sell them as a single piece.

What ear do guys wear earrings in?

In the 60s and 70s, gay men wore a single earring in the right earlobe to identify each other because of the social stigma surrounding homosexuality. Times have changed, and men wear earrings in whichever ear they feel the most comfortable.

Bling up your ears

Men’s earrings have become more popular over the years and are an excellent way to show off your style. You can choose the perfect one by considering your budget, available metal options, color, setting, shape, and size of the diamond. The best choice will go a long way in elevating your outfit to give you confidence all day.

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