10 Comfortable Earrings to Sleep In Every Night

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Do you sleep off with your earrings only to wake up with sore ears? Sleeping in the wrong pair of earrings does that to you. 

If you want comfortable earrings to sleep in, we’re here to help. We’ve picked out 10 earrings you can wear to bed and explained how to choose the right pair.

What makes earrings comfortable to sleep in?

Earrings are comfortable to sleep in when they meet these three criteria.


Small earrings are usually lightweight, so it’s easy to wear them to bed without them pulling on your piercing. Look for small studs or clickers only 6mm to 8mm big.

Closure style

Earrings come in different closure styles or backs. Avoid sleeping in earrings with sharp, pointed edges. Otherwise, they’ll poke your ears or neck while you sleep, causing discomfort.  

What earring back is most comfortable to sleep in?

Flat-back or screw-back earrings are very comfortable to sleep in; they don’t have pointed edges that can stab your skin at night. Clickers (or hinged back) earrings are the best if you’re going for hoop earrings.  


Earrings for sleeping in should be made of hypoallergenic materials. Earrings made with allergenic materials like nickel will irritate the ears overnight and cause discomfort. Hypoallergenic metals are less likely to irritate sensitive ears, so they’re best for sleeping in. 

10 best comfortable earrings to sleep in 

We’ve selected 10 comfortable, sleep-friendly earrings. These earrings are small, hypoallergenic, and have comfortable backs. 

Titanium nap earrings

Limerencia Pure Titanium Hypoallergenic Earrings | Opal Stud Earrings | Minimalist,Implant Grade | Suitable for Sensitive Ears Delicate Jewelry (5mm, Opal A1)

These dainty earrings are made from implant-grade titanium. Many buyers swear by these earrings, which are perfect for their sensitive skin. There’s a zero percent chance of overnight irritation with these earrings, so don’t worry. The titanium nap earrings are also small with flat backs, making them perfect for nightwear! 

Gold sleeper earrings

14k Solid Gold Endless Hoop Earrings Sizes 10mm - 20mm, Thin Cartilage Earrings, Helix Earring, Nose Hoop, Tragus Earring, 100% Real 14k Gold (10mm)

We picked these 14K gold earrings for hoop lovers. The earrings are small clickers and super comfortable for nightwear. Many buyers also mention that they’re lightweight and don’t come off easily (you can say goodbye to losing your earrings on your pillow). However, we found some complaints that the earrings are hard to put on

Little bar nap earrings 

Gold sleeper stud earrings - 10 Comfortable Earrings to Sleep In Every Night

This lovely pair comes from Maison Miru’s collection of nap earrings. They are available in titanium and 14K gold, both hypoallergenic metals. The product has a 4.5-star rating from 352 reviews, with many comments about how comfortable and great to sleep in.

Silver nap earrings 

365 SLEEPERS Sterling Silver Hinged Hoop Sleeper Earrings - Hand Made In Australia - Nickel Free Hypoallergenic - 8mm - 10mm - 12mm - 14mm

These earrings are sterling silver, another safe metal for nap earrings. They are pretty small, and many past buyers mention that they forget that they have them on. They’re comfortable to sleep in and are also known to maintain their shine for a long time. 

Stainless steel sleeper earrings

5 Pairs 316L Surgical Stainless Steel Small Huggie Hoop Earrings Set Hypoallergenic Hoops Cartilage Helix Lobes Hinged Sleeper Earrings for Men Women for Multiple Piercings (6mm Set:5 Color,5 Pairs)

This pair is made from top-quality steel and appears to be a customer favorite. It’s a versatile product because it comes in different colors and sizes. The 6mm pair is the smallest and sits tightly close to the earlobes without falling out overnight. However, some customers found the 6mm pair to be too small

Stylish sleeper earrings

Double Love Heart Cubic Zirconia Sleeper Small Hoop Earrings for Women Teen Girls Cartilage Tiny Cute CZ Huggie Hoops Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Ear Valentine Easter Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts for Her

This pair is perfect if you’re looking for earrings you can wear to bed and out in public. These hoops meet all the criteria for comfortable sleeping earrings and still look super cute. We’re completely in love with the triple heart designs gracing the sides.  

Screw back sleeper earrings

Cubic Zirconia Hypoallergenic Stud Earrings for Women Men Girls Statement Cartilage Fashion Surgical Steel Helix Earrings 5 Pairs

These earrings have ball screw backs, and they come in different sizes. Choose a size that suits your ear piercing, and you can sleep comfortably wearing these earrings. However, if you don’t tighten the screw-backs well, these earrings may fall out overnight. 

Clicker earrings for sleeping

365 Sleepers 2 Pcs G23 Titanium 18G (Thin) Hinged Hoop Segment Nose Ring Sleeper Earrings 5mm - 6mm - 7mm - 8mm - 9mm - 10mm - 11mm - 12mm - 13mm

This brand is known for producing high-quality earrings designed for sleeping. This particular product is lightweight and doesn’t irritate sensitive ears. Once clipped, these clickers stay on and don’t stab your skin. However, some customers found these earrings hard to put on

Star sleeper earrings 

BISAER 925 Sterling Silver Cute Hoop Earrings for Women Hypoallergenic Small Sleeper Tragus Hoop Earrings Cartilage Jewelry Gifts (Gold Star)

If you want to step away from the usual hoop, give these sterling silver star-shaped earrings a shot. They’re ideal for different ear piercings and light enough to leave on overnight. 

Gemstone sleeper earrings 

PAVOI 14K Flat Backs (Opal, Yellow Gold)

These earrings feature a charming gemstone in front. Many past buyers find them comfortable to sleep in because they’re small and have a flat back. These earrings will not poke you while sleeping. 

Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some common questions about comfortable earrings for sleeping in to ensure you have all the information you need. 

What material is best for a sleeper earring?

Earrings made out of hypoallergenic material are best for sleeper earrings. The common ones are titanium, gold, silver, and surgical stainless steel. 

What gauge is a sleeper earring?

Most sleeper earrings are either 18 gauge or 20 gauge. 18G earrings are 1mm thick, while 20G earrings are 0.8mm thick.

Can you sleep with small hoop earrings in?

If the small hoops are made of safe material and have the proper closure, you can sleep with them. Clickers, for example, are great for sleeping in. 

How do I make my earrings not hurt when I’m sleeping? 

One way to avoid hurting your ear piercing while sleeping is to sleep on your back. If you have earrings on only one ear, you can sleep on the other side.

Are there earrings that are comfortable to sleep in?

Yes. Following our recommendations above, you can choose comfortable earrings that are great for sleeping in.

Sleep comfortably 

Whether you need comfortable earrings to sleep in or want to create a signature look, the earrings we’ve listed are perfect for you. They meet all the requirements for sleep-friendly earrings. Scroll through again, make your pick, and then enjoy the best comfortable earrings for overnight wear.

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