10 Best Earrings for Babies and How to Choose

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If you’re contemplating piercing your baby’s ears, an essential part of the process is choosing the right earrings. The best earrings for babies must be comfortable, lightweight, safe, and hard to yank off. 

To get this perfect combination in one pair of earrings, there are some features you need to consider. We’ve explained them in this article and curated a list of the best baby earrings to get you started.

How to Choose the Best Earrings for Babies

Baby earrings are specially designed, as wearing adult earrings can cause scratches and discomfort. Also, adult earrings are likely to fall out often, which can potentially cause choking. 

Let’s look at the factors to consider when choosing baby earrings.

Earring Size

Babies have small earlobes, so their earrings should be small and lightweight so they feel as comfortable as possible.

What size earrings should a baby wear? 

The recommended size of baby earring posts is one-eighth inch for newborns and one-fourth inch for older babies. This is short enough to avoid discomfort to your baby when changing their earrings or when they lay on it. The width of the earring should be between 2mm-4mm, so it sits nicely on the small ear lobe.

Earring Style 

Although there are many earring styles, not all are suitable for babies. The best earring styles for babies are tiny huggies and studs. 

Tiny huggies or “huggers” are small hoops that get their name from fitting snugly around the earlobe. The clasp is usually firm, making it difficult for your baby to pull it off. 

To make them safer for your baby, ensure the huggie is the right size for your baby’s earlobe. It shouldn’t be loose; otherwise, it may snag on something. Also, it shouldn’t be too tight, or else it’ll cause discomfort. 

Safety studs are another safe for babies. They come with backings that click in place on the post to keep the stud secure. They also come in many different designs. 

Earring Back 

Earring backs secure the earring, keeping it from falling out. They come in various types and have different levels.

Safety backs are the best for baby earrings because they are easy to put on and they stay on. They have a locking clutch design and are common with starter earrings. Butterfly backs and screw backs are the two other types of backs ideal for babies.  

Butterfly backs derive their name from their structure which resembles a butterfly. They are also called pushbacks or friction backs. The earring post typically has a notch that acts as a stop for the back, which helps it hold the earring in place. However, there is a slight chance that this back can be displaced.

Screw backs are the more secure option. The earring post is usually threaded, so the back is rotated on it to keep the earring firm. The screw-back can be covered or uncovered. The covered back is safer as it keeps the post poking the baby’s skin.    

Other backs, like fish hooks, can easily fall off, while the pressure of wearing a clip-on can hurt your baby’s ear.      


Earring Metal 

Metal sensitivity is another factor to consider when picking out baby earrings. Your best bet is to pick one made with hypoallergenic metals such as pure gold, sterling silver, platinum, surgical-grade stainless steel, and titanium. 

10 Best Earrings for Babies

Here are our top 10 picks for baby earrings.

Lovearing Sterling Silver Earrings for Babies

925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated 2mm Basket Cubic Zirconia Stud Screwback Baby Girls Earrings

This sterling silver stud from Lovearing is rhodium plated, giving it an extra white shine, and it is hypoallergenic. It has a small cubic zirconia stone and a covered screwback to keep it secure when your baby wears it. 

This piece complies with children’s product safety regulations, making it safe for your baby to wear. Buyers are generally happy with this earring saying it’s comfortable and their babies don’t pull at them. Also, they’re secure on their babies’ ears. 

TheWorldJewelryCenter Cultured Pearl Baby Earrings

14k REAL Yellow Gold 6mm Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings with Screw Back

This freshwater cultured pearl stud is available in 14K white gold and yellow gold. It uses a screw back to keep it secure on the ears, making it easy to keep on. It’s available in two sizes, 3.5-4.0mm and 4.5-5.0mm.

Buyers say their sensitive babies can wear the earrings without any adverse reaction, and it’s an affordable classic piece of jewelry. Also, the seller offers a 30-day return policy

Pavoi CZ Cross Baby Earring

PAVOI 14K Yellow Gold Plated Girls Sterling Silver Earrings | Pave CZ Yellow Gold Cross Earrings for Women

This sparkly sterling silver stud earring is gold-plated and available in yellow, white, and rose gold. It’s cross-shaped and adorned with cubic zirconia stones. The sterling silver is nickel free – suitable for sensitive ears. 

It uses push backs to secure the earring. Buyers gush about its beauty and daintiness, but they advise constant checking to ensure the back is not slipping off

Dtja Heart Huggie Baby Earrings

Double Love Heart Cubic Zirconia Sleeper Small Hoop Earrings for Women Teen Girls Cartilage Tiny Cute CZ Huggie Hoops Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Ear

This huggie-style earring is made from sterling silver with 18K white gold plating. It features heart-shaped designs with cubic zirconia. The clasp secures the earring, and it doesn’t snag hair. Its light weight makes it suitable for daily wear.  

Buyers say their babies are comfortable in these earrings – they didn’t pull their earrings off and can sleep with them on for months. The seller offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pavoi Cuff Huggie Baby Earrings

PAVOI 14K White Gold Plated Post Cubic Zirconia Cuff Earring Huggie Stud

This cuff huggie comes in 14K gold-plated and gold vermeil options. Both options are available in yellow, white, and rose gold. Their diameter is half an inch, making them suitable for continuous wear. Its secure clasp prevents your baby from removing them. 

The seller offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can return the earrings if unsatisfied. Buyers are happy with this earring, saying the gold plating did not wear off after several months of continuous wear, even in the shower. 

Anygolds Birthstone Stud Baby Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Round 3mm Simulated Alexandrite Birthstone Bezel Stud Screw Backs for Baby Girls - Safety Back Locking for Children - Lavender CZ Earrings for Little Girls - June Birth Month Gift

Anygold birthstone stud earrings come with different colored stones for each month of the year. It’s made from 14K solid gold with a covered screw back to prevent the post from poking your baby.

Buyers are happy with the seller’s prompt communication and quick delivery. Also, they have a 30-day return and exchange window for possibly defective items. 

TiloJewelry Solitaire Round Stud Baby Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Solitaire Round Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings in Secure Screw-backs (4mm)

This 14K yellow gold stud features a sparkly cubic zirconia stone in a four-prong setting. The covered screw backing keeps it firmly on the ear. It comes in various widths ranging from 2mm-8mm and is safe for your baby’s skin.

Buyers say their babies can wear this earring permanently as it’s easy to lay on. Some buyers found it hard to screw the back on, especially when their babies aren’t still. But once it’s secured, it stays that way.

Decadence Solitaire Stud Baby Earrings

Solid 14k Yellow Gold Hypoallergenic Round Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Stud Earrings For girls With Secure Ball Screw Backs For Women, 3mm

This solitaire 14K gold stud earring is available in yellow, white, and rose gold. It features a cubic zirconia stone in a four-prong setting. Since it’s solid gold, your baby’s skin won’t react

It’s available in different sizes, the smallest being 3mm. The post is short, and the screw back makes them comfortable to wear, even to sleep.

Most buyers love these beautiful earrings. However, some say the screw backs are small and difficult to put in. 

Disney Mickey and Minnie Stud Set Baby Earrings

Disney Sterling Silver Mickey and Minnie Mouse Enamel Stud Earrings

This Disney-inspired stud set is a mismatched pair featuring one Mickey and one Minnie mouse stud. It comes in sterling silver and with a push back to secure it.

Buyers are happy with the quick delivery and say that the earring is true to color.

Juliette Collection Enamel Color Huggie Baby Earrings

14K Gold Plated Sterling Silver Enamel Color Huggie Hoop Earrings for Women – White Enamel

This gold-plated sterling silver huggie earring is available is coated with enamel in various vibrant colors, including baby blue, candy pink, mint green, orange, teal, and white. 

Its diameter fits a baby’s earlobe snugly, so they can’t yank it off. The clasp also secures properly. Buyers say it’s good value for its price.

FAQs About Baby Earrings

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about baby earrings.

What jewelry is safe for babies?

Jewelry made from hypoallergenic metals like gold, sterling silver, and titanium is safe for babies to wear. Also, jewelry with safety backs keeps the earrings secure, so they don’t accidentally fall off and become a potential choking hazard.

What age is best to pierce babies ears? 

Experts suggest it’s best to pierce babies’ ears after the two months mark. At this point, the baby would have received their tetanus vaccine. Others suggest the six months mark, at which point the baby would have received more vaccines. 

However, some people choose to pierce their baby’s ear before leaving the hospital after birth. In some cultures, parents wait for a particular cultural ceremony. For example, the Hindu culture has an ear piercing ceremony typically between the first and fifth year of life. 

Are stainless steel earrings safe for babies?

Stainless steel earrings are only safe for babies if made from surgical-grade stainless steel. Although stainless steel contains other alloys that people may be allergic to, it contains a very low amount of nickel, the most common metal that causes reactions. 


When choosing the best earrings for babies, you must consider all the necessary features like style, size, metal type, and earring back. 

If your baby reacts to the safe metal options or experiences significant discomfort even after a few days of wearing the earrings, it may be best to remove them and try again when they’re a bit older. If your baby loves bracelets, you may also like our list of the best kids’ bracelets.

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