The 10 Best Round Cut Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Do you favor round-cut rose gold engagement rings over conventional variants? If you do, then you have excellent taste. Although rose gold jewelry has only become popular in recent years, they’re some of the most elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry you can find. They ooze luxury, style, and sophistication. 

But we have to admit, choosing the right engagement ring can be tough, especially if you’re unfamiliar with rose gold. So we’ve created this guide to give you a catalog of some of the best round cut rose gold engagement rings you can find. 

Is it okay to get a rose gold engagement ring?

Yes, rose gold engagement rings are an excellent choice. They’re more romantic and modern than classic engagement rings. The metal color gives the ring a vintage look, while its soft hue has a subtle and romantic touch. It’s the perfect ring if you’re the type of person to go for something unique and unconventional yet beautiful.

What karat is best for rose gold?

14K rose gold is best because it’s durable, has a beautiful reddish gold tone, and is more affordable than 18K rose gold. 18K rose gold is more valuable and has a subtle pink color (champagne rose). However, it’s more expensive and prone to bending and scratching because of its high gold content (75%).

Pure gold is 24 karats. But since it’s too soft to be forged into jewelry, it’s usually mixed with metal alloys to make it stronger and more durable. Some metals used for alloys include silver, copper, aluminum, and iron. Pure gold is yellow, but a mixture of copper and silver with pure gold will result in a reddish gold mixture – rose gold. 

10 best round-cut rose gold engagement rings

Here are some of the best round-cut rose gold engagement rings on the market.

Unique round cut rose gold engagement ring

X Split Shank Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This split shank hidden halo ring from Blue Nile is one of the unique designs for a round-cut rose gold ring. It features several accent diamonds spotting each ring’s shank, crisscrossing, and coming to converge at a halo. 

The halo also contains accent diamonds surrounding a large round-cut diamond. The whole design results in a brilliant and dazzling look that will complement any skin tone. Made with 14K rose gold, this ring is sure to stand the test of time. 

Round-cut rose gold wedding set

Versailles Diamond Bridal Set - The 10 Best Round Cut Rose Gold Engagement Rings

This Versailles rose gold diamond set is stunning. We chose it because the intricate design of alternating round and marquise diamonds on its rose gold shank gives it an alluring look. Coupled with the brilliant center diamond on the first ring, this wedding set will surely complement a bride’s blush and give her an attractive but delicate look. 

Petite round cut rose gold diamond ring

Petite Shared Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

We chose this ring because of its dainty and intricate design. It features a 14K rose gold band with a round-cut diamond attached to a prong in the center, giving it a floating look. In addition, smaller accent diamonds are embedded halfway on both sides of the shank, giving it a beautiful sparkle. 

Pavé round cut rose gold engagement ring

14K Rose Gold Pavé Halo And Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Round Center)

This gorgeous 14K rose gold ring features pavé set diamonds on the halo and on both sides of the shank. The halo surrounds a stunning round-cut diamond in the center, resulting in a dazzling look. If you’re one for shiny jewelry, you’ll love this ring.

Vintage round cut rose gold engagement ring

PELA VINTAGE RING - The 10 Best Round Cut Rose Gold Engagement Rings

We love this Pela vintage ring from Clean Origin because of its beautiful metalwork. The 14K rose gold band begins as a thick wide shank that surrounds a brilliant round-cut diamond and then tapers down towards the center. The shank is broad enough that it’s characteristic of the baroque era

The thicker point of the shank on both sides has small pear-shaped crevices containing 12 diamonds, each surrounded by milgrained edges – the whole design results in a uniquely stunning and elegant ring that’s fit for royalty.

Swirl round cut rose gold engagement ring 

1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Swirl Bypass Engagement Ring in 14K Rose Gold

This diamond swirl bypass rose gold engagement ring from Zales is one of the most unique and stunning designs you’ll ever see. The ring’s shank divides into two stems that swirl around each other to form a prong-like structure that holds the brilliant center diamond. 

In addition, both sides of the shank are dotted with accent diamonds that give a ring a beautiful sparkle. This bypass design will do the trick if you want something intriguing

Moissanite round cut rose gold engagement ring

HAFEEZ CENTER 14K Solid Gold D Color VVS 1ct 6.5mm Round Brilliant Cut Halo Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Rings for Women (Rose-Gold, 7.5)

We found this 14K rose gold moissanite ring on Amazon. It’s one of the best budget rings you can find. It’s made in solid gold and not plated, so it will not fade quickly and is less prone to scratches or damage

The ring features a slim band with a brilliant moissanite gemstone on a four-pronged basket in the center. The left and right sides of the center gemstones are embedded with smaller accent moissanite stones, providing a dazzling look for the ring with their sheer brilliance.

Budget round cut rose gold engagement ring

1/4 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring in 10K Rose Gold (Ring Size 7)

This 10K rose gold diamond engagement ring won our hearts. It’s the best budget ring because of its impressive metalwork and affordability. It features a thick rose gold band that divides into three stems that swirl around each other to form a bypass or prong-like structure that holds the center diamond. These stems are dotted with sparkling accent diamonds

At the center, halos of smaller accent diamonds surround one medium-sized center diamond. This intricate work all comes together to give a ring an intriguing and complex look. It’s the perfect ring if you want more than a simple “diamond at the center” ring. 

The only downside is the high copper content may cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. 

Non-diamond round cut rose gold ring 

7.0mm Morganite and Diamond Accent Engagement Ring in 10K Rose Gold

This morganite ring beats the rest in this category with its simple and elegant design. It features a large pale pink gemstone at the center, surrounded by a halo of diamond accent gemstones, all mounted on a two-tier prong structure.  

Accent gemstones also flank the center diamond’s left and right sides, giving it a nice sparkle. The shade of the pink gemstone also blends seamlessly with the rose gold band giving it a dazzling nude look. This makes the ring perfect for light skin tones but bright enough for darker ones.

Three-stone rose gold engagement ring

Willow Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

This three-stone willow diamond ring made in 14K rose gold is a heart stopper. It features one brilliant large diamond at the center, flanked by two glistening diamonds, each guarded by two lustrous marquise diamonds. 

The diamond setting is held up by intertwined wispy vines from the rose gold band, giving it a complex and enthralling look. This ring has such a brilliant and intricate design that it will turn heads wherever you go. So if you love making bold statements, you’ll love it.

Take your pick

Nothing screams “romance” like rose gold. It might be an unusual choice for some people, but it’s a perfect example of a classic engagement ring. So if you’re interested in a rose gold ring, don’t hesitate. 

This guide lists some of the best round-cut rose gold engagement rings. We’re sure that any you choose will be one of the most unique, beautiful, and unforgettable jewelry pieces you’ve ever had. 

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