The 10 Best Morganite Engagement Rings to Wow Your Bride

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Morganites are pink gemstones in the beryl family. The blush hues of morganite make them a popular choice for engagement rings. It’s also a bonus that they look like pink diamonds and pair well with rose gold to provide lasting, romantic beauty.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best morganite engagement rings. So keep reading to find the perfect piece for yourself or the love of your life.

How to choose the best morganite engagement rings

Knowing your favorite gemstone isn’t enough information to select the best engagement ring. Morganite engagement rings come in various styles, colors, settings, and metals. This section covers everything you must consider to choose the perfect ring to make your bride swoon.

Ring metal

The combination of rose gold and morganite gems is a head-turner. But that’s not the only choice when choosing a metal. Morganite also looks impressive with yellow gold and white metals like white gold and silver.

Though the other metals don’t give the same feminine and romantic effect as rose gold, they’re fantastic choices in their own right. Also, some metals match some skin tones better than others. For example, white metals are often more flattering on cool skin tones, while yellow gold looks great on warm skin tones.

Additionally, consider metal durability. Engagement rings are meant for daily wear, so metals like platinum and lower karat gold (14K and 10K) might be ideal. They’re more wear-resistant and less likely to tarnish under the stress of constant donning.

Gemstone setting

Though morganite has a Mohs hardness between 7.5 and 8 and can endure daily wearing with minimal scratches, the edges get chipped easily. Nevertheless, a strong setting can reduce the risk. Halo and bezel settings offer the best protection for gemstones, making them perfect for holding your morganite gem.

Other setting types look great, but you should remove your ring during physical activities like sports or house chores. And if you try a solitaire setting, it’s advisable to get the prongs checked by a jeweler to ensure they’re tight enough.

Morganite cut and color

The cut of a morganite can considerably impact its appearance and overall beauty. Round cuts accentuate the gem’s brilliance, cushion cuts offer a timeless and classy look, while pear cuts are fresh and modern. But, of course, morganites are beautiful in whichever cut you choose, and it all comes down to your lover’s preference.

When selecting an engagement ring, the stone’s color should complement your partner’s skin tone and personal style. Some people prefer more subtle, understated shades of pink, while others prefer a deeper, more vibrant hue. Pink gemstones, especially brighter ones, look amazing on people with warm and neutral skin tones. 

10 best morganite engagement rings

Choosing our favorite morganite engagement ring wasn’t a walk in the park because there were so many gorgeous options. But we’re making the search much easier for you with this list. We curated 10 of our favorite morganite engagement rings in various styles to ensure no one is left out.

James Allen floating halo ring

14K Rose Gold East West Morganite And Diamond Floating Halo Ring (6.0x4.0mm)

This ring enters our list as the best oval-shaped morganite engagement ring. Its riveting design features a halo around a peach-colored morganite. The diamond studs add an exquisite shimmer which will have heads swiveling to stare at your lover’s hands. 

Brilliant earth willow ring

Morganite Willow Ring - The 10 Best Morganite Engagement Rings to Wow Your Bride

This stunning Brilliant Earth ring’s lush mix of green and peach morganite is a delight to behold. The gems’ colors perfectly complement the white gold’s brightness, providing a lovely piece that customers can’t get enough of. We place it on our list as the best morganite engagement ring in white gold for its refreshing, earthy feel.

GNGJewel oval rose gold ring

1ct Morganite 14K Rose Gold Ring (size 5)

If you’re looking for the best value for your money, look no further than this rose gold ring. It features a minimalist and elegant solitaire design without putting a high demand on your pocket.

James Allen cushion-cut morganite ring

14K Rose Gold Cushion Cut Morganite And Diamond Trio Accent Ring (8.0x8.0mm)

Three diamonds accent a clear peach morganite on both sides in this James Allen ring. The design is soft and feminine and oozes class, making it our favorite morganite ring for classy ladies.

Zales vintage-style bridal set

Oval Morganite and 1/3 CT. T.W. Diamond Vintage-Style Art Deco Bridal Set in 14K Two-Tone Gold

This art deco bridal set combines ornately crafted rose gold with diamond-encrusted white gold. We were drawn to this piece for its tasteful blend of two tones of 14K gold, and we quickly added it to our list as our best vintage morganite engagement ring.

DazzlingRock Collection rose gold ring set

Dazzlingrock Collection 14K Round Morganite & White Diamond Bridal Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring Set, Rose Gold, Size 7

With a perfect 5-star rating, DazzlingRock’s exquisite piece stole our hearts and took the top spot for the best morganite engagement ring in rose gold. The rose gold ring features a round cut morganite and brilliant diamond studs around the ring’s shaft.

Zales heart-shaped bridal set

5.0mm Heart-Shaped Morganite and 1/2 CT. T.W. Diamond Frame Bridal Set in 10K Rose Gold

Gift your partner this romantic heart-shaped ring to show the depth of your love. It enters our list as the best morganite bridal set and features a soft-pink morganite on top of a diamond-adorned band. A diamond-lined wedding band with a heart-shaped halo frame fits over the morganite centerpiece and completes the set.

Brilliant Earth morganite sunburst ring

Morganite Sunburst Halo Diamond Ring

Brilliant earth serves a delightful treat with this glowing sunburst ring. Glittering diamonds surround the morganite gem in a stunning array wonderfully complimented by the yellow gold band. We had no choice but to name it the best morganite engagement ring in yellow gold.

Blue Nile asymmetrical infinity halo ring

Asymmetrical Diamond Infinity Halo Engagement Ring

This diamond infinity halo ring from Blue Nile is our best platinum morganite engagement ring. The asymmetrical design lends a unique beauty to this ring, adding elegant charm to your declaration of love. As a bonus, the size and shape of the centerpiece are also customizable, allowing you to find a pick better suited for the love of your life.

Kobelli parallel double band ring


This thoughtfully crafted ring from Kobelli will show the full force of your love. A 5.57 karat morganite of dazzling pink sits in the middle of two parallel diamond-studded rose gold bands, resulting in a showstopping piece made to turn heads. It’s the most unique morganite engagement ring for its unparalleled design. 

Frequently asked questions

This section answers any questions you might have on morganite engagement rings.

Is morganite a good stone for an engagement ring?

Yes, morganites are good stones for engagement rings. Like the other gems in the Beryl family, they have Mohs hardness between 7.5 and 8, making them ideal for daily wear. They also make a lovely combination with rose gold, bringing out delicate feminine beauty.

Are morganite engagement rings tacky?

Though a morganite engagement ring may cost less than a diamond ring, it isn’t tacky. Instead, morganites are beautiful gems with a lush, romantic charm, and many people are turning to them as budget-friendly alternatives to pink diamonds.

Does morganite sparkle like a diamond?

Morganites sparkle differently from diamonds because they have different physical properties. Morganites are in the beryl family and possess a flash with a gentle and warm appearance. 

On the other hand, diamonds are a form of carbon and have exceptional brilliance and sparkle when refracting light. However, we can’t claim one is better than the other. Both gemstones are gorgeous in their own way, and everyone has different preferences.

What is the best cut for a morganite engagement ring?

We can’t choose a single cut and slap on the title of “best” for morganites because individual preferences matter. Some people fancy the vintage feel of cushion cuts, others love the classic brilliance of the round cut, and some just prefer the large sizes of oval-cut morganites.

Consider heart-shaped or pear-shaped morganite engagement rings if those options don’t work. We can’t get enough of the sparkle and allure of both shapes.

Is pink or peach morganite better?

Natural morganites usually have a yellowish tinge, giving them a peach hue. Some people prefer this look because they want a more understated appearance. On the other hand, pink morganites are often heat treated to remove the yellow tones of impurities. 

Other people prefer the bolder pink look associated with pink morganites. But one look isn’t better than the other. Both are fantastic, and everyone has their preference.

Why is morganite so cheap?

Morganites are much more affordable than many other gemstones in the market, especially the four precious stones. The primary reasons for this are the abundance and relative lack of demand. Morganites are mined in multiple places making the costs lower. Though they are becoming more popular, the demand isn’t as high as for gems like diamonds and rubies.

How to care for your morganite engagement ring: 6 tips

Here are some tips for taking proper care of your morganite engagement ring.

Store separately

Morganites have a Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8, meaning they can get scratched by gemstones with the same hardness or more. Keep your morganite ring in a separate box to reduce the risk of scratches.

Take it off during physical activities

Morganite gems are also liable to chips or cracks at the edges when your hand strikes a hard surface. Removing your ring before you work out, garden, or operate heavy machinery is best.

Clean regularly

Your morganite gem will gather dust and dirt and get cloudy during your daily affairs. So it’s best to clean it weekly. You can do this at home using lukewarm water, mild dishwashing soap, and a toothbrush.

Avoid heat

Some morganites are heat treated to improve clarity and color. Exposing them to heat can damage the gemstone and ruin the treatment.

Check prongs regularly

If your morganite lies in a solitaire setting, visiting a jeweler to see that the prongs are tight is best. Doing this will prevent the gem from getting loose and falling off.

Avoid harsh chemicals and cosmetics

Chemicals and cosmetics can damage your gemstone or leave it cloudy. It’s best to remove your ring before using household chemicals like bleach and put it back on later. We also recommend waiting a while after applying your cosmetic products (like hair sprays and perfumes) before donning your ring.

Show your love in blush pink

Diamonds might be a popular choice for engagement rings, but morganites are beautiful in their own way. Remember to choose a secure setting and protect the morganite gem by keeping the ring away from chemicals and other gemstones.

We hope our list of the best morganite engagement rings has given you ideas on which piece you’ll choose to declare your love to the woman of your dreams. 

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