10 Best Rose Gold Engagement Rings to Make Her Swoon

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Although rose gold emerged as a trend in the early 2010s, the blush-hued metal has become a classic engagement ring. The beautiful unique color of the metal adds a vintage and romantic touch to any piece of jewelry. 

A rose gold engagement ring is a great alternative to the classic engagement ring and pairs perfectly with your favorite gemstone.

How to Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring 

If you’re unfamiliar with rose gold, you won’t know where to start when choosing an engagement ring. Here are some tips to follow.

Learn About Rose Gold 

Rose gold occurs when gold mixes with silver and copper alloys. The more copper in the mixture, the redder the tone. 

The romantic and unique pink-hued gold is affordable because copper (the alloy in the mixture) costs less. 

Another great aspect of rose gold is that it does not tarnish. 

However, cleaning your rose gold jewelry regularly is important to keep it shiny. 

Choose the Right Gemstone 

Rose gold jewelry comes in various shades, depending on how the gold is mixed. 

So when choosing colored gemstones, note that the shade of your rose gold engagement ring will affect how the stone looks within the setting. Therefore, it is important to choose gemstones that complement the pink hue. 

💡 Keep in Mind: Most gemstones look beautiful against rose gold, including pearls, diamonds, aquamarine, pink sapphires, and opals. Avoid bolder-hued gemstones like emeralds, blue sapphires, yellow topaz, and rubies since these clash with pink gold.

Know Your Style

Whether you prefer simple or intricate jewelry, you’ll find a rose gold engagement ring to suit your style. Here are a few ideas to choose from.


When you think of a simple engagement ring, you probably think of a simple band with a big diamond sitting in a prong setting. That is the classic solitaire style – simple yet elegant. 

This is a great option for showcasing an expensive stone. 


The pave setting consists of tiny gemstones embedded into the ring’s band. If you want to get a truly dazzling ring, this is the perfect choice for you. 

These rings can also be just a simple diamond band or feature a center stone.


Another popular engagement ring style is the halo. This style consists of a center stone surrounded by smaller gemstones, creating a halo effect on the ring. 

The halo is especially beautiful because the surrounding stones reflect on the main stone creating a dazzling work of art on your finger.


If you want to have a more modern and unique engagement ring, the swirl is a great option. This style usually features a round-cut stone as the center. 

The two ends of the shank that meet the stone don’t meet symmetrically, making it look like the metal is swirling around the center stone. This type of engagement ring creates a unique shape that makes it stand out from others.


Baroque engagement rings are known for featuring a lot of intricate metal work. 

If you want a more vintage feel to your engagement ring, you do not need to find it in some obscure vintage shop. Many places sell baroque-inspired engagement rings. 

The style features intricate detail, pave elements, and larger diamonds. This style is perfect if you want a big and unique engagement ring.


The polar opposite of the baroque style, the minimalist engagement ring is perfect for someone who prefers something subtle and understated. 

This style consists of a thin band, a solitaire diamond, or smaller stones. This is especially suitable if you love dainty jewelry and is perfect for stacking with other jewelry. 

10 Best Rose Gold Engagement Rings to Consider

Here are some beautiful rose gold engagement rings on the market: 

Wuziwen Solitaire & Double Wedding Band Set

Wuziwen Classic Infinity Wedding Ring Enhancer for Ladies Yellow Gold Plated Simulated Diamond Sz 4

This option features a solitaire rose gold engagement ring and a cubic zirconia encrusted ring that could be used as a wedding band. 

It is a very affordable option if you are on a tight budget, but it might not last long because the ring is rose gold plated. After two to three years, the rose gold plating will scratch off and the ring will tarnish. 

SHELOVES Womens Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set 

SHELOVES Womens Rose Gold Wedding Ring Set Floral Engagament Rings Round Cut Cz Sterling Silver 6

This is another affordable option if you’re looking for a wedding band and engagement ring set. 

This beautiful set features a pave wedding band and a solitaire engagement ring with pave band. It’s a rose-gold plated sterling silver piece with cubic zirconia gems. Because it is not made of pure rose gold, it can also tarnish with time. 

Jadorelli Rose Gold Three-Ring Set

Radiant Cut Engagement Ring

If you love stacking rings, this set is a great option. It features a stunning radiant cut engagement ring and two delicate bands. Made from durable rhodium-plated sterling silver and a diamond simulant, this one will last a while.

Clean Origin Lattice Vintage Engagement Ring

Lattice Vintage Ring

If you want to pay homage to the classic and unique baroque era, this option from Clean Origin is perfect. This engagement ring features a 14K rose gold band with delicate and intricate metal work and is accented with small diamonds. 

 Although this ring is more expensive, the rose gold is of a higher quality, which will last you a long time. Plus, the lab-grown diamonds will give the same beautiful sparkle as natural diamonds. 

Blue Nile East-West Solitaire in 14K Rose Gold

East-West Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire engagement rings are the best option if you are unsure what type of engagement ring you want. This option from Blue Nile features a cathedral setting and diamond in the classic and coveted brilliant round cut

While this style does not feature as many diamonds as others, it is a more affordable high-quality ring that will last a lifetime. 

KBestDesign Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

If a solitaire with a plain band is not for you, this option from Etsy is perfect. It features delicate stones and detailing with the right amount of sparkle for the minimalist wearer

This engagement ring suits any budget as it comes in rose gold plated, 10K rose gold, or 14K rose gold.  

Angara Oval Opal Halo Engagement Ring

Oval Opal Twisted Vine Ring with Diamond Halo

This extremely unique engagement ring features various styles. The beautiful opal sits in a halo setting, surrounded by diamonds. 

The rose gold band features intricate detail and is also embedded with diamonds. 

While the opal looks beautiful against the blush tones of the rose gold, it is important to remember that the stone is not as durable as diamond or other precious stones. Daily wear will damage the stone. 

Angara Pink Sapphire and Diamond Rose Gold Ring

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Bypass Ring

If you want a unique center stone for your engagement ring, but something more durable than an opal, the pink sapphire is perfect. 

This ring features a swirl setting style. The pink sapphire is flanked by two diamonds, and the top side of the band features smaller diamonds. 

The color combination creates a beautiful contrast. Sapphires are durable stones that come in a variety of colors. This pink option perfectly complements the blush tones of the rose gold band.

Santa Esmeralda Pear-Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring

This pear-cut aquamarine engagement ring is a stunning option. It features a halo of dazzling diamonds surrounding the teardrop stone. The split band is adorned with even more diamonds. 

Aquamarine is a decently durable stone, meaning you can wear it daily without worrying about damage. The metal is rose gold vermeil, which is also sturdy and long-lasting.

Alexandrite Swirl Engagement Ring

engagement ring

If you love the swirl style, this engagement ring is a more subtle option. It features an intricate design, adorned with beautiful diamonds and a gorgeous Alexandrite as the center stone. 

The stone is durable, making it perfect for everyday wear. 

FAQs About Rose Gold Engagement Rings

If you’d like to know anything else about rose gold engagement rings that we haven’t already answered, we’ll answer a few questions that people usually ask.

Is rose gold a good choice for an engagement ring?

Yes! Rose gold is very durable and affordable because of the high copper content. Copper is a tough metal that doesn’t corrode over time, and it costs less than most metals. 

Rose gold is a unique color that looks great against most skin tones. Its blush hue gives off a romantic feel, making it a great choice for an engagement ring.

Is rose gold better than gold?

It depends on what you’re looking for in an engagement ring. If you prefer a unique, highly-durable, affordable ring, rose gold is perfect.  

However, if you’re looking for a more traditional, timeless, and expensive ring, yellow gold is a better option. 

💡 Take Note: A high amount of copper may cause allergic reactions Gold, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic. 

Gold is a softer material that scratches and tarnishes easily, so it requires more maintenance than genuine rose gold (not rose-gold plating), which doesn’t tarnish.

Is rose gold still in style in 2021?

Yes. Although rose gold became very popular in the early 2010s, it is still a trendy choice for the perfect engagement ring. 

Nowadays, rose gold features in modern jewelry and continues to stay in style throughout the years due to its romantic and vintage appeal. 

Does rose gold look cheap?

It depends on a few factors. For example, everyone has a personal preference between rose gold and other gold types. 

Traditional people will prefer the appearance of yellow gold because they associate it with luxury and royalty. They might see rose gold as a cheap metal. 

Also, the quantity of gold in rose gold can affect its appearance. Ideally, it should have more gold than copper. 

When the amount of copper exceeds gold, it may look cheap. For example, 10K rose gold contains 41.7% of gold, and it does not look as vibrant as 14K rose gold which contains 58.3% of gold. 

The gemstone color on rose gold jewelry also determines how it looks. It’s important to choose a stone that complements the metal. If you choose a bold-colored stone, they will clash and the jewelry will look cheap.

Who looks good in rose gold jewelry?

Almost everyone! Rose gold complements most skin tones. The blush-colored metal can look beautiful on warm and cool skin tones. So, whether you have pink undertones or olive skin, you’ll look good in rose gold jewelry. 

A Rose Is a Rose

Rose gold might have started as a trendy metal a few years ago, but it has quickly become a classic along with other metals. A rose gold engagement ring will surely bring a romantic and unique touch to the bride-to-be. 

Not to mention, the color looks beautiful on cool and warm skin tones meaning anyone can feel beautiful with a rose gold engagement ring. Overall, rose gold is a gorgeous metal that is sure to make an even more beautiful and unforgettable engagement ring. 

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