Should You Get a Jestrum Piercing? Read the Pros and Cons

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Have you ever heard of a jestrum piercing? It’s not the most common piercing out there, but it’s striking. We love its unique placement and how it beautifully accentuates the natural curve of the lip.

If you’re curious about jestrum piercings or considering getting one, we’ve written this guide for you. We’re diving into the details of this daring piercing and answering some of your burning questions.  

What is a jestrum piercing?

lip with a jestrum piercing
Front-view of a jestrum piercing


Vertical Medusa piercing (jestrum piercing)
Side view of a jestrum piercing


A jestrum piercing is also known as a vertical medusa piercing. It’s a vertical lip piercing that goes through the medusa (the part of the lip directly under the septum) and comes out under the upper lip. Curved barbells are typically used for jestrum piercings. Both ends of the barbells are evident in a jestrum piercing, forming a double piercing illusion. 

Is a jestrum piercing safe?

Yes, a jestrum piercing is safe. It doesn’t enter the mouth, so it’s less prone to infection from food remnants. Still, a jestrum piercing may become infected, rejected, or embedded. It could also leave a scar if the piercing closes up.

Jestrum piercing pros and cons

It’s always wise to weigh the pros and cons before getting any piercing. We’ve highlighted the good and the bad of the jestrum piercing so you can make an informed decision. 

Here are some pros:

  • It accentuates the lip curve, making it prettier. 
  • It heals faster than most lip piercings because it isn’t exactly located inside the mouth and won’t easily get infected by food residues.
  • It’s less painful than cartilage piercings.
  • It’s uncommon, so you’ll be pulling off a unique piercing. 

On the flip side, here are some downsides:

  • It doesn’t work for all lip structures. If your upper lip is flat and not pouty, you may not be able to get a jestrum piercing.
  • Jestrum piercings sit on a prominent spot. If the piercer pierces the wrong spot, it’ll significantly affect your look. 
  • It takes extra effort to find a piercer experienced with jestrum piercings. Remember, it’s an uncommon piercing.

What is the difference between a jestrum and a medusa piercing?

A medusa, or philtrum piercing, sits on the part of the lip right beneath the nasal septum. But it doesn’t come out under the upper lip like a jestrum piercing. So a medusa piercing has only one hole (the entry spot), while a jestrum piercing has two (entry and exit holes). 

Also, curved barbells are often used for jestrum piercings, while labret studs are common with medusa piercings. 

Getting a jestrum piercing

woman wearing jestrum piercing jewelry


Let’s take you through what it’s like getting a jestrum piercing. The two essential factors to consider here are the cost and pain level. 

How much does it cost to get a jestrum piercing?

A jestrum piercing usually costs between $25 and $60. The exact price depends on your location, choice of piercing jewelry, and your piercer’s expertise. Finding an experienced, professional piercer is essential, even if they charge higher. A jestrum piercing is a delicate one that requires expert hands. 

How much do jestrum piercings hurt? 

The truth is, piercing pain is relative. While some people find a jestrum piercing very painful, some find it just a bit painful. Considering the location of a jestrum piercing (thick lip part but not as thick as cartilage), we’d rate the pain level as a 5 out of 10. 

A few tricks to minimize the piercing pain include closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing during the piercing, and of course, using an experienced piercer. 

Healing and aftercare 

The most crucial part of a jestrum piercing is the healing and aftercare. Even if your piercer does it right, things could go wrong if you don’t care for your jestrum piercing.

How to change a jestrum piercing

Jestrum piercings are initially done with long bars to accommodate swelling. After your piercing heals, you can change it to a smaller size that fits better and looks nicer. Here’s how to do that:

  • Lift your upper lip to access the old piercing jewelry. 
  • Loosen the balls (if you have a barbell) and pull the jewelry through the top. 
  • Slot in the new jewelry through the lower part of the piercing. Push it through to the top and make sure it stays in place. 
  • Fix the ball back on if your piercing jewelry has one.

How to care for a jestrum piercing

Jestrum piercing - Should You Get a Jestrum Piercing? Read the Pros and Cons


Here are six dos and don’ts for new jestrum piercings. You can adequately care for your jestrum piercing by following these rules:

  • Clean the piercing site using saline solution twice or thrice daily. The best way is to dip and soak your piercing in a small bowl of saline solution for a few seconds. 
  • Gargle after each meal with an alcohol-free mouthwash or saline solution to clear food residues and avoid the risk of infection. 
  • Stick with finger foods for the first few days after your piercing to rule out the possibility of snagging the piercing with eating utensils. 
  • Use a straw when drinking from a can or bottle. 
  • Be careful when dressing up or during other activities to avoid tugging your piercing.
  • Keep lipstick, foundation, and other makeup products away from the piercing site. 

How long do jestrum piercings take to heal?

Jestrum piercings appear to heal on the outside after two to three weeks. The piercing site looks fine and hurts less. Don’t fall for it, though; it takes about six months for a jestrum piercing to heal entirely inside. You should keep up proper aftercare during this period. 

Jestrum piercing jewelry

We’ve selected four great jewelry options to help you enjoy your jestrum piercing. Curved barbells are the best option for jestrum piercings because they slide into the piercing hole perfectly, reducing the chances of rejection.

Mayhoop curved barbell 

Mayhoop 16G Surgical Steel Daith Rook Earring 8mm 10mm Curved Barbell Eyebrow Rings Piercing Jewelry For Women Men 20Pcs

These curved barbells come in different styles. They’re all made of surgical steel, a safe metal for new piercings. 

Scerring curved barbell 

SCERRING 18PCS 16G Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tragus Helix Rook Daith Earrings Belly Lip Ring Barbell with Balls Body Piercing Jewelry 8mm 10mm 12mm Mix Color

These barbells are known to stay snuggly on piercings. The ball end remains secure, so you don’t have to worry about your jestrum jewelry falling off. They’re also great for bottom lip piercings, if you have one. 

DrPerfect curved barbells

Drperfect 10Pcs 16G Rook Daith Earrings for Women Stainless Steel Belly Lip Ring Cartilage Tragus CZ Body Piercing Curved Barbell Eyebrow Rings 6-8mm

If you like to switch between balls and gems on your piercings, this pack of curved barbells is for you. You’ll get ten pieces of barbells with different ends. Many buyers mention that these barbells are comfortable. 

ORAIZO curved barbells

ORAZIO 8Pcs 16G Stainless Steel Eyebrow Ear Navel Belly Lip Ring Body Piercing Jewelry 6-12mm (8Pcs, 6mm)

These 6mm curved barbells are ideal if you love a petite piercing. They’ll add a delicate touch to your jestrum piercing. The barbells look pretty, and many past buyers rave about their sparkle. 

Jazz up with a jestrum

Jestrum piercings are a unique piercing option to add a bold statement to your appearance. They require extra care during the healing process and may not be suitable for everyone, but with proper aftercare and a skilled piercer, you can enjoy this beautiful piercing and jazz up your look.

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