How to Close Up Lip Piercing Hole

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Getting a lip piercing can be an exciting experience, but if it rejects or migrates, you may need to let it go. Removing the labret leaves a not-so-desirable hole that most people want to eliminate. 

If you’re wondering what to do about a lip-piercing hole, we’ll show you how to close up a lip piercing hole and what you can expect afterwards. 

Do lip piercings leave permanent holes?

When you remove a lip piercing, the hole naturally starts to shrink. Gradually, it closes up and leaves a scar. While facial piercings may not close up because of the thick facial membranes, lip piercings will close up because the lips have a thinner membrane (two or three layers).

💡 Take Note: Lip piercings don’t leave permanent holes. Instead, the hole closes up and becomes a likely permanent scar. 

How long does it take a lip piercing to close?

closed lip piercing


Generally, a lip piercing takes about three months to close. But that isn’t always the case because these factors influence it.

Age of the piercing

New piercings (less than five months old) will close up quickly — as quickly as a few hours after removing the piercing jewelry. And that’s why you must slot in the replacement jewelry immediately when changing a lip piercing. However, older piercings (a year or more) will take about three months to close. 

Piercing jewelry gauge 

The higher the jewelry gauge, the bigger the piercing hole. Bigger holes take a longer time to close and also have higher chances of scarring. Tiny piercing holes, on the other hand, tend to close faster.

Health of the piercing

If you’ve removed a lip piercing because of a complication like rejection or embedding, it will close quickly — possibly in a few days. But a completely healed and healthy piercing will take the expected time range of three months to close. Taking out a lip piercing because it’s rejecting or embedding can be upsetting, and it’s best to prevent it by reading a trusty guide before getting a lip piercing. 

How do you fill a piercing hole?

how to fill a lip piercing hole - How to Close Up Lip Piercing Hole


If your piercing hole is taking a long time to close and you want to fill it temporarily, you can use makeup to work the trick. Apply concealer, foundation, or scar fillers on the piercing hole to fill it. 

If you choose the makeup that matches your lip color, your piercing hole will become nearly invisible. Lip piercings leave a scar even after closing, but you can also use this tip to hide a lip piercing scar. Apart from using makeup, there are other expert tips to hide piercings

How do you permanently close a piercing hole?

What if you’ve removed your piercing for a long time, and it feels like it’s taking forever to close naturally? You can take things into your hands by stitching the piercing hole. Schedule a session with a cosmetic surgeon who will stitch the hole within 20 minutes or less.

💡 Warning: Once you stitch a piercing hole, re-piercing that spot might cause complications. Visit a professional piercer or doctor for advice.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions about lip piercing hole removal, you’ll find answers below. 

How do I get my piercing hole to close up?

First, you must remove the piercing jewelry and wait for your piercing hole to shrink and close up within three months or less. 

How do you hide a lip ring hole?

how to hide a lip ring hole


If you need to hide a lip ring hole, you can wear a retainer. It’s a small piece of jewelry that matches most skin colors, so it looks like there’s nothing on your lip. You can also apply makeup to hide your piercing hole. 

When should you close a piercing?

If your piercing experiences complications like embedding or rejection, a professional piercer may decide it’s best to close it. You may also need to close your piercing for personal reasons like getting a new job, moving to a new environment, or having a new outlook toward lip piercings. 

Close your lip piercing hole effortlessly

If you need to take out your lip piercing and the only thing holding you back is the fear of what happens with the hole, you don’t have to worry. It may take some time, but most lip piercings will naturally close up. In the meantime, you can fill up your lip piercing using makeup. And if you want to close up a piercing hole permanently, a simple cosmetic surgery can get it done. 

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