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A bottom lip piercing is one of the oldest and most popular piercings with a history in parts of Africa and among native Americans. Today, it’s popular with individuals who like to be different and step outside the box.

If you’re curious about bottom lip piercings, specifically the labret piercing, this guide is for you. We’re sharing details about the types of labret piercings, getting the piercing done, and healing and aftercare.

What is the bottom lip piercing called?

bottom lip piercing


A bottom lip piercing is sometimes called a labret piercing. But the term “bottom lip piercing” is generic and can refer to any piercing through the bottom lip. There are many bottom lip piercings, but this guide focuses on the labret piercing, which sits in the center under the lower lip. 

You can tell labret piercings apart based on their positions on the lip. Here are some of the various types of labret piercings.  

Side labret piercing 

This piercing sits on either the right or left side beneath the lower lip. 

Vertical labret piercing 

There are two visible piercing spots in a vertical labret piercing. It enters under the lower lip and goes out at the top of the same lip. 

Ashley piercing 

Also known as the inverse vertical labret piercing, the Ashley piercing enters through the middle of the bottom lip and exits at the back of the lip. You can only see the front part of an Ashley piercing. 

Snake bite piercing

The snake bite piercing is a dual lip piercing, one at each side under the bottom lip. 

Spider bite piercing 

The spider bite piercing is also a dual piercing, but instead of one piercing at each lip corner, the two piercings sit side by side on one side of the bottom lip. 

Shark bites piercing

Double a spider bite piercing, and you’ll have a shark bite piercing. A shark bite piercing consists of two piercings on each side under the lower lip. 

Getting a labret piercing 

woman with a labret lip pieercing


Before getting a labret piercing (or any type of body piercing), you need to know what to expect. In this section, we’re discussing what you need to know about getting this bottom lip piercing.

Do bottom lip piercings hurt?

Bottom lip piercings do hurt, and that’s because the lip has a lot of nerve endings.

What does a labret piercing symbolize?

In ancient cultures, lip piercings symbolized status or beauty. These days, a labret piercing is a form of adornment that signifies beauty and readiness to define one’s style. 

How much does a labret piercing cost?

Labret piercings cost between $50-$100. The exact price depends on your choice of jewelry and piercing studio. 

What gauge is used for a labret piercing?

A 14 or 16-gauge piece of jewelry is used for a labret piercing. Both gauges are average thickness, so you don’t get a piercing hole too big to fit future jewelry pieces. Plus, you’ll find many jewelry options in sizes 14g and 16g.

How bad does a labret piercing hurt?

Most people rate the pain level of labret piercings at a 3 or 4 on a scale of 1 -10. You may feel nothing more than quick, sharp pain if you have average pain tolerance.

Healing and aftercare

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Now, let’s talk about what comes after getting a labret piercing. The piercing will require consistent aftercare to heal properly.  

How long does it take a labret piercing to heal?

A labret piercing can take six to eight weeks to heal. However, it’s advisable to give it six months. That way, there’ll be no issues when you change the jewelry. 

💡 Take Note: You must leave in the original piercing jewelry until your labret piercing heals completely. You must also keep practicing proper aftercare measures. 

Tips for labret piercing aftercare 

As your body heals your piercing naturally, you must work to ensure it heals smoothly with these aftercare tips: 

  • Rinse your mouth with an alcohol-free mouthwash every morning and night before bed, plus after each meal. 
  • Ensure leftover particles don’t remain in the mouth as it will cause infection. 
  • Clean the outer part of the piercing with a cotton swab soaked in salt water solution twice a day. 
  • Use only a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid hurting your piercing. 
  • Avoid smoking or kissing as these will introduce bacteria into your mouth. 
  • Keep cosmetics, makeup, and other chemical products away from the piercing site. 
  • Avoid touching your piercing unless you’re cleaning it. Bacteria from your hands will cause infections. 
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before cleaning your piercing. 
  • Follow your piercer’s instructions on caring for your labret piercing. 

Frequently asked questions 

Pierced bottom lip - Do You Want a Bottom Lip Piercing? Start Here


If you’re still burning with questions about bottom lip piercings, you’ll find these answers to frequently asked questions very helpful.  

Are bottom lip piercings safe? 

Bottom lip piercings are significantly prone to infections because there are a lot of bacteria in the mouth. A bottom lip piercing can also leave a scar if it rejects or migrates—which happens when your skin pushes out a piercing. Then, it may embed. You’re less likely to experience complications with your piercing if you use the care tips we’ve mentioned.  

Do labret piercings make your lip bigger?

Labret piercings highlight the middle of your lower lip, making your lips appear more prominent. If you have thin lips, labret piercings can help accentuate your lips. 

How can I hide my lip piercing without taking it out? 

There are easy ways to hide your lip piercing. First, you can wear a retainer. Retainers are dainty, skin-colored pieces of jewelry barely visible on the lip. You can also apply lip-matching makeup on the piercing hole to close it up. Alternatively, place a bandaid over the piercing; it makes it look like you have a small cut. 

💡 Take Note: Remember, these tips only work for healed labret piercings. Avoid applying makeup or placing a bandaid on a fresh piercing. 

Can I get my labret pierced with a hoop?

Labret piercings are mostly done with studs, but you can also use a hoop. Most people prefer studs because they stay in place, unlike hoops that move around the hole and irritate the piercing. A few people who pierced their labret with a hoop say it healed fine, but they experienced extra pain and swelling during healing. 

What are two bottom lip piercings called?

Two bottom lip piercings form a “snake bites piercing,” with one piercing at each side of the lip. 

Ready for a bottom lip piercing? 

Getting and caring for a bottom lip piercing can be confusing when you don’t know much about it. With our detailed guide, you’re good to go with getting a labret piercing. Remember to practice the aftercare tips above and follow further instructions from your professional piercer. 

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