How to Get Hair Out of a Necklace Chain (5 Easy Tips)

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We understand your frustration if you’ve got hair tangled in your necklace and don’t know what to do about it. Giving up on your favorite jewelry isn’t an option, yet removing tangled hair the wrong way may cause even more frustration when it doesn’t work or damage your necklace. 

We’ve written this guide to help you learn how to get hair out of a necklace chain and tips to prevent hair from getting tangled in your necklace in future.

How to get hair out of a necklace chain in 5 ways

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You’ve probably used your fingers to remove the hair stuck in your necklace chains. This method is stressful and hardly works, especially if you have large hair chunks in your chain. In contrast, the five tips below are simple, effective, and involve items you likely have at home already. 

Use a pumice stone

A pumice stone may sound like a harsh object on your delicate necklace, but it is a soft material. And if you soak it in water for a few minutes, it gets even softer and becomes the perfect object for getting tangled hair out of your necklace chain.

Gently rub a pumice stone along the chain on the part with tangled hair. Gradually, the hair will come off. Ensure to rub it gently so you don’t scratch your necklace. Remember to place the chain on a stable, flat surface (like a table) before using a pumice stone. 

Use hair removal cream 

It makes sense that a hair removal cream will remove hair from your chain. Apply some hair removal cream on the tangled part the next time you’re stuck with hair on your chain. 

Wait a few seconds, then rub off the hair from your chain with your finger or a soft cloth; it’ll come off quickly. Then rinse and towel-dry the necklace to remove the cream; your piece will look good as new.

Use mild fire 

Hair burns quickly, so fire is great for getting hair out of necklace chains. Light up a mild fire source (a candle, for example) and run it through your hair. The hair will burn off, and your chain will be tangle free. This method works fast (in seconds), but you must be careful. Here are a few warnings:

  • Use fire only for metal chains. The fire will damage other materials.
  • Use a mild fire source (for example, a candle or lighter). 
  • Run the fire through your chain quickly to burn only the hair. 
  • Ensure your room is well-aired, especially if the smell of burnt hair affects you. 

Use cuticle scissors 

If you’d rather not pass your necklace through fire or use a hair removal cream, here’s a safer option. Use cuticle scissors to snip the hair off your chain carefully. Hold your necklace in one hand and use the other to handle the cuticle scissors, pinching and pulling the strands off your chain. 

You’ll need a lot of patience with this method (it will work slower than the other methods). But eventually, you’ll be able to get all the hair out.

Use a simple manual shaver 

Using a shaver is also safe and faster than cuticle scissors. All you have to do is run the shaver along your necklace chain to release the tangled strands.


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Tips for preventing hair from getting tangled in your necklace

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The tips above will help remove hair from your chain whenever it gets stuck. But isn’t it much better to prevent hair from getting tangled in your necklace? We think so, and if you agree, the tips below are for you.

Use necklace hair protectors

Use tube and disc protectors, the two common types of necklace hair protectors. A tube protector is a soft plastic or silicone sheath through which you thread your necklace. A disc protector is a small plastic or polished metal bead or disc that covers the necklace clasp, preventing hair from getting caught. 

Use a small piece of tape

Place some clear tape over your necklace where it’s most likely to catch hair.

Choose necklace chains that don’t pull the hair

Examples of chains that don’t pull the hair are box, bead, curb, and Figaro chains (common for men). Avoid herringbone and snake chains on days when you wear your hair down; they’re more likely to snag your hair.

Use candle wax 

Rub candle wax on your necklace chain to create a barrier preventing your hair from getting tangled. Remember, this isn’t a one-and-done solution. You’ll have to keep applying candle wax each time it wears off. 

Use needle-nose pliers

If only one or two links on your chain keep pulling your hair, use needle-nose pliers to close those links. 

Avoid wearing your necklace to bed

Your chain will likely catch hair when you sleep with it on. So take it off and store it in a jewelry box before bed.

FAQs about hair and necklace tangles

Still got a few questions about necklace hair tangles? We’ve answered your most likely questions here.

How do you clean a necklace chain at home?

A simple way to clean a necklace chain at home is by using warm, soapy water. Add a few drops of mild soap to warm water, mix, and dip your chain. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the chain while inside the soapy water. Then, rinse your chain in clear water. 

Do box chains pull hair?

Box chains have larger square-shaped links than other necklace types, so they don’t pull hair. If you want to escape the trouble of getting hair out of your necklace, box chains are a great pick. 

Why does my chain pull my hair?

Your chain pulls your hair because it has tiny links that easily catch hair strands. Plus, wearing your hair down makes getting caught in the chain easy. 

Can you burn hair off a gold necklace?

Yes, you can burn hair off a gold necklace. Hair burns quickly, so your gold necklace won’t get damaged. Remember to use a mild fire source, like a candle or lighter. 

No more hair hassles in chains 

Getting tangled hair on your favorite necklace doesn’t have to be a thing. A simple shaver, pumice stone, or cuticle scissors can help remove hair tangles on your chain. Even better, you can avoid hair tangles in your necklace with our prevention tips above; put on and remove your necklaces whenever you want, without fear of snagging or pulling off your hair.

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