How to Store Jewelry: The Complete Guide

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If you have a large jewelry collection, or are just getting your collection started, you might be wondering how to store jewelry. 

Jewelry needs to be properly stored to keep it from getting tarnished or scratched. We’ve prepared an in-depth guide on how to properly store various types of jewelry, whether they’re earrings, necklaces, or rings. We’ve also added tips for each jewelry metal type.

3 Good Reasons Why You Should Store Jewelry Well

Storing your jewelry properly has many benefits both for you and your collection. Here are three top reasons for good jewelry storage.

Stay Organized

One of the main benefits of jewelry storage is that it allows you to keep everything organized. This means you’ll never wonder where your favorite pair of earrings are again! And – organizing your jewelry will allow you to find pieces that might not be getting much use and sell or give them away. 

Keep Your Jewelry Looking Good

Properly storing your jewelry will allow your finer jewelry to continue to look brand-new. Of course, you might need the occasional cleaning, and, eventually, a deeper clean at a professional. 

But, storing your jewelry properly will protect it from chemicals that might tarnish it or cause it to lose its shine. These chemicals can be perfumes and hairspray, which you often have on your vanity.

No Tangled Necklaces

One of the most annoying things about a necklace collection is the tangled mess it can become. Many of the smaller jewelry boxes have no place for necklaces. But with the right techniques, you can store fashion and fine jewelry necklaces and keep them looking good as new. 

How to Store Jewelry

Follow these tips to store different types of jewelry in the best way.

How to Store Gold Jewelry

Gold is a soft metal, susceptible to scratches and dents if not properly stored. Here’s how to store gold jewelry.

Wrap Each Piece in a Soft Cloth

Although the best place to store gold jewelry is a jewelry box, you can use a soft cloth to keep your pieces in the meantime. Simply wrap your gold pieces individually in soft cloth to reduce exposure to humidity and chemicals in the air.

Clean & Polish Before Storing

To keep your gold jewelry looking good as new, clean and polish it before storing it. This will allow only clean jewelry to be stored, which will prevent damage to the other jewelry in the box. 

If you only want to clean your jewelry at a specified time in the month, it might be worth keeping dirty or tarnished jewelry stored separately from clean pieces. 

Use a Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are excellent for storing gold pieces. When shopping for jewelry boxes for gold jewelry, aim for a clean, dry, fabric-lined jewelry box. Here are some options that would be great for storing this type of jewelry.

This SONGMICS jewelry box is great if you have a lot of jewelry to store. It features a fabric-lined interior, which is great for storing gold jewelry. The box features seven rows and 19 compartments. It doesn’t hurt that it will look beautiful on your vanity.

SONGMICS Jewelry Box with Glass Lid, 3-Layer Jewelry Organizer, 2 Drawers, Jewelry Storage, Plenty of Storage Space, Modern Style, Gift for Loved Ones, Cloud White UJBC239WT

If you have more necklaces, this ProCase jewelry box is a great option. This is because it features necklace hanging hooks. It also has slots and compartments of various sizes to fit all of your gold pieces. This box is available in a variety of colors to best fit your aesthetic.

ProCase Jewelry Box for Women Girls Girlfriend Wife Ideal Gift, Large Leather Jewelry Organizer Storage Case with Two Layers Display for Earrings Bracelets Rings Watches -Black

If your jewelry collection is a little smaller, this Meangood jewelry box is a great option. It features nine ring grooves, two earrings cards, six adjustable spaces to store other items, and five necklace hooks. Plus, it is soft-lined and available in a variety of colors.

Jewelry Box Organizer for Women, 2 Layer Large Jewelry Storage Case, PU Leather Jewelry Box with Mirror & Ring Tray for Necklace Earring Bracelets Rings, Ideal Gift, Black

Store Pieces Separately

Whether you choose to store your gold jewelry in a soft cloth or a jewelry box, it is important to keep each piece separate from the others. This will prevent your jewelry from getting tangled or scratching each other. 

Place in a Safe

If your gold pieces are of a higher value, we recommend keeping them in a secure location. It might be a good idea to invest in a safe to keep all your fine jewelry. 

If you do not feel like your residence is a safe spot, you can also store them at the bank, especially if it is a family heirloom that is rarely worn.

Tips for Storing Sterling Silver Jewelry

Some gold storage principles apply to sterling silver jewelry. But there are other specific measures for this type of jewelry.

Keep in an Air-Tight Container

To avoid tarnished sterling silver jewelry, you need to keep it in an air-tight container. This can easily be arranged with Ziploc bags, which is an easy and inexpensive method. 

However, if you want your jewelry to be stored in a way that is more pleasing to the eye, you can use special jewelry bags.

For a better-looking version of a Ziploc bag, you can use these baggies which are resealable and can be used for jewelry, food, eyelashes, and makeup. They’re also completely black, so you won’t leave your jewelry exposed to the light.

100 Pcs Mylar Bags 4x6 Resealable Mylar Food Storage Bags With LABELS Mylar Ziplock Bags Smell Proof Bags resealable bags for small business Air Tight Herb and Food Storage Food and Lip Gloss, Jewelry, Eyelash Packaging Self Sealing Storage Supplies (Matte Black 4 x 6 Inch)

An even better option is these small jewelry boxes that also provide an air-tight seal. These allow you to spot the piece you want quicker and provide your jewelry with the protection it needs against tarnish.

Large Anti Tarnish Jewelry Organizer Box for Women and Girls, 2 Pcs Portable Plastic Long Display Holder with Stands for Necklace,Chain,Anti-oxidation and Dust-proof Jewellery Show Case,9x3.54x0.79 inches

Store in a Cool and Dark Place

Sunlight, heat, and moisture can accelerate the tarnishing process in sterling silver jewelry. So, keep your silver jewelry in a cool, dark place – preferably inside a cabinet or a drawer. Other jewelry storage containers allow that.

Use Anti-Tarnish Products

There are a few effective methods for keeping tarnish at bay. Here are some of them:

  •  Anti-Tarnish Strips: These offer you an alternative to regular cleaning and polishing. These strips can protect the jewelry from tarnish by using a variety of chemicals. Nowadays, the best anti-tarnish strips use copper-based polymers that react to hydrogen sulfide and other elements that may cause tarnish.
  • Silica Packs: These packs often come with new clothing or shoes, and they are great for tossing a few in your jewelry box. Silica packs absorb moisture, which reduces the risk of tarnish due to humidity.
  • Chalk: You can throw a few pieces of chalk in with your jewelry. The chalk will absorb the moisture and help prevent tarnishing.
  • Anti-Tarnish Cloths: These can be used to line your jewelry box. Anti-tarnish cloths absorb sulfur and moisture from the air and are chemically treated to prevent tarnish. 

How to Store Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry can be less expensive than fine jewelry, but it can still hold a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately, costume jewelry is often made from lower quality metals like copper and brass – and so bends and tarnishes easily. 

Just like with gold and sterling silver, store costume jewelry pieces individually, away from humidity. You may use a jewelry box or single jewelry pouches. 

How to Store Gemstone Jewelry

It is especially important to store gemstone jewelry in a proper container. Failure to do so can lead to damaging the metal or the stone. 

When storing gemstones, consider their durability, depending on the gemstone’s standing on the Mohs scale and their rarity.

For instance, precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, are between 8 and 10 on the Mohs scale. Although they are very durable, these stones need to be properly stored to avoid scratches. Follow these storage tips for all gemstone jewelry.

  1. If you intend on wearing jewelry adorned with precious stone only for special occasions, the best storage would be in its original case in a safe
  2. Give the gems space between each other if you are storing them all together.
  3. If it is an engagement ring or something that will be worn daily, use a compartmentalized jewelry box that keeps them separated from each other.
  4. For less durable and valuable semi-precious stones, you can use plastic containers, jewelry boxes, or even paper bags, which is an inexpensive option. There are also papers made for holding gemstones, which do not have any acid.
  5. If you own extra delicate stones between a 5 and a 2 on the Mohs scale (like the opal), use a padded jewelry box or soft cloth bags. Due to their delicate nature, jewelry adorned with these gemstones should not be worn daily. 

How to Store Rings and Earrings

Got some favorite rings and earrings? Here’s how to store them.

Store in Original Boxes

A more affordable way to keep your rings and earrings, especially if you are just getting started with your collection, is by just keeping them in the original box. 

Many rings and earrings come in a protective box with a soft lining and cushions that prevent them from getting scratched. If your collection grows, you can consider buying a special jewelry box, since all the original boxes can get difficult to handle.

Store Rings in a Jewelry Pouch or Felt-Lined Box

Scratching is one of the main concerns when storing a high-value ring or jewelry with gemstones. Use a felt-lined jewelry box or soft jewelry pouches. These will prevent the surface of the ring from becoming damaged.

This jewelry tray organizer is a great option if you have a large collection of rings.

Mebbay 35 Grid Velvet Jewelry Tray Organizer Felt Jewelry Box Tray Holder with Clear Lid for Drawer, Stud Earring Necklace Bracelet Ring Healing Stones Storage (Creamy White), 13.8" x 9.4" x 2"

Get a Box Just for Earrings

While you might have seen a lot of earrings openly displayed with earring holders, leaving them out in the open can lead to quicker damage. Especially if you store them by your vanity, where perfume, hairspray, and makeup can come in contact with it and lead to damage. 

This earring organizer is a great option since it has a clear lid that allows you to see your collection and store them neatly and safely. 

Wudygirl Velvet Clear Lid Earring Box Organizer Storage 55 Pairs Earrings Stud Tray Showcase Display Case

Tips for Storing Necklaces

Necklaces might be the most complicated accessory to store. They often need to hang, otherwise, they become a tangled mess. Here are some quick tips on how to store necklaces:

Create a Wall of Necklaces

One of the best ways to store necklaces is by hanging them. This will allow you to easily find the one you want to wear for the day, and they will not tangle. 

💡 Quick Tip: If you have a large necklace collection, you can attach hooks to an empty wall. However, this should be in a place where there is not a lot of humidity. You can install hooks on a wall in your closet, or even by your vanity. You can even use décor to organize your necklaces and put them on display.

Add an Organizer to Your Closet

If you own delicate necklaces and fine jewelry, you might not want to just hang them on a wall. A great way to get the convenience of wall hooks and protection of a jewelry box is to install a pull-out necklace organizer in your closet. 

These organizers are slide-out panels that have a velvet backing that keeps your jewelry protected. 

Use Necklace-Friendly Jewelry Boxes 

If you do not have the closet space to install pull-out necklace organizers, you can purchase a jewelry box only for your necklaces. This is a great place to store your delicate and fine jewelry necklaces since it will provide better protection. 

This necklace jewelry box is velvet lined, which provides extra protection. Plus, the clear lid allows you to choose a necklace without having to open it. 

HIVORY Necklace Organizer Box - Necklace Storage Display Tray with Glass Lid - Stackable Necklace Jewelry Holder Velvet Tray with 20 Hooks (Blue)

Try Drawer Necklace Organizers

If you would like to store your jewelry in your vanity’s drawers, you can buy necklace trays. This method protects your jewelry from sunlight and keeps everything organized in one spot. 

You can easily measure your drawer and put together various organizers to fit your wants and needs. This necklace tray, for example, is a great option to store necklaces. 

Stratalife Velvet Stackable Jewelry Organizer Tray Removable Jewelry Display Case Storage Showcase in Drawer (Necklace)

How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

As summer rolls along, we all want to travel and create new memories with our loved ones. However, traveling can be stressful for a jewelry lover since it can be overwhelming to pack your favorite pieces. Here are a few tips on how to pack your collection for travel:

  • Roll Valuable Pieces: A jewelry roll is your best option when storing valuable pieces. Most are lined with velvet, which will keep your fine jewelry protected.
  • Don’t Let Necklaces Tangle: If you do not have a jewelry roll, you can use a straw or cardboard roll to feed your necklaces through and keep them from getting tangled. Once you have fed the necklace through, wrap it in tissue or packing paper to keep it protected from anything else in your luggage.
  • Don’t Lose Studs: If you have small earrings like studs, use buttons or foam to keep them from slipping out. Or, you can use old pill cases to store rings and earrings.
  • Use a Ziploc Bag: If you do not have the time to buy a travel jewelry organizer, you can store each piece in individual baggies, which will still provide you the protection they need. 

How to Store Jewelry to Prevent Tarnish

A jewelry lover’s biggest fear is that his or her jewelry will tarnish. While it is inevitable that this will happen with time, it is important to take good care of your jewelry to slow down the tarnish process. Here are a few tips:

Separate by Metal

First, do an inventory of all your jewelry. Separate fine jewelry, costume jewelry, and silver jewelry. Don’t store the three jewelry types together. Overall, this separation will help prevent metals from tarnishing when they interact with one another.

Keep It Clean & Dry

As mentioned before, before storing any of your jewelry, clean and dry it. Moisture can cause metals to tarnish or degrade much quicker. Additionally, if you store dirty jewelry for a prolonged period, it can lead to premature and excessive tarnishing. Not to mention, storing tarnished and untarnished pieces together can lead to both pieces tarnishing faster.

Store Delicate Pieces in Dark, Dry Location

The best way to store delicate pieces and fine jewelry is in their original case, or in soft-lined jewelry boxes. 

If you store jewelry in a place with high humidity, it can speed up the tarnishing process of the jewelry. 

💡 Did You Know? Fine jewelry can get damaged by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Your closet is often the best spot to store your jewelry since it has consistent temperatures and is often far from any windows.

How to Store a Lot of Jewelry

If you have a big jewelry collection, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to store your jewelry. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Take Inventory

The most important is that you take inventory of everything you own. This will allow you to figure out if you have any pieces that you can sell or give away to slim down your collection. You’ll also be able to categorize your jewelry and figure out the best option for you to store your collection.

Use Drawer Organizers

Many drawer organizers have a velvet lining, which is great for protecting all types of jewelry. You can easily measure your drawer and play Tetris to figure out how many you can fit. 

You can find a lot of options online, including this bundle that comes with four trays to organize your earring, rings, necklaces, chain bracelets, and other jewelry items.

ProCase Set of 4 Stackable Jewelry Organizer Trays for Drawers, Jewelry Drawer Inserts Container Display Case Storage for Earring Necklace Rings Bracelet with Removable Dividers -Grey

Use Stacked Jewelry Boxes

If you do not have space in a drawer, you can also buy large jewelry cases. For example, this ten-layer jewelry box is a great option to fit your entire collection. 

SONGMICS Extra Large Jewellery Box, 10-Layer Storage Case, Faux Leather Organiser, with Drawer, White JBC10W

It has a spot for watches, necklaces, bigger pieces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. While it is a bigger jewelry box that takes up a lot of space, it will look great in your closet.

Use Travel Cases

While not the best option for storing jewelry long-term, if you do not have any space, you can purchase multiple of this compact jewelry travel case

BAGSMART Jewelry Organizer Case Travel Jewelry Storage Bag for Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Bracelet, Soft Pink

With this, you can easily store your jewelry collection and tuck it on that shelf above your hanging clothing. This case has compartments for rings, earrings, necklaces, and pockets. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Storing Jewelry

More jewelry storage questions? We’ve got you!

How do you store jewelry long-term?

Long-term, you should store jewelry in a dry place, away from sunlight and any extreme temperatures. 

Aim to store jewelry in lined boxes that provide extra protection and give space between each piece to avoid scratches. It is also important that you keep your stored jewelry clean to avoid tarnish. 

Is it OK to store jewelry in Ziploc bags? 

Yes, you can use Ziploc bags to store your jewelry. There are also black reusable baggies that will keep your jewelry from getting exposed to the sunlight. 

When storing your jewelry in bags, make sure to keep each piece in its bag, otherwise, they will scratch each other. 

You should not store pearl necklaces in plastic bags since it can damage the pearl. The air-tight environment of the Ziploc bag can cause the pearl to become brittle and damage the luster. 

How does Marie Kondo store jewelry?

Marie Kondo uses these six tips to store jewelry:

  1. Take advantage of empty space: Find an empty drawer in a chest or vanity. You can easily play around with ways to divide and separate the space you have to hold your jewelry.
  2. Use small empty boxes as dividers: The best storage for your jewelry is the box it originally came in. However, it can get bulky to store jewelry in its original boxes, if your collection is large. You can use any box with separate compartments to hold your jewelry.
  1.  Make it look good: Try to find a way that your jewelry storage brings you joy. Whether that is a DIY project or just a jewelry box that you think is beautiful.
  2.  Use a comb to store necklaces: String the chain and clasp it over each tooth of the comb. This will give you a unique and creative way to display your necklaces and keep them from getting tangled.
  3. Use the jewelry box: While it may seem obvious, use that jewelry box since it will be the best spot to store your jewelry. If you do not like your current jewelry box, take it apart and use the parts to get your jewelry organized.
  4. Mix and match open and closed storage: She recommends keeping most of your jewelry in closed storage. But you can keep the pieces that you use daily in a dish or tray in the open. 

How do you store necklaces without tangling?

The best way to store necklaces without tangling them is by hanging them. There is a variety of ways you can do this, such as: installing hooks on a wall in your closet, adding pull-out necklace organizers, or a jewelry box with a place to keep your necklaces hanging. 

How do you wrap jewelry without a box?

This can be difficult, especially if it does not come in a box. Here’s how to wrap the perfect jewelry gift:

  1. Use wrapping paper to form an envelope by folding it into a triangle.
  2. Seal the ends with tape.
  3. Wrap your jewelry in tissue and place it in the envelope.
  4. Add a bow on top – if you like!

Keep Your Treasures Safe

Although there are a lot of ways you can store jewelry, the method you use should be something that best fits your day-to-day and lifestyle needs. 

However, the most important to remember is that jewelry needs to be kept in a dry place. Additionally, jewelry that you do not wear daily should be stored in a dark place. 

And don’t forget that storing your jewelry out in the open can lead to damage due to chemicals in perfumes, hairspray, and makeup. With these tips, you’ll keep your jewelry in fine shape for as long as possible!

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