Necklaces for Men to Wear Everyday (Our Top 10 Picks)

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Necklaces are popularly known as a type of women’s jewelry, but men wear them too. Accessorizing a man’s outfit takes effort; it will give you a polished look when done right. As with other types of jewelry, like earrings and rings, necklaces also help you express your fashion style. 

With the various necklaces available, picking the best ones can be challenging. So, we’ve made a list of the best necklaces for men in different categories.

How to choose the best necklaces for men

Finding the perfect necklace to compliment your outfit can be quite a task, but selecting the right fit is possible with a few guidelines in mind. 


Men’s necklaces are typically subtle and don’t serve as the outfit’s centerpiece. However, this won’t limit your style, as plenty of options are available. They include dog tags, chains, chains with pendants, leather necklaces, and beaded necklaces. The perfect necklace depends on whether you’re a minimalist, bold, flashy, or somewhere in between. 


The length of your necklace will depend on the look you’re going for. Usually, men’s necklaces are within 18 – 30 inches, but the average size is 20 inches. A 20-inch necklace will sit directly on your collarbone, between the first two buttons on your shirt. If you’d like to add a pendant, a length of 20 – 25 inches is recommended. You can also wear necklaces of varying lengths for a layered look. 


Men’s necklaces come in various materials, including metal, leather, beads, and stones. Metal necklaces, typically chains, are the most popular and are available in different chain types like Cuban link, Figaro chain and rope chain. Leather necklaces give a casual and relaxed vibe, while bead and stone necklaces will complete a bohemian-styled outfit.  

10 best necklaces for men

We’ve curated a list of the best necklaces for men across different categories and price ranges.

Meaningful necklace for guys

Personalized Men Necklace - Custom Chains For Men - Black 3d Bar Name Necklace - Gift For Dad, Husband, Boyfriend

This Faruzo personalized men’s necklace is a custom-made necklace made from black-plated stainless steel. It’s a 3D necklace; the seller can engrave a name or birth date at the purchase point. This necklace is appropriate for different fashion styles.

Buyers have praised the company’s professionalism and say this piece is a gift-worthy item.

Chain necklace for men

Fiusem 3.5mm Silver Colored Chains, Silver Plated Cuban Link Necklace for Men and Women, Stainless Steel 20 Inch

This Fiusem necklace is a 3.5mm thick Cuban link chain made of stainless steel.  It can fit any outfit and is available in three colors; silver, black, and gold. It’s also available in 16, 18, 20, and 28 inches.

Buyers say the chain’s color remained intact despite exposure to water.

Gold necklace for men

Miabella Solid 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver Italian 5mm Diamond-Cut Cuban Link Curb Chain Necklace for Women Men, 925 Sterling Silver Made in Italy (24 Inches)

This 18K gold-plated sterling silver necklace is a 5mm thick curb chain with solid and durable links. It’s available in a range of lengths, 20 – 26 inches, and is an excellent piece for creating a layered look

Buyers have said this piece can withstand wear and tear from daily use. 

Men’s cross necklace

M MOOHAM Fathers Day Gift - Stainless Steel Cross Pendant Necklaces for Men Women Pendant Chain 22 Inch Black, Christian Religious Baptism Gifts Jewelry for Teenage Women

Mooham cross necklace for men is a best seller with a detachable pendant. It comes in silver, black, and gold-plated stainless steel. It’s suitable for teenagers as well as adults.

Buyers say it’s only suitable for people that like thin necklaces

Men’s fashion necklace

CaptainSteeL Miami Cuban Chain Necklace for Men/Women,316L Stainless Steel 5/9MM Width 18"/20"/22"/24"Length Fashion Snap Button Hip Hop Jewelry,Cuban Link Chain Gold Plated/Stainless Steel with Gift Box

Captainsteel Cuban chain necklace is made of 18K gold-plated stainless steel. This statement piece is available in 18 – 24 inches and is 9mm wide.

Buyers have complimented its sturdy clasp. However, they mention that it’s heavier than the usual necklace

Rope chain necklace for men 

HolyFast Twist Chain Necklace - Stainless Steel Rope Jewelry for Men & Women

This twist chain necklace is a rope necklace for both men and women and is suitable for formal and informal outfits. 

Some buyers complained about the clasp looking cheap and the necklace being quite thick. 

Leather necklace for men

Miabella Genuine Italian 2mm Black or Brown Leather Cord Chain Necklace for Men Women with 925 Sterling Silver Clasp Made in Italy (Black, 20)

This piece is a genuine Italian leather cord with a simple and polished look. It’s available in brown and black and can match with various pendants.

Buyers have said it’s worth the price.  

Silver necklace for men 

Silvadore 4mm CUBAN Link Chain For Men - Men's Curb Dog Tag Silver Necklace - Stainless Steel Tone Diamond Cut Neck Jewelry - Birthday Gifts For Him Men Dad Husband Boys - 18 20 22 24 26 36 Inch UK

This stainless steel Cuban chain from Silvadore Store can serve different looks. It’s hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, and has varying lengths from 18 – 24 inches. In addition, it’s easy to put on and take off, making it suitable for daily wear

Bead necklace for men 

BlueRica Puka Shell, Black and Tiger Coconut Beads Necklace

This 18-inch bead necklace is handmade with clamshell and black and tiger coconut beads.

Buyers advise changing the clasp to a more sturdy one if you wear it during strenuous activities.

Crystal necklace for men 

Jovivi 6mm Natural Tiger Eye Crystal Pendulum Necklace Lava Rock Labradorite Healing Chakra Triangle Pendulum Crystal w/Moon 25inches Adjustable

This necklace features a tiger eye crystal attached to a triangular pendant. You can wear it daily and use it for meditation. In addition, the crystal is believed to benefit your body and heal issues like blocked creative energy and self-criticism

The necklace is 20-28 inches long and weighs 1.94oz/55g.

Frequently asked questions

Got more questions? We’ve answered them here. 

What necklaces work well on guys?

Necklaces like cable chains, curb chains, leather necklaces, bead necklaces, and necklaces with pendants work well on guys. Your outfit and fashion style will determine the type of necklace you wear.  

Is it cool for guys to wear necklaces?

Yes, it’s cool for guys to wear necklaces. Their necklaces usually differ from women’s, but a few are unisex.  

Can guys wear two necklaces?

Yes, guys can wear two to three necklaces. Layering also works well for guys, even with a pendant combination. The general rules for layering necklaces apply, including matching the necklace colors, choosing a centerpiece, and varying the lengths and textures.

Do girls like it when a guy wears a necklace?

Yes, some girls like it when a guy wears a necklace, but others find it tacky.

Get your masculine necklace today 

It’s clear that wearing a necklace as a man is one of the ways of expressing your fashion sense. But first, you must pick the right fit based on your style. Several brands cater for men’s jewelry, so feel free to experiment with different materials and lengths now that you know the best necklaces for men. 

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