Nose Piercing Elegance: The 10 Coolest Nose Rings For You

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Are you looking for cool nose rings for your nose piercing? In this guide, we’ll take you through the coolest nose rings that effortlessly blend fashion with personality. From delicate studs to intricate hoops, you’ll indeed find your style. 

10 of the coolest nose rings for expressing your style 

We understand that fashion and personal preferences vary widely, so what’s considered cool can be subjective. So we’ve selected 10 different categories of cool nose rings and picked the best for each. Now it’s up to you to choose your cool.

Dangling nose ring 

LAURITAMI 20G Dangle Nose Rings Studs for Women Dangle Double Nose Ring Hoop Stainless Steel L Shaped Nose Studs CZ Dangling Nose Piercing Jewelry

This set contains three dangle nose rings (and three extra hoops). They’re made from 316L surgical steel, with colored gems on two dangling rings. 

These dangling nose rings are great if you want to try something different from conventional nose studs. However, past buyers say they arrived small, so they’re not suitable for individuals looking for a bold look. 

Dainty nose ring

FINREZIO 15PCS 22G Surgical Steel Nose Rings Hoop Studs Cartilage Earrings Body Piercing Jewelry 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm CZ Rose Gold Tone

Here’s a set of small, elegant hoops and studs. The hoops are 8mm in diameter, while the studs are 7mm long. The studs feature tiny gemstones, making them truly dainty. 

We think they’re worth a shot because they have several positive reviews on Amazon (4.3-star rating) and are affordable. The major complaint we found was that the nose rings were tiny. But that’s not a big deal if you want a dainty piece. 

Double hoop nose ring 

FECTAS Nose Rings Hoop Double Circle Nose Ring Surgical Steel 20g Gauge 8mm Nostril Piercing Hoops Jewelry 12PCS

This double hoop nose ring gives you the look of two nose rings with one piece. How cool is that? It’s a spiral ring you can fix in your nose piercing to create a double hoop look. You can easily bend it in place without it losing shape. 

This product comes as a 12-piece set in four colors, so you have a nice variety. However, some buyers found these rings too big

The coolest gold nose ring

Body Candy Tiny Nose Ring Hoop 20 Gauge 1/4" Solid 14k Yellow Gold Nose Hoop Xtra Small Diameter

This 14K yellow gold nose ring is perfect if you think petite pieces are cool. Past buyers say it didn’t irritate their sensitive skin or discolor with time, which is what you’d expect from a gold nose ring.

It’s comfortable, snug, and doesn’t fall out as long as it’s the right size

Variety nose ring

ONESING 40 PCS 20G Nose Rings/Nose Piercings Jewelry, Gold, Hoops L Shape Studs Screw 316L Surgical Stainless Steel for Men Women

The excellent variety of nose rings in this set won us over—because what’s the fun in having one cool ring when you can have many? 

What would be cooler than switching and mixing 40 pieces of different nose rings, all from one set? Past buyers commend the ring quality, saying they didn’t tarnish or change color

Cool nose chain

PunkTracker 20G Nose Rings 2mm 2.5mm 3mm CZ Nose Studs with Chain Surgical Steel Nose Piercing Jewelry Nose Ring Studs

Elevate your nose piercing game with these unique nose chains. Nose chains are less common than studs and hoops, so you’ll pull off a cool, unique look wearing this piece. 

This product comes as a set of L-shaped studs with nose chains to connect the studs. You can wear them on double or multiple nose piercings like the nasallang, bridge, and Austin bar piercings. The chains come in different lengths, so there’s room to choose what works for you.

Cool nose ring for sensitive skin 

MILACOLATO 1Pcs G23 Titanium 20G Nose Rings Hoop Lip Rings Hinged Segment Rings for Women Men Helix Daith Tragus Cartilage Earrings Piercing Jewelry 8mm

Titanium is a biocompatible and hypoallergenic jewelry metal. This nose hoop from Milacolato is made from Grade 23 Titanium, making it a good choice for sensitive skin. Past buyers with sensitive skin said it didn’t hurt or irritate their piercing

The hoops come in different sizes, and there’s a size chart on the product page to help you select the best size for your nose piercing. Happy buyers said this piece didn’t fall out even after months of wearing. However, some buyers found it difficult to put on

Horseshoe nose ring 

Ftovosyo 40Pcs 16G Surgical Steel Nose Septum Rings Piercing Jewelry Horseshoe Cartilage Helix Tragus Earring Hoop Eyebrow Lip Hoop Retainer for Women Men 8mm 5/16 Inch Silver Black

This one’s for you if you have a septum piercing (horseshoes are excellent for septum piercings). It contains 40 horseshoe pieces in different styles and colors. It’s perfect you often change your septum piercing jewelry. 

We found complaints about the balls on these horseshoes breaking easily, so you should be extra careful with them. 

Cool nose stud

THUNARAZ 60pcs Stainless Steel Nose Studs Rings Piercing Pin Body Jewelry 22G 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm White

Simplicity, quantity, and quality—those qualities drew us to this piece. It’s a simple, straight nose stud that’ll sit cool on your piercing. Each set comes with at least 60 stainless steel studs. 

With a 4.4-star review from over 10,000 ratings, it should be a decent pick. However, we found complaints about this nose stud falling off quickly.

Faux nose ring 

TAMHOO 25 Pcs Multi-Style Fake Nose Rings for Women and Men - 14k Gold Plated Copper African Nose Cuff Non Piercing for Teen Grirls - Small Clip On Nose Ring Set,Fake Nose Piercing Ring (#1)

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this stylish faux nose ring set. It’s a set of trendy nose cuffs that you can wear without getting a nose piercing (or if your piercing has closed over time). Simply fix it to your nostril wall, and you can flaunt it like you’ve got an actual piercing. 

These pieces are made of copper, so they are very durable. They also feature various styles, so you can wear them for numerous occasions.  

Frequently asked questions 

People looking for the coolest nose rings often ask these questions. They’re likely on your mind, too, so let’s get you some answers.

Which type of nose ring is most attractive? 

Personal preferences play a more significant role here, but many consider nose studs attractive. Others prefer a nose hoop, horseshoe, or dangling nose ring. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which one you find most appealing. 

Which side of a woman’s nose should be pierced? 

There’s no rule guiding which side should be pierced. It’s up to each woman to pick the side she wants to pierce. 

Does a nose piercing look attractive?

If you choose a nose piercing that’s ideal for your face, it will look attractive. 

Pick your cool

There’s a variety of nose rings to wear on your nose piercing, but with a trusty guide like this, you can wear the coolest nose rings. Whether you prefer a stud, hoop, or dangling ring, our list has something for everyone. Choose any ring, and you can make your nose piercing cool. 

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