7 Types of Nose Piercings (and Tips for First-Time Piercings)

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Nose piercings are a real beauty, and a fun addition to your style. The first thing you realize when you decide to get your nose pierced is that there are several types of nose piercings to choose from. With so many options and only one nose, deciding on a piercing type can get tricky. 

To help you decide, we’ll be talking about some types of nose piercings, how they’re done and how long they take to heal. We’ll also fetch you expert answers to some frequently asked questions. 

Which types of nose piercings are possible?

Nose piercings range from simple styles to more complex, and less common piercing styles. We’ve put together seven possible types of nose piercings in no particular order. Feel free to try any of these out:

Nostril Piercing

nostril piercing with hoop

Nostril piercings are done anywhere on the soft cartilage around your nose (the roof of your nostrils). They are pretty versatile. You can have them done on both sides or on any part of the nostril. With nostril piercings, you have many options when it comes to jewelry. You can have hoops, rings, or studs. If you have a square face, you might want to try an upper nostril piercing. 

Nostril piercings are also less painful than most cartilage piercings since they are done on a soft area of the nose. They take about two to four months to heal.

Nasallang Piercing

This piercing is also known as a tri-nasal piercing. It goes through three parts of your nose; the right nostril, septum, and left nostril. 

types of nose piercings - nasallang piercing


A nasallang piercing looks like two separate piercings on both nostrils, but it’s really a single piece of jewelry going through the side of one nostril, and coming out the other end. 

Nasallang piercings are usually painful and take about four to six months to heal. But they’re not very common, and getting one will definitely make you stand out.

Septum Piercing

septum piercing


Nose piercings could also be done on the septum — the lower part of your nose that separates your nostrils. This piercing type is called a septum piercing or a bullnose piercing. 

The Columella (called the “sweet spot”) is usually targeted for septum piercings. A septum piercing is mainly done with hoop earrings, making them appear like a beautiful ring hanging between your nose and mouth. 

Septum piercings are less painful than most nose piercing types and will feel better within six to eight weeks, as long as they’re done correctly. However, septum piercings may take about six months to heal completely. 

Septum piercings are great for those with round faces. They also look good on wide faces and even larger noses. 

Bridge Piercing (Erl PIercing)

A bridge piercing is done on the upper part of your nose, with the jewelry sitting between your eyes.  

bridge piercing - type of nose piercing


Bridge piercings look great on most faces, but may pose a problem for people wearing glasses. If you choose to get a bridge piercing, choose a position that won’t disturb your glasses and choose jewelry with smaller ends. 

Since bridge piercings only pass through your flesh, they tend to heal faster. Most bridge piercings will heal within two to three months. 

Rhino Piercing 

rhino piercing


With rhino piercings, a vertical hole is inserted at the tip of the nose. 

Although they’re more painful than most nose piercings, rhino piercings are perfect if you’re looking for something bold and rare. Because the tissue at the tip of the nose is thick, it takes about six to nine months for a rhino piercing to complete its healing process. 

Austin Bar

While a rhino piercing runs vertically through the tip of the nose, an Austin bar piercing runs horizontally through that exact location.

austin bar piercing


It looks similar to a nasallang piercing, but unlike a nasallang piercing, an Austin bar jewelry does not run through the septum, only the flesh at the tip of the nose.  

Barbell jewelry is usually used for Austin bar piercings. It takes about three months to heal.

Septril Piercing

septril piercing - types of nose piercing


A septril piercing is formed from an existing septum piercing. The existing septum piercing is stretched such that it extends to the center tip of the nose, creating a septril piercing. 

Septril piercings are usually painful, but tolerable, and you can expect stunning results. Because it involves cartilage and tissue, a septril piercing would take about six months to heal. 

Important Precautions for Getting Nose Piercings

Despite the aesthetics, your nose piercings are injuries that need to heal. If your piercing isn’t done correctly, it could scar or get infected. Infections can also happen if you don’t care for your piercing properly. To avoid problems with your piercing, you should: 

  1. Get a licensed professional piercer–don’t let just anyone handle your piercing. A professional piercer perform the piercing in safe and sanitary conditions, and tell you how to care for it. 
  2. Prepare to provide aftercare. Nose piercings can get infected, and it’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen. Clean your nose piercing with saline solution every day and avoid unnecessary touching.  
  3. Pause compromising activities like swimming, contact sports, and nose scratching while your nose piercing heals. 
  4. Avoid removing the piercing jewelry until your piercing has healed completely (this could take two to six months, depending on your piercing).

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re getting your nose pierced, chances are you have a ton of questions in mind. To help, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about nose piercings. 

What type of nose piercing should you get first?

If it’s your first nose piercing, a less painful type like nostril piercing is a great choice. More painful piercing types can be overwhelming for first-time piercers.

nostril piercing with stud

It might also help to use a twist nose stud on your first piercing. Nose studs stay firmly in place, weigh less, and are comfortable to wear. 

The most popular nose piercing is the nostril piercing. Many people go for it because it is less painful, heals faster, and can accommodate different types of nose jewels.  

Which side does a nose piercing look better on?

If your face is symmetric, i.e. it looks the same on both sides, it doesn’t matter where you wear your piercing; either side would do. But if your face is asymmetric, it’s up to you to decide where you think it is better. 

💡 Quick Decision Tip: Wear a clip-on nose ring on each side in front of a mirror and see which side looks better on you. There are no laid down rules on nose piercing sides. 

What does a nose ring symbolize?

In the past, nose rings signified wealth and affluence in some North African cultures. In Indian culture, young women wore them to show that they were ready for marriage.

Today, however, many women wear nose rings to symbolize independence, boldness, readiness to stand out as different, or simply for aesthetics. 

How painful is a nose piercing?

Nose piercings are a little more painful than earlobe piercings because of the presence of cartilage on the nose. They’re also more painful than tongue piercings. To put the pain in perspective: 

Nose piercings > tongue piercings > ear piercings 

Getting your piercing done by a professional may reduce potential pain and prevent complications.

Will a nose piercing leave a scar? 

A nose piercing is a type of cartilage piercing, so it’s prone to scar formation. If you decide to take out your nose jewel and not put it back in, the skin on your nose will gradually close up, leaving a scar. 

What side did Tupac have a nose piercing?

tupac types of nose piercing

As seen in many of the celebrity’s pictures, Tupac had a nose piercing on his right nostril. 

What looks better: a nose stud or ring? 

This depends on your type of nose piercing. Nose studs look better on piercings on the upper part of the nose, like the bridge or upper nostril piercings. 

Nose rings are great for lower piercings like septum piercings or nostril piercings. Other nose jewel options are barbells and hoops. 

Showcase Your Style!

Every nose piercing is beautiful in its way – it’s simply a matter of picking one that best suits your style. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose a simple nose piercing, or a bolder, less common type. Whatever your final choice is, ensure that you give your piercing proper aftercare to prevent infections. 

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