Nose Ring Sizes: Get the Perfect Fit

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Once your nose piercing is fully healed, you’ll want to play with different ring styles. However, finding the perfect nose ring size can seem like an extreme sport, especially if you’re shopping online. 

Say “goodbye” to buying nose rings that are too snug or loose. You can get it right the first time after reading this explainer guide.

Does nose ring size matter?

Yes, your nose ring size matters. Wearing a small or large nose ring will affect your piercing, especially if it’s still healing. A small nose ring will pull against your piercing hole, while a large nose ring will give too much room for movement. Both cases can lead to irritation. 

How do nose ring sizes work? 

You need to understand the different sizing styles of particular types of nose jewelry to get the perfectly sized ring for your piercing. Let’s discuss the sizing styles below.

Nose ring gauge sizes 

Nose ring gauge size refers to the thickness of the post that goes through your piercing. The most common gauges for nose piercings are 18G (1.2mm) and 20G (0.9mm). It’s possible to have a 22G (0.5mm) size, although professional piercers don’t recommend it.

A bigger-sized gauge will not go through your piercing, and a thinner gauge ring will look unsightly with ample space around it. Nose ring gauge sizes apply to all types of nose ring styles.

Nose ring stud sizes

For nose ring studs, you need to consider the length of the barbell, excluding the balls or charms at the ends. 

The standard lengths of nose piercings are 1/4” (6.35 mm) to 5/16” (7.94 mm). However, when you initially get your piercing, you’ll have to wear a stud with a longer post to give room for swelling. 

Nose ring hoop sizes

Nose ring hoops are measured by internal diameter. Remember that the placement of your piercing hole determines your nose ring’s diameter.

The most common internal diameter sizes for nose hoops are 8mm and 10mm.

Nose ring size chart - Nose Ring Sizes: Get the Perfect Fit
Nose ring sizes chart

Septum ring sizes

The inner diameter is the measurement you need for a septum ring. The standard gauge size and inner diameter are 16G and 8mm, respectively. However, your piercer may have pierced you with a different gauge size, so it’s important to confirm. 

How do I know my nose ring size? 

Once you understand how different nose ring styles are measured, you can get your exact measurement using these methods. 

Use previous jewelry

Do you have a nose ring hoop or stud you feel comfortable wearing? Use it as a reference for all your other jewelry. If you remember the diameter or length of your jewelry when you bought it, you can use those measurements when purchasing new ones. 

Use gauge and diameter charts

Physical jewelry stores typically have a gauge and diameter chart. If the jewelry fits comfortably, use the chart to determine your size.

Use a ruler or caliper

You can measure the length of your stud and the diameter of your hoop using a ruler or caliper. For the stud, on a piece of paper, mark both ends of the stud excluding the balls or charms. Then, use a ruler or caliper to measure the distance between those two marks. Repeat the same process for a nose hoop by marking opposite points inside the hoop. 

Measure piercing location

To size a nose hoop, hold up a piece of paper to your nose and mark your piercing and the point where it touches the edge of your nostril. Next, measure the distance in mm between those two points using a caliper to determine the inner diameter. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the questions you may still have about finding the perfect nose ring size. 

What size is a normal nose ring?

Piercers usually use an 18- or 20-gauge needle for nose ring piercings. An 8 mm and 10 mm nose hoop are the most common sizes. However, your size might differ depending on how high your piercing is placed.

Which is bigger 18 or 20 gauge nose ring?

An 18-gauge nose ring is thicker than a 20-gauge nose ring. With gauge sizes, the bigger the number, the thinner the bar.

How do you know if your nose ring is too small?

Your nose ring is too small if it’s touching your nostril and creating pressure on it. Also, if you can’t close the ring or find it hard to take off, it’s likely the wrong diameter for your nose piercing.

Why does my nose ring keep popping out?

Your nose ring may keep popping out if it’s smaller than the size of your piercing. To tackle this, get a nose ring that’s the exact size or close to the piercing needle size your piercer used. You may need to try a different nose ring style that won’t fall out. You can also make the nose ring fit more snugly.

Find the perfect size

Now you know that getting the correct nose ring sizes is not rocket science. Once you’ve figured out the different sizing styles and measured your exact size, you can always pick the right size all the time. 

Everyone has a picture of how they want their nose ring to sit on their nose but remember that if it’s too loose or snug, it can hurt your piercing. Now that you’ve read this explainer guide, you can have a better shopping experience.

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