From Classic to Boho: 10 Best Bridesmaid Hair Accessories 

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Are you a bridesmaid eagerly searching for a finishing touch to a wedding day look? Or are you a bride-to-be looking for inspiration to share with your bridal party? We know what you need—the right hair accessory. 

When you choose them right, hair accessories add the perfect finishing touch to a glamorous look. In this guide, we’ll help you select the best bridesmaid hair accessories. We’ve got tips to help you choose, and we’ve selected the 10 most beautiful hair accessories. 

How to choose the best bridesmaid hair accessories 

Here are a few essential factors to consider when choosing hair accessories for bridesmaids. 


A hair accessory may seem easy to pick, but it has various styles, including floral, boho, vintage, and pearl. Considering which style appeals to you (or your bridesmaids) is a good starting point. Once you pick a style, you can narrow your options further with other factors in mind. 


Most weddings have a color theme, and your hair accessory should fit the wedding colors. Your hair accessory doesn’t need a touch of every wedding color, just something that matches the theme. For example, a gold hair accessory for an emerald green and gold wedding is a good fit. 

Hair type and length 

Since you’ll be wearing the accessory on your hair, it should fit your hair type and length. For example, if you have long hair, floral accessories that can wrap around your hair will be a good pick. Choose the right hair accessory depending on the type and length of your hair (short, long, afro, curly, or straight). 

10 best bridesmaid hair accessories 

Here are our top 10 picks for the best bridesmaid hair accessories.

Best Amazon bridesmaid hair accessory

Denifery Bridal Rose Gold and Gold Silver Extra Long Pearl and Crystal Beads Bridal Hair Vine Wedding Head Piece Headband Hair Jewelry Hair Accessories (Silver)

This piece has a 4.7-star review on Amazon and the highest ratings we could find on bridesmaid hair accessories—over 4500.

It’s a long hair vine you can easily style to fit your hair length. Many brides and bridesmaids love its length because it gives room for creativity with hair styling. 

Boho bridesmaid hair accessory

SWEETV Bridal Wedding Hair Comb Handmade Wedding Hair Accessories for Brides Wedding Hair Piece Headpiece for Brides Bridesmaid

If you’re into the natural, relaxed boho (or bohemian) style, this accessory is for you. It’s a floral hair comb that’ll add a beautiful touch to free-flowing or loose boho hairstyles. 

It has bobby pins to keep it in place, and past buyers say the pins help it stay secure. So you can dance all you want without fear of your hair accessory falling off. 

Floral bridesmaid hair accessory

Unicra Rhinestone Bride Wedding Hair Pins Bridal Hair Clips Crystal Hair Piece Decorative Bridesmaids Hair Accessories for Women and Girls Pack of 2 (A-Silver)

This floral hair accessory features colors like green, yellow, pink, and white and would make a great choice if the wedding theme is any of these colors. And it’s not only for bridesmaids—this piece would look super cute on flower girls too

Best bridesmaid hair accessory for short hair 

Floral Fall Camellia Flower Crown Rose Headpiece Wedding Bridal Flower Girl Halo Maternity Photo Props FL-03 (Pink Flower with Babysbreath)

You don’t need long hair to flaunt this hairpiece. It’s a pretty hair clip with bendable wires making it easy to adjust and secure on your head. Its lovely decorative gemstones will perfectly accentuate your short hair.  

Best hair clip bridesmaid hair accessory

18 Pcs Pearl Hair Clips Large Hair Clips Barrette Hair for Women Girls Fashion Hair Accessories

This hair clip is sizable and vibrant, enlivening your look even if you wear a simple hair bun. We found a few complaints about this clip not staying secure on thick hair, so it may not be a great choice if you have thick hair.  

Pearl bridesmaid hair accessory 

Gorais Bride Wedding Hair Vine Silver Pearl Bridal Headpieces Leaf Hair Accessories for Women and Girls (a-silver)

This hair accessory features white pearls, opal, sparkling crystals, rhinestones, and pretty leaf-shaped elements. It’s an excellent choice for bridesmaids—beautiful, easy to wear, and stays securely on the hair. And to top it all, it comes at an affordable price

Gold bridesmaid hair accessory

Yean Bride Wedding Hair Vine Headband Gold Leaf Bridal Accessories for Women (Gold) (Gold)

This hair vine is perfect for gold-themed weddings. It features a gold chain plus gold decorations (flowers and leaves). It also comes with additional ribbons and bobby pins. 

Remember to exercise caution when removing this piece after the wedding; some buyers complained about the piece tangling their hair when removing it. 

Etsy bridesmaid hair accessory

 Beautiful Set of 3 Gold Pearl Bridal Hair Pin -  Beautiful Set of 3 Gold Pearl Bridal Hair Pin

We found this 5-star bridesmaid hair accessory on Etsy. It’s a set of 3 hairpins with bridal pearl designs. If you want only one hairpin, the seller can arrange that for you. 

Buyers say it’s a stunning piece with impressive quality.

Red bridesmaid hair accessory 

Floral Fall Rose Red Rose Flower Crown Woodland Hair Wreath Festival Headband F-67 (3-Red)

Do you love red and flowers? Look no further than this bridesmaid headband made with roses so red you’ll think they’re real. This piece will add that magical touch of red to your wedding look. 

Some buyers have said it doesn’t stay secure on the head, so ensure you have some bobby pins.

Purple bridesmaid hair accessory 

Sankuwen Flower Luxury Jewelry Design Hairpin Rhinestone Hair Barrette Clip,Also Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for Mom (Purple)

This hairpiece is great for a purple-themed wedding. It features purple rhinestones set in a pretty hair clip. 

Customers with fine hair complained that the clip felt heavy and didn’t stay secure on the hair. So it’s a great piece if you have thick hair. 

Best places to buy bridesmaid hair accessories 

It’s not only important to buy the right hair accessory, but it’s also important to buy it from the right source. Here are four places we’re sure you’ll enjoy shopping for bridesmaid hair accessories. 


44 Pieces Wedding Hair Comb Faux Pearl Crystal Bride Hair Accessories Hair Side Comb Clips U-shaped Flower Rhinestone Pearl Hair Clips for Bride Bridesmaid (Classic Style)

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplaces. You’ll find various wedding hair accessories and several sellers competing to give you the best. You also have access to many reviews to help you make a good purchase. 

David’s Bridal 

floral crystal spray hair clip

David’s Bridal is a renowned store for event and wedding accessories like earrings, rings, and hair accessories. They ship to the United Kingdom, so it’s an excellent place to shop if you live in the UK. 


Bridesmaids hair pins -

Etsy is another large online marketplace for various pretty pieces. As with Amazon, you’ll find different bridesmaid hair accessories and customer reviews to guide your purchase. 

Made for bridesmaids 

Bridesmaids who look and feel their best find it easier to play their essential role of making the day truly special for the bride and groom. With the right hair accessory, you get that exquisite touch that helps you look and feel great throughout the day. With our tips and the 10 options above, you’ll surely choose the best bridesmaid hair accessories for that special day.

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