20 Most Stunning Wedding Hair Pieces for Brides

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You’ve set the date and planned the location, the dress, makeup, and hairstyle. Now, all that’s left is the perfect hair accessory for a final touch on your wedding outfit. 

It’s hard to pick one because there are so many gorgeous ones. This guide covers 20 lovely wedding hair pieces to make your choice easier.

20 Eye-Catching Wedding Hair Pieces for Brides

Here are 20 beautiful bridal hair accessories to don for your wedding. They are a mix of classic pieces, hair combs, pins, vines, and tiaras in various designs you’re bound to love.

SWEETV Handmade Rhinestone Wedding Hair Piece

SWEETV Handmade Rhinestone Wedding Headband Flower-Leaf Bridal Headpieces for Wedding Pearl Hair Accessories (Silver)

This wedding headband features alloy flowers, enameled blossoms and leaves, ivory pearls, and clear stones. It’s our best pick for a summer-themed wedding as it perfectly encapsulates the airy lightness of the season. 

It’s lightweight and easy to put on, without much restriction on your hairstyle. You can easily tie and take it off, adjusting it to your comfort.

HBotanicsWeddings Whimsical Forest Wedding Hair Piece

Whimsical Forest Herbs Flower Crown

This gorgeous dried flower crown will suit you if you’re playful and lighthearted. This piece holds a mellow, fairytale-like quality that makes it an excellent choice for a whimsical wedding. No wonder it’s a bestseller piece.

It’s handmade with dried gypsophila flowers, artificial leaves, and forest herbs. Note that the flowers may appear yellowish – slightly different from the site images, which appear whiteish.  

June Bloomy Floral Crown Wedding Hair Piece

June Bloomy Women Rose Floral Crown Hair Wreath Leave Flower Headband with Adjustable Ribbon (1# Champagne)

If you love color and flowers, this piece is worth considering. It’s a handmade floral crown featuring various colors, from purple to rose red, pink, lavender, champagne, and white. 

The vibrant romantic colors and elegant composition make it our best floral wedding hairpiece. And it’s alright if you aren’t a fan of its primary hues. You can customize your order to your preferred colors.

MagaelaAccessories Meadow Flower Wedding Hair Pins

Meadow flower hairpins

If flower crowns aren’t for you, here’s our best floral pin wedding hair piece from MagaelaAccessories. You can choose from five pin designs made with dried and artificial flowers of various delightful colors and stunning detail. 

This choice gives you more creativity with your styling. You can add the flowers onto a bun or spread them liberally across a loose braid.

Evild Hair Pin Wedding Hair Piece

Evild Bridal Hair Pins Flower Bride Headpieces Pearls Hair Clips Crystal Wedding Hair Accessories for Brides and Bridesmaids(Pack of 3) (Silver)

These pretty hair pins are artfully made with glass beads, rhinestones, and wire. You can choose your primary color (gold, rose, and silver). They come in a pack of three.

The pins stay secure all day, and the simple design makes it the best wedding accessory for minimalist brides.

David’s Bridal Freshwater Pearl Floral Wedding Hair Piece

freshwater pearl flower hair pin set

Look dignified with this dainty hairpin from David’s Bridal. The pins come in a set of two and are made with 14K plated gold or sterling silver and freshwater pearls. 

The lovely design adds a beautiful touch to your wedding day look and is our best pearl wedding hair piece.

FiligreeBridal Vintage Floral Wedding Hair Piece

Handmade Vintage Style Gold Leaf Floral Pearl Bridal Haircomb

You can match a dazzling ivory gown with this handmade bridal hair comb. It features delicate gold leaves, rhinestones, and attractive floral and pearl patterns

This comb is our best vintage pick. It attaches well to your hair, is lightweight, and will add a gentle spark to your outfit.

AppalachianGemsUS Black Crystal Crown Wedding Hair Piece

Alt Bridal Tiara

Floral patterns don’t work for everyone. This smoky quartz crown might suit you if you want a mystical hairpiece. 

The quartz crystals are laced with gold wire and interlocked with gold leaf detail. The stunning mix of gold and dark crystals makes it the best hair piece for edgy brides seeking a gothic goddess look.

Olbye Blue Rhinestone Wedding Hair Piece

Olbye Wedding Hair Comb Blue Rhinestone Bridal Hair Accessories for Bride and Bridesmaids Wedding Hair Piece Silver

The blue rhinestone gives this silver hair comb a bright splash of color. The design holds a lovely symmetry and beauty, making it the best classic wedding hair piece on this list. 

It features silver wire, rhinestones, and alloy beads, with perfect artistry that’s marvelous to behold. Some buyers complained about the comb not staying firm in their hair. You may need a couple of bobby pins, just in case.

David’s Bridal Gilded Grecian Wedding Hair Piece

gilded grecian hair combs set

Style your hair with these brass and crystal combs for a stunning Grecian-goddess look on your big day. They come in a set of three and two different sizes

This piece takes our top spot for the most goddess-like wedding hair piece. You’re sure to look transcendent and unique with these pins artfully arranged in your hair.

NatureInMeShop Dried Pampas Crown Wedding Hair Piece

Dried Pampas Crown Flower tiara

This crown is handmade with dried pampas grass and is the perfect boho wedding hair piece

The design is simple and unique and will complement most hairstyles. If you’re looking for something uncommon, try it out.

Tiaraparadise Queen’s Crown Wedding Hair Piece

charming bridal crown for your magnificent weddings

This stunning crown from Tiaraparadise is the definition of regal. It features a silver tiara encrusted with stunning crystals of various sizes. 

The wide range of colors and exquisite structure of this beauty make it the most regal hair piece on this list. Some buyers say it looks better than the pictures.

Kamirola Crystal Tiara Wedding Hair Piece

Kamirola - Queen Crown and Tiaras Princess Crown for Women and Girls Crystal Headbands for Bridal, Princess for Wedding and Party (Sliver)

This tiara is carefully handmade with glittering crystals

It’s lightweight, elegant, and comes in various colors. This is our best bridal tiara pick for its sweetly feminine beauty.

SWEETV Rose Gold Tiara Wedding Hair Piece

SWEETV Rose Gold Wedding Tiara for Women and Girls - Pageant Tiara Headband, Rhinestone Bridal Crown for Brides

If you want to look like a princess on your special day, this rose gold tiara is worth a try. The charming combination of rhinestones and a rose gold-colored alloy is fit for a princess. 

The pin loops at each end ensure it stays secure on your head. Its rose gold color lends the piece an air of subtle romance and allure

DDazzling Floral Wreath Wedding Hair Piece

DDazzling Women Flower Headband Wreath Crown Floral Wedding Garland Wedding Festivals Photo Props (Champagne)

Is your wedding date set in the fall? Then you might be looking for a hair accessory to match the beautiful browns and oranges of the season. This floral crown will fit right in.

You can choose from various options with artificial flowers, greenery, and shades of orange, brown, and cream. Pair your floral wreath with an ivory dress and prepare for many warm compliments.

David’s Bridal Swarovski Crystal Marquise Comb Wedding Hair Piece

swarovski crystal marquise floral halo with combs

This floral halo comb from David’s Bridal features Swarovski crystals on sterling silver or 14K gold-plated sterling silver. Its stunning and versatile design makes it an excellent match for any wedding dress

You can wear it with a bun, an updo, or flowing curls. This piece’s exquisite appeal and versatility make it the best Swarovski crystal wedding hair piece on the list.

Yean Vine Wedding Hair Piece

Yean Wedding Hair Vine Long Bridal Headband Hair Accessories for Bride and Bridesmaid (100cm / 39.3inches) (Silver)

We know how beautiful it looks to thread a hair vine through an artfully woven braid. And that’s why this hair accessory is the best wedding hair vine on our list. 

It’s long (almost 40 inches) and comes with crystal beads, rhinestones, and a flexible alloy silver wire. You can twist it in various styles and secure it with pins to give you the perfect glow for your big day.

BridalByValeria Pearl Veil Wedding Hair Piece

Pearl Wedding Veil wedding veil

This dazzling tulle veil is available in light ivory, pure white, champagne, and blush hues. It’s adjustable between 29 inches to 150 inches. 

It’s adorned with pearls strung (not glued) from top to bottom, adding a touch of elegance that makes it our best veil hair piece.

FanakoStudioNYC Veil Wedding Hair Piece With Bow

Wedding Veil with bow Detail

This veiled hair piece features on the list as our best wedding hair piece for girly brides. It’s handmade, with a brilliant mesh fabric and a cute satin bow detail

It’s excellent for civil weddings and matches a pure white gown splendidly. Buyers say they received their order quickly.

HoeferBridal Handmade Fascinator Wedding Hair Piece

Hoefer Bridal hair piece - 20 Most Stunning Wedding Hair Pieces for Brides

Choose to look like a modern royal with this pillbox fascinator. It’s handmade with cloth, net yarn, tube beads, and imitation pearls. Secure it onto your head with pins and stun all your wedding guests. 

The delicate netting, the pretty pearls and beads, and the soft silk of the bow make this our best wedding fascinator for brides.

How to Choose the Best Bridal Hair Pieces and Accessories

A bridal hairpiece can make or break your entire wedding look. To ensure you’re looking crisp on your big day, you’ll need earrings and a hair accessory that ties your fit together. This section covers all the tips to help you choose the best hair piece.

Personal Style

Are you flamboyant, or do you prefer simple outfits? A dramatic hair piece will suit you better if you like extravagant looks. And if you’re more minimalist, it’s better to stick to simple hairpieces. 

You might feel like trying something out of the ordinary, but your wedding isn’t the time to experiment beyond your usual choices. You should pick an accessory closer to your everyday style to avoid any regrets.

Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress sets the stage for everything else. If it has a simple design, it might look better with an elaborate hair piece. 

And this can go the other way for a more detailed and embellished gown. But this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You can choose to be as extravagant or as simple as you want.

If your dress comes with colored decorative gems or jewels, it’s nice to match those colors with your hair piece for a more cohesive outfit.

Wedding Colors

Most intending couples choose a wedding theme. Yours could be based on your favorite color, a holiday within the same time frame (like Christmas), or one of the four seasons.

Try matching your hair piece with the theme. If your wedding theme involves Christmas colors like green and red, you could choose one of those colors for your hair piece and that of your bridesmaids. However, a gold-toned hair piece may do better if you lean towards a neutral theme with off-white tones.


Choose a proper fitting and comfortable hair piece so you can be at ease and enjoy your special day. 

It won’t be worth it to have a beautiful hair piece with pins pricking the back of your head or endure the strain of a tight hair band all day.

Wedding Hairstyle

If possible, postpone picking an accessory until you know what hairstyle you’ll have. 

Vines and hair pins look marvelous with braids, while you can throw on a tiara or wreath with your hair down. Updos and semi-updos look great with combs.

💡 Pro Tip: Schedule a wedding hairstyle trial with your stylist so you can purchase a piece that suits your preferred hairstyle.

Adorn Your Head For Your Big Day

Weddings can be stressful, but you’ll have one less thing to stress about if your hair looks fabulous. Choosing wedding hair pieces isn’t easy, but it’s easier when you stay true to your style. 

Think about what kind of fashion items you like, your comfort, your wedding ring, and your wedding theme for the day, and that will lead you to a piece you’ll undoubtedly love.

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