10 Best Bracelets for Kids Who Love Jewelry

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Bracelets aren’t only for adults. They look great on kids too. In fact, after earrings and necklaces for kids, bracelets are the next sought. If you’re looking to buy bracelets for your little one, you’re not just looking for any bracelet. You want the best and safest jewelry. Well, you’re in the right place because we’ve carefully selected the best bracelets for kids.

10 best bracelets for kids

Kids’ bracelets are usually more colorful, playful, and securely fastened than adults’ bracelets. And that’s what makes them unique. Here are the 10 best bracelets for kids to consider.

Best silicone bracelets for kids 

Senkary 120 Pieces Silicone Jelly Bracelets Rainbow Glow Bracelets Luminous Hair Ties for Party Favors, Adults, Women, Girls (10 Colors)

These silicone bracelets are plain rubber bands that come in different colors, making them an excellent option for your kids. In addition, these bracelets glow in the dark after exposing them to sunlight during the day.

Silicone bracelets are soft and easy to put on; you won’t have to worry about your child getting bruised. Kids can match them with their outfits, and they are also perfect for wearing at kids’ parties. 

Best string beads bracelets for kids 

DAZCOLO Natural Gemstone Bracelet Adjustable Macrame Gems Stones 8mm (0.31") Round | Beads Healing Crystals Quartz | Chakra Bracelet | Y2K | Bracelets for Women Men Girls Gifts (Rose Quartz)

This beaded bracelet features crystal beads and a sturdy string that holds the beads tightly together. If you want your little one to stand out with sparkle and shine, this bracelet is for you.

Your child should not wear it in the shower or bed; otherwise, it won’t last long. Also, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth if you mistakenly spray it with cosmetic chemicals.

Top friendship bracelets for kids

XYIYI 2pcs Best Friend Bracelet No Matter Where Split Broken Heart Double Bangle Bracelet Set Friendship Gift

Kids love their friends so much and love to match outfits with them. We’ve selected this pair of stainless steel bracelets for your kid and their friend. It doesn’t matter what outfit they have on; they will always be matching. 

This bracelet features the words “no matter where” and has “best” and “friends” written on each piece of a broken heart, one for each friend. 

While some buyers loved this set, others said the charms fell off, and the bracelet started tarnishing.

Tina&Co personalized gold bracelet for kids 

Tina&Co Baby Bracelet Personalized Custom Baby Name Bracelet Gold Bracelets for Kids Id Name Bracelets for Infants Protection Bracelet Baptism for Girls

If you love gold, this 14K gold plated bracelet is what your baby needs. You get to personalize it, so you can request to have your baby’s name or date of birth written on it

It’s also adjustable to accommodate the wrist of your growing child. This bracelet is unisex and can be a thoughtful gift to your nieces, nephews, or friend’s kids.

Pandora Winnie the pooh leather bracelets for kids 

Pandora Bracelet - 10 Best Bracelets for Kids that Love Jewelry

Pandora offers this classic leather bracelet with a 14K gold plated Winnie the Pooh bear charm. Your kid will love it. 

The woven leather and the gold-plated clasp give it a unique look. Your child can’t say no to this. The smallest size is 6.9 inches, suitable for kids between 9 and 13.

Feixun letter beads bracelets for kids

Heishi Surfer Bracelets Set - 7 or 12pc Rainbow Bead Bracelet, African Vinyl Disc 6mm Beads Polymer Clay Elastic Rope Bracelet, Summer Beach Jewelry for Women Girls (12pc heishi bracelet set A)

These rainbow letter beads bracelets are perfect for kids that like an extraordinary style. You can get a seven-piece or 12-piece set. Your child can wear multiple pieces at once to stand out among her peers. You can also buy them as a party gift for your kids and their friends.

Some buyers said these bracelets might fade earlier than you expect but agreed they are worth the money spent to get them. 

Kids can wear these bracelets to the beach or for pool parties. They can also wear them to identify with Hawaiian or African cultures. 

Pandora fruity charm bracelets for kids 

Fruity charm bracelet - 10 Best Bracelets for Kids that Love Jewelry

If your kid loves fruits, this is an excellent gift. The band is braided leather with strawberry, lemon slice, and cherry fruit charms made of sterling silver dangling from the braids. 

The lemon slice has two cubic zirconias on each side. The smallest size is 6.9 inches, suitable for kids between 9 and 13.

Amazon Collection silver heart charm bracelets for kids

Sterling Silver Heart-Tag Bracelet, 7.5"

We’ve selected this sterling silver heart charm as an attractive option for your daughter. It’s also an excellent gift from your daughter to her friend. It’s adjustable and suitable for kids 11 years and older

This 925 sterling silver is nickel-free and will not tarnish quickly. Some buyers say they’ve worn it for several months, and the silver remained intact. That said, store it in a lined jewelry box to avoid tarnish. 

💡 Remember: No matter the material of your kid’s bracelet, always take good care of them by cleaning them regularly and storing them safely, preferably in a lined box or jewelry pouch.

HCChanshi soccer bracelets for kids 

Soccer Bracelet Jewelry - Infinity Love Cute Soccer Ball Charm Bracelet Soccer Gifts For Women, Girls, Men, Boys, Soccer lovers, Soccer Team Soccer Themed Gifts (Pink,Silver and Mint Green)

If your kid loves soccer, this soccer bracelet is a no-brainer. We’ve selected this piece to match the upcoming soccer game at your kids’ school. It features a chain tail with a silver drip charm

The bands are colorful leather and cotton ropes. It is also easily adjustable. You can get it in black and white or pink, silver, and mint green.

Buyers rave about this piece, saying it’s well-made and their kids love it.

HILROSE wooden and resin bangle bracelets for kids

HILROSE Set of 2 Wooden & Resin Bangle Thin Bohemian Wood Jewelry Boho Minimalist Gifts for Women/Girls (Black & Blue)

This two-piece wooden resin bangle set is excellent for your kid if they’re allergic to metal or don’t like beads. They can wear this set with any outfit, whether casual or formal.

To get one that easily slides onto your child’s wrist, choose a size slightly bigger than their actual wrist. You can buy another pair so they can stack them. Because they aren’t flexible, don’t let your kid sleep with them to avoid bangle marks or discomfort.

Also, they should avoid showering with them or exposing them to chemicals in perfumes and body lotions so they can last a long time.

Tips for choosing kids’ bracelets

Before choosing your kid’s bracelets, consider these factors.

Age group

Kids over five years old can wear many bracelet styles. However, you should avoid buying bracelets with tiny beads for kids under five because they are a choking hazard. They can pull on the beads with their teeth and may swallow or choke on them.

💡 Remember: As kids grow older into their mid-teens, they prefer bracelets with preferred colors rather than multiple colors. 


When choosing a metallic bracelet, gold is excellent for kids because it’s highly durable and hypoallergenic. Silicone is also a good option because it’s rubber and difficult to damage. In addition, it’s durable, and kids can bathe and sleep with them without any problems. 


It may not be easy to eyeball your child’s wrist and get the accurate size. The best way is to use a tape measure around your child’s wrist and add half an inch to get their actual size. The extra inch is to avoid tightness and to aid easy wear. 

If you don’t have a tape measure, take a string and tie it around your child’s wrist just like a tape measure, then cut it off at the point you feel would be comfortable for your child. After that, place it on a ruler to see the measurement. 

How big is a bracelet for a 2-year-old?

A two-year-old’s bracelet is usually 5 inches wide. They can usually wear this size until they are four years old.

How to make a DIY bracelet for kids

If you want to give your child a special handmade bracelet, it’s easy to do it yourself. Alternatively, it could be a fun project you do with them. Here are two ways to make a DIY bracelet for kids.

Braided bracelet

Materials needed:

  • Strings (You can get it from a fabric store)
  • Petals (optional)


  1. Braid strings to desired thickness. Braiding ropes for bracelets is easier if you can braid hair or knit. 
  2. If you’d like to add a petal or two, you can do so before finishing your braid.
  3. Leave out extra strings at the end of each side to tie on the wrist after wearing.
  4. Knot the end of each side of the braided bracelet to avoid loosening at any of the ends.

💡 Guess what? If you can’t braid strings, find a video on YouTube to learn. You may mix colors if you wish.

Stretchy beaded bracelet 

Materials needed: 

  • Beads
  • Beading wire
  • Tape
  • Super glue
  • Scissors


  1. Arrange the beads on a table just the way you would want them to appear on your child’s wrist.
  2. Use the scissors to cut the beading wire to your desired length.
  3. Cut some tape, and use it to hold one end of the string, so the beads don’t fall off as you fix them. 
  4. Start putting the beads onto the wire one after the other. 
  5. Tie the string in a knot to secure the beads. 
  6. Then apply super glue to the knot to hold it firmly. Your bracelet is ready. 

Buy the best bracelet for your kids

When it comes to kids’ bracelets, you have a host of options. If you like extra colorful bracelets for your kids, you can choose the best silicone or letter beads bracelets.

You have the gold and sterling silver options if you want something more solid. If your child is athletic, the sports bracelet is a good option. One thing is for sure; with these tips and recommendations, you’ll get the best bracelet for your kid. Have fun doing that.

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