Why Your Nose Ring Keeps Falling Out (And How to Fix it)

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Your nose ring brings out your cool and edgy personality, but it gets frustrating when it keeps slipping out of the piercing. When some nose ring wearers experience this, they might give up entirely. But we want you to keep expressing your personality. 

So, in this guide, we’re sharing reasons why your nose ring keeps falling out, how to fix it, and three nose ring options that won’t fall out. 

4 reasons why your nose ring keeps falling out

Finding out why your nose ring keeps falling out is the first step to fixing it. Here are four possible reasons. 

Wrong metal

It’s possible that your nose ring metal is unsuitable for a nose ring. For instance, nose ring hoops or studs made of a soft metal like 22K gold can fall out easily compared to other harder metals like stainless steel or sterling silver. 

Stretched piercing

A stretched hole is possible if you’ve had a piercing for years. It usually happens when you wear large gauge and heavy jewelry earrings over a long period. Also, constantly pulling at your nose ring can cause the hole to stretch or elongate, making it difficult for the jewelry to stay intact. 

Daily activities

Avoid touching the jewelry and the area around it as much as possible. Activities like applying makeup, changing clothes, showering, swimming, sleeping, or washing your face can easily make your nose ring fall out. So, you need to be extra cautious. 

Wrong size or shape 

Your nose ring might not be the right size or type for you. The trick is to ensure that your nose ring fits the pierced hole perfectly. Too small will sink in, and too big will fall out. If your piercing is still healing, studs and hoops are the few recommended types. When the piercing heals completely, experiment with other types as well.

How to fix a nose ring that keeps falling out

Now that you know why nose rings keep falling out, here’s how to fix it. 

Snip Away 

If your nose ring is too big, you can consider snipping away a tiny part of the hoop to make it fit more snugly on your nose. Put it in your nose and check if it fits you now. You can repeat the process if the nose ring is still big for your piercing. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to carry out this procedure. 

Inspect the nose ring 

Your nose ring might be worn out. Scratches and bends on a nose ring can cause it to lose its grip and fall out. 

Carefully remove the ring after sterilizing your hands and the area around the piercing, and then inspect for any scratches, ripples, dents, or bends on the nose ring. 

If you notice these, seek help from a professional piercer and consider investing in a new nose ring. Read this guide to learn how to put on and take off a nose ring. 

Customize it

With nose rings, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Moreover, a lot depends on the placement of your piercing and your anatomy. So, getting a customized nose ring or stud that fits perfectly and doesn’t fall out is a good idea. Visit a professional piercer, look for different available options, and learn which nose ring would work for you. 

3 nose rings that won’t fall out

We’ve come up with three of the best nose rings that won’t fall out

ORANGELOVE hypoallergenic nose rings

8mm Septum Ring Silver Nose Rings Hoop Nose Ring 20 Gauge Nose Hoop Helix Earrings Daith Earrings Tragus Earrings Septum Clicker Lip Rings 20g Cartilage Earring Nose Piercing Jewelry Surgical Steel

This nose ring is made of 316L surgical steel, making it an excellent pick for people with new piercings. The design is seamless and minimal, meaning you can use it for different types of piercings. This piece is available in different gauges (thickness), inner diameters, and weights, making it easier for you to pick a nose ring that won’t fall out. 

Many buyers love the product. However, some have issues with the size and recommend sizing up while placing an order.  

Ruifan nose screw studs 

Ruifan 4PCS 18G 316L Surgical Steel 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm 3mm Jeweled Clear Round Diamond Cubic Zirconia Crystal Nose L Shaped Studs Rings Piercing Jewelry - Silver

Try these nose screw studs (set of four) if you cannot find your perfect size. The best part about them is they come in four different sizes – 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm. There’s a good chance that one of these sizes will fit you. 

Many buyers with sensitive skin claim that they haven’t witnessed any reactions to these studs.  

FIFTH CUE press fit L bend nose ring

Solid Titanium Press Fit Cubic Zirconia 2mm Micro Ball Top L bend Stud Nose Ring (18G)

This L bend nose ring can be pressed to hold your nose snugly, reducing the risk of falling out. This piece is slightly tilted at 45 degrees and is available in different gauges and six different colors. 

Some buyers were delighted that it didn’t irritate their sensitive skin and even helped heal their piercings.

Keep your nose ring intact

You don’t have to give up your edgy and fun style because your nose ring keeps falling out. With the above tips and suggested nose rings, you won’t have to worry about keeping your nose ring intact again.  

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