10 Best Bracelets for Small Wrists (Picks for Every Style)

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When you have small wrists, finding bracelets that fit well can be challenging. 

You may have tried shopping in the kids’ section, but realized your taste differs from an 8-year-old’s. Or maybe you’ve considered giving up bracelets altogether, but the jewelry lover in you wants to give it another chance. 

Well, you’re in luck! We’ve curated a list of the best bracelets for small wrists. There’s something there for everyone, including you.

10 Best Bracelets for Small Wrists 

We’ve selected the best women’s bracelet for small wrists for each category. 

Best Designer Bracelet for Small Wrists

Slider Bracelet

The “on the mark” bracelet from Stella & Dot is made from shiny yellow gold plated material. 

It’s a slider bracelet that will fit both small and large wrists. It can stand alone as a statement piece, and is a good starter piece when you want to stack your bracelets. 

Buyers are happy with their purchase, especially those already owning the “on the mark’ necklace.

Affordable Bracelet for Small Wrists

PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Forever Love Knot Infinity Bracelets for Women | Yellow Gold Bracelet

PAVOI’s 14K bracelet is a classic cuff bracelet that can bend to fit your wrist. 

It has a simple knot at the top of the bracelet, and the opening ends with one ball on each side. It is made of sterling silver with yellow, white, and rose gold-plated options.

This bracelet is great for those with small wrists because even though it appears large in the pictures, people with large wrists will find it too small. 

14K Gold Bracelet for Small Wrists

Minimalist chain bracelet

This solid gold bracelet from Gelin Diamond will last a long time and is worth its price. 

It is a minimalistic chain bracelet with a rectangular bar. You can engrave the bar with any word you choose with a maximum character number of 10. 

The bracelet sizing starts from 5 inches with a 1-inch extender, making it perfect even if you’re in between sizes. You can choose between yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 

Customers have praised the seller for excellent customer service and speedy delivery. They also attest that you get the same product as seen in the pictures. 

Cartier Love Bracelet for Small Wrists

Gold bracelet

This classic bracelet from Cartier is an 18K white gold bracelet, withh engraving options. 

The bracelet comes with a matching screwdriver to open and close the bracelet. If you’re a fan of wearing your jewelry all the time, this bracelet will fast become your favorite as it is designed to be worn all the time. 

Unfortunately, the smallest size available is 15cm which may be too large for some wrists, but the Cartier love bracelet can be worn as a loose fit, usually 2cm more than your actual wrist size.

Silver Bracelet for Small Wrists

Miabella 925 Sterling Silver Italian Byzantine Bolo Bracelet for Women, Adjustable Bracelet Handmade in Italy (sterling-silver)

Sterling silver is always a great jewelry choice, and this adjustable bracelet from Mia Bella is no different. Its slider allows you to increase and reduce the circumference to fit your wrist. 

This byzantine bracelet is a statement piece that you can wear with a dressy outfit or even a casual one for an effortless look. Its elegant packaging makes it easier to gift to a loved one. 

Even though it looks chunky, customers have commented on how lightweight and comfortable it feels, although some have complained that it looks too shiny. 

Stacking Bracelet for Small Wrists

Gold Bracelet Set

What’s better than one bracelet? Two or more. 

This gold chain bracelet set from Vedern is a set of three with different styles. So you can rock them as individual pieces, but they look like they were designed for each other when worn as a stack. 

The bracelets are made from 18K yellow gold-plated stainless steel and have a starting size of 5.5 inches. They can also be worn as anklets and are available in large sizes. Even though you wear them stacked, they are lightweight and comfortable.

Customers have praised the seller and advised that you get your exact measurement if you want the bracelets to be tight fitting.

Rose Gold Bracelet for Small Wrists

Rose Gold Bracelet

This gorgeous snake chain bracelet will be an excellent addition to your jewelry box. 

It is a 14K solid rose gold bracelet that will sit flush on your skin, if you choose the correct size. It is 7.3mm wide – perfect for minimalists. The sizing starts from 5 inches, making it accessible to people with small wrists. 

If you’re a fan of stacking bracelets, this bracelet can be a supporting or main piece on your wrist, depending on your style.

Gemstone Bracelet for Small Wrists

Gemstone Bracelet

If you’re looking for a fancy bracelet, this is a gemstone bracelet worth its price. 

This piece from Blue Nile is made of 14K yellow gold, a series of alternating round cut diamonds and emeralds, with wheat chains at its end. It is an adjustable bracelet with a slider that is secure with a bolo clasp. 

Everybody loves diamonds, but this is the bracelet for you if you also love emeralds. Some customers commented that it’s too dainty, but it may be suitable if you love to keep things simple and classy. 

Birthstone Bracelet for Small Wrists

Birthstone Bracelet

This is the right one for you if you’re looking for a birthstone bracelet. There are options available for every month of the year. 

You can personalize it with a letter on both sides of the disc next to your birthstone. You can also choose the yellow gold-plated, silver-plated, or rose-gold plated option. 

The chain length is customizable so that you can choose your desired length. Customers have praised the seller for the quick response and for delivering the exact product. 

Swarovski Bracelet for Small Wrists 

SWAROVSKI Women's Infinity Crystal Jewelry Collections, Rhodium & Rose Gold Tone Finish

This Swarovski bracelet has an infinity knot filled with crystals and a chain with a single both attached to the adjustable chain length. The entire piece of jewelry is rhodium-plated. The clasp of the bracelet is solid and does not wear out quickly. 

This bracelet is simple enough to wear with a casual outfit yet will lend sparkle to a dress. Customers have commented that it is incredibly beautiful, and they bought the bracelets as gifts for loved ones who were delighted to receive them. 

Tips for Choosing Bracelets for Small Wrists

Finding bracelets for small wrists isn’t a walk in the park or a few scrolls on a shopping website, but these tips can help. 

  • Measure your wrist to pick the right size
  • Get adjustable cuff bracelets. 
  • If the store offers it, get a custom fit for your bracelet.
  • Get a bracelet with removable links and have an experienced jeweler reduce the length.
  • Get adjustable bangles or bracelets.

Adorn Your Dainty Wrists

With smaller wrists than average, you’ll have to accept that you may not be able to get bracelets from your favorite jewelry store or buy the latest design that caught your eyes. 

However, there are many options, starting from our list of best bracelets for small wrists. 

If you’re invested in wearing bracelets and are particular about having different designs, you may need to get your bracelets custom-made. Of course, when you get the bracelet of your dreams, clean it regularly and keep it in good shape.

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