Types of Bracelets You Should Know About (Our Top 20 Picks)

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From the beach to the ballroom, you can wear bracelets for almost any event. Bracelets are often overlooked, but they have the power to enhance an outfit. While a wrist full of chunky bracelets can give you an edgy look, a delicate and dainty bracelet will add just the right amount of glimmer to your attire. 

If you’re curious about the different types of bracelets out there, this guide is for you. 

What are different types of bracelets called?

We’re sharing 20 different types of bracelets for you to consider.

Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelet - Types of Bracelets You Should Know About (Our Top 20 Picks)

A tennis bracelet is one of the most classic and elegant bracelets of all time. It’s a line bracelet studded with diamonds and doesn’t resemble anything close to a tennis racket or a tennis ball. So, how did this bracelet get its name? 

It’s said that tennis player Chris Evert wore a diamond bracelet while playing. During one of her matches, her bracelet fell off, and Evert shouted, “I’ve dropped my tennis bracelet.” Following the incident, requests for “tennis bracelets” overwhelmed jewelers. 

Tennis bracelets are considered to be timeless pieces of jewelry. If you can’t afford diamonds, you can get the bracelet with more affordable gemstones like cubic zirconia. This piece is versatile; you can wear it daily with almost anything.  

Cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets are usually made of metal. These types of bracelets are rigid and thus hold their shape. Cuffs don’t have clasps; you can put them on easily by sliding them over the hand. You can adjust the size of a cuff bracelet by squeezing it to tighten or pulling it to loosen.  

Cuff bracelets go back over seven thousand years. Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used to wear cuffs as status symbols. Since they’re heavy and chunky, you can wear them with dainty earrings and pendants to balance the look. Or you can simply let the cuffs be your statement piece by omitting other jewelry pieces altogether. 

Chain bracelet

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Chain bracelets are one of the most common types of bracelets. If you’re a bracelet lover, you may already have a couple of chain bracelets in your collection. These bracelets are made of metallic links of any shape. From a classic rope chain to oval links, various options are available. 

Chain bracelets aren’t stretchable as they’re typically metal. They usually come with a clasp or a lobster claw closure. They’re highly versatile, and you can wear them with almost any outfit.  

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People often confuse chain bracelets with link bracelets because they look and feel similar. However, link bracelets are different and less common compared to chain bracelets. Unlike chain bracelets, link bracelets may connect stones or figures set in casings. 

Thus, link bracelets have a more comprehensive variety and are more aesthetically appealing than chain bracelets. 

Charm bracelet

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Bracelets with decorative ornaments (charms) attached are known as charm bracelets. These go back thousands of years when people made charms and ornaments from bones, clay, and wood. They believed that charms warded off evil spirits or bad luck. 

Charm bracelets are used to express emotions and religious views or simply represent fashion trends. 

Pearl bracelet

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Like diamonds, pearls are timeless gems and a collection staple for most jewelry lovers. Pearl bracelets are exquisite jewelry pieces that never go out of style. They have a royal appeal and are usually worn on special occasions. 

In ancient Rome, pearl jewelry was considered the ultimate status symbol. 

💡 Did you know? In the 1st century BC, Julius Caesar passed a law that prohibited wearing pearl jewelry by anyone who did not belong to the ruling class.


Twist Bangle - Types of Bracelets You Should Know About (Our Top 20 Picks)

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, bangles are rigid jewelry pieces for wrists, usually worn by women, stacked together. Bangles don’t have any clasps or closures. However, they can come with charms and are generally available in various. 

Bangles are typically made from materials like glass, stone, wood, and plastic. Nowadays, metal bangles are also quite trendy. 

Open Bangle

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If you cannot find a bangle that fits your wrist perfectly, an open bangle would be an excellent option for you. It’s pretty similar to a regular bangle. The only difference is that an open bangle has a small opening (or an overlayed opening) that helps you easily slide it onto your wrist. Moreover, this opening makes the bangle slightly flexible, ensuring that it fits you perfectly.

Bar bracelet

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As its name suggests, this type of bracelet comes with a metal bar attached to it. While the bar is rigid, the bracelet chain can be flexible with a normal clasp closure. The bar is an additional decorative element in the bracelet on which jewelers engrave names, initials, or affirmations. 

Bar bracelets are usually customized and gifted to loved ones. They are a significant part of the minimalistic jewelry trend nowadays. 

Wooden bracelet

Wooden bracelet - Types of Bracelets You Should Know About (Our Top 20 Picks)

Wooden bracelets, as the name suggests, are made from natural wood. Usually, bracelets made from wood don’t have clasps as they are rigid, and you put them on by sliding them onto your wrist.

Wooden bracelets exhibit a boho vibe and give an effortless and laid-back appeal. Moreover, wooden jewelry is an excellent choice for sensitive skin as it’s hypoallergenic. 

Bonded/Permanent bracelet

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The fashion world is constantly evolving, and with various social media influencers donning permanent bracelets, these are all the rage nowadays. A permanent bracelet doesn’t have a clasp; you can’t take it off as a jeweler welds it around the wrist. 

Actress Julia West was the first to be seen wearing a tiny permanent gold bracelet, which she and her best friend got together. 

Slider bracelet

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A slider, or a “bolo” bracelet, is known for the fastener along the bracelet’s chain. This fastener or slider allows you to tighten the chain around your wrist to make the bracelet fit perfectly.

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for bracelets for smaller wrists. Slider bracelets are usually paired with semi-formal outfits. 

Bead bracelet

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Bead bracelets are a common type of bracelet out there. A beaded bracelet is elasticated and doesn’t have a closure or clasp. They come in various sizes and colors, making them an extremely versatile option. This particular set consists of a lava bead, White Howlite, AA Yellow Tiger Eye, and Black Onyx bracelet. You can wear them for any occasion, fancy or casual. 

Leather bracelet

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Leather braided wristlets and cuffs are popular. Leather bracelets represent the wearers’ adventurous spirit; bikers usually don leather bracelets. 

These bracelets can feature various decorative elements like plagues, charms, baubles, and gemstones. Although men typically wear leather bracelets, they are a unisex bracelet option.

Memory wire bracelet

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Memory wire is a pretty interesting material. It’s a type of steel wire used in jewelry making. The best part about this material is it keeps its cold-forged shape, which helps you easily achieve a stacked or spiraled bracelet look. 

The material is flexible enough to slide onto your wrist and rigid enough to retain its shape. If you’re looking for a fun and exciting design, try memory wire bracelets.  

Hololith bracelet

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Jewelry made from a single piece of stone is extra special, and a hololith bracelet is one of those jewelry pieces. Jewelers carve it from a single piece of natural jade crystal and give it a sturdy, smooth, and compact structure that doesn’t require any closures. It comes in different colors and patterns, and you can wear it for a casual or formal look. 

Shell bracelet

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Shell bracelets have been around for centuries and aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Some people believe that shell bracelets bring good luck and protect the wearer’s spirit. Shells are also believed to signify feminity and fertility, making them an excellent pick for women. 

Besides their spiritual significance, shell bracelets give you a boho look and are perfect for your upcoming beach holiday. 

Multi-Layer bracelet

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If you have a playful personality and like to mix and match, a multi-layer bracelet would be great. It comes with two or more layers or strings; each layer can look different to make it unique. 

The best part is they’re available in a wide range of materials. You can pick multiple leather bands or chains for your multi-layer bracelet. 

Braided bracelet

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Braided or woven bracelets are some of the most common types of bracelets. They’re available in various materials like yarn, leather, rope, rubber, and ribbon. 

Braided bracelets have a simple and elegant design, which is why they’re popular with both men and women. People wear them as friendship bands, and you can adorn them with different charms.


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Shamballa bracelets are unique as they combine two styles – beaded and braided. These bracelets have beads attached in the middle of an intricate braid, making them an iconic bracelet option. 

Shamballa bracelets have spiritual significance in Buddhism as symbols of enlightenment and peace. 

20 Different Types of Bracelets: Bracelet Styles Chart

Here’s a chart that shows the different types of bracelets.

Types of bracelets
Types of bracelets

FAQs about bracelet styles

If you still have questions about bracelet styles, fret not – we’ve got you covered.

What are thin bracelets called?

The term “delicate” is an umbrella term: for thin and dainty-looking bracelets. Jewelers make them using sleek and finer materials. 

What are the bracelets that you can’t take off?

You can’t take off permanent bracelets as they don’t have clasps and are welded around the wrist. However, you can cut them using a pair of scissors.

How do I choose a bracelet? 

Before choosing a bracelet, consider your wrist size, as some bracelets aren’t flexible, and you can’t adjust them to your wrist size. You should also consider a style that reflects your personality so you can enjoy wearing your bracelet for a long time. 

Also, consider the material type to match your outfit; if you have sensitive skin, avoid materials that may elicit an allergic reaction, like nickel.

What is the difference between a bracelet and a bangle?

A bangle has a closed, rigid, circular design without a clasp closure, and you put it on by sliding it over your hand onto your wrist. On the other hand, a bracelet is generally a flexible piece of jewelry with a clasp that you can open and close. 

How do you wear a slider bracelet?

A slider bracelet comes with a slider clasp that you use to tighten or loosen the bracelet based on the size of your wrist. Put on the bracelet like you would a bangle. Then, to tighten the bracelet, pull the strings gently until the bracelet feels comfortable around your wrist.  

How many bracelets should you wear?

The number of bracelets you should wear depends on the kind of look you want. 

Stacking bracelets is a fantastic way to draw attention to your hands. You can start with two and go up to six or even seven bracelets. More than this might feel uncomfortable. Also, mix textures, colors, and weights when stacking bracelets to give the wrist a quirky look. 

However, one or two bracelets are more than enough for someone looking for a minimal and elegant look. 

Why do people wear bead bracelets?

Bead bracelets look good, but most times, people wear them for spiritual reasons. Beaded bracelets are believed to ward off negative energies. Also, some believe the beads increase strength, prosperity, and compassion. 

A bracelet that’s truly yours

Bracelets are undoubtedly one of the best and most effortless jewelry pieces that can give you a whole new look. Whether you choose a delicate bracelet or stack up some chunky ones, a bracelet can complete your outfit most stunningly. And with all the different types of bracelet options available, we’re sure you’ll find a bracelet that is truly yours.

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