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In the world of gemstones, the opal stands out as a captivating enigma, a jewel renowned for its mesmerizing play of colors and distinctive ethereal beauty. The opal, named from Sanskrit “upala” and Greek “Opallios,” is a unique gemstone composed of hydrated silica. 

If you’re looking to add opal jewelry to your nose ring collection, this guide is for you. We’re exploring some of the best opal nose ring pieces and giving you tips on buying the best one. 

How to choose the best opal nose rings

Here are a few tips to help you pick the most stunning and coolest opal nose ring to suit your style and last you a lifetime.

Find a genuine opal stone

To distinguish a genuine opal, start by checking for a doublet–a thinner, layered stone–evidenced by seams or color pattern discrepancies. Inspect the base for authenticity, as authentic opals possess a rough, uneven base due to water droplets during formation. Fake opals, on the other hand, have a flat, uniform bottom. 

Genuine opals exhibit a captivating play-of-color, with rainbow-like flashes when turned in light, stemming from silica gel spheres. They’re also scratch-resistant: assess by rubbing them against porcelain.

Lastly, evaluate color, pattern, brilliance, and transparency with a loupe-–cloudiness or flaws often indicate imitation. 

Pick a durable metal

Opal is a fragile gem (Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6.5). So, picking a durable metal for opal jewelry becomes crucial. Gold, silver, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten are excellent choices because they’re durable and won’t tarnish.

Choose a comfortable nose ring style

Choose an opal nose ring style that suits your unique nose shape. For example, the gem size should complement your facial features and personality while fitting into your daily environment. 

The material or metal type should be hypoallergenic, especially if you have sensitive skin: acrylic and plastic are viable options. The post thickness and length should be compatible with your piercing, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. 

10 best opal nose rings

To make your search for the perfect opal nose ring easier, we’ve selected 10 beautiful options for you to choose from.

Opal nose ring hoop

Tiny Gold Nose Ring – Fire White 2mm Opal Nose Piercing 14K Gold Filled Snug 7mm Hoop – Thin 24 Gauge Piercing Jewelry – Dainty Gift Ready Purchase

This stunning nose ring with a captivating 2mm opal gemstone in a snug 7mm hoop design is a classic choice for your newly pierced nose. This exquisite piece offers premium-quality metal, featuring durable 14K gold-filled construction that securely holds the opal in place. 

This 24G nose ring is ideal for sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and style. Its easy-to-wear design makes it perfect for nose piercings. 

Opal nose ring stud

Cisyozi 20G Nose Rings Studs Piercing Jewelry for Women 20 Gauge Stainless Surgical Steel Opal Nose Stud Silver L Shaped Bend Hypoallergenic Nose Nostril Ring Stud Nose Piercing Jewelry Women Men 3mm

This stainless steel stud collection is a blend of elegance and comfort. This set features some opal studs and some cubic zirconia studs. These durable pieces come in various styles and sizes, giving you several choices for different occasions. 

Each piece is easy to wear and provides a secure fit. Whether for personal adornment or thoughtful gifting, these nose rings with a 90-day money-back guarantee promise lasting satisfaction and style.

White opal nose ring

Thin Sterling Silver Tiny Nose Ring - Opal nose rings - 2 mm White Opal piercing Nose Hoop - 24 gauge very Thin Nose Hoop Tiny Piercings Nose Rings hoop

Featuring a dainty 2mm white opal, this is one of the most elegantly styled nose rings. This piece is delicately crafted from 925 sterling silver and offers comfort and style. The white opal beaded design adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

It’s lightweight, easy to put on, and comes in a lovely jewelry gift box. Also, the buyer offers a 30-day return policy.

Gold opal nose ring

Gold Opal Spike Septum Rings Daith Conch Smiley Orbital Piercing Jewelry 16G Septum Daith Jewelry Nose Rings 8mm Septum Clicker Nose Rings Hoops Daith Cartilage Conch Earrings Septum Piercing Hoop Nose Rings For Women

This gold opal nose ring features a gold-white spike opal, adding a stylish flair to any look. This gold-plated, surgical steel piece is nickel-free and lead-free. Its thickness is 16G, ensuring utmost comfort and safety. The seamless hinge segment design makes it easy to put on and stays secure during long-term wear. 

Black opal nose ring

Pierced Owl 16GA Surgical Steel Synthetic Opal Captive Bead Ring (Black)

This black opal bead ring is all you need for an edgy look. This piece exudes a distinct style with a unique design featuring a synthetic 3mm opal. Crafted from 316 surgical steel, it combines durability with elegance. 

This piece’s 16G thickness and 5/16″ diameter ensures a comfortable fit. A fusion of materials and design makes this ring a thoughtful addition to your collection, embodying both style and durability.

Opal nose stud with a flat back

Opal nose stud with a flat back

This flat back stud presents a harmonious blend of quality and comfort. Crafted from safe G23 Titanium and adorned with cubic zirconia, it’s nickel-free and lead-free.

This stud is internally threaded, making insertion easy and providing snugness. It’s a durable piece that’s suitable for various piercings. It comes in a pretty velvet gift package, ready to gift your loved one. 

Pink opal nose ring

Thin 14k Gold Filled Tiny Pink Opal Nose piercing Hoop - 2 mm Pink Opal piercing Nose Hoop - 24 gauge very Thin Nose Hoop Tiny Piercings Nose Rings hoop - Opal nose rings

This beautiful nose hoop features a delicate 2mm pink opal that adds a lovely touch of color to your look. It’s designed to be comfortable with a thin 24-gauge hoop and a 7mm diameter.

It’s crafted from durable 14K gold-filled material that won’t quickly tarnish. Plus, with a 30-day return option and thoughtful packaging in a jewelry gift box, it’s not just an accessory–it represents quality and care.

Purple opal nose ring

FUNLMO 20G Nose Rings Purple Opal 10mm Conch Nose Piercing Jewelry Septum Jewelry Nose Hoop Cartilage Conch Huggie Earrings Surgical Steel Daith Earrings Lobe Earrings Silve

This nose ring featuring purple-hued opal is all you need to stand out. The seamless clicker closure ensures a secure fit and is excellent for daily activities. This piece is a distinctive yet elegant choice, allowing you to express your individuality. It’s also a fitting gift for special occasions, making you or your loved ones stand out.

Titanium opal nose ring

16G Labret Tragus Monroe Jewelry Teardrop Opal Lip Rings Labret Tragus Daith Studs Lip Medusa Monroe Labret Piercing Jewelry Helix Tragus Cartilage Earring G23 Titanium 8mm Silver Internally Threaded

This opal nose ring is made of G23 titaniumquality and durable metal. It’s nickel-free, lead-free, and gentle on the skin. It’s 16G and 3/8″ long, offering a comfortable fit. 

Featuring an internally threaded design, it ensures easy insertion and secure wear. Versatile for various piercings, it’s a unique expression of style.

Silver opal nose ring

White Opal 925 Silver Nose hoop- Opal piercing 20 gauge - Tiny Piercings Nose Rings hoop - Sterling Silver Ring - tiny Nose Hoop

This silver nose hoop features a white opal at the center, adding a touch of beauty to it. It’s easy to put on and feels light on your nose. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable option. 

It has a 30-day return policy, so you’re not stuck with it if you find it unsuitable. 

Opal-ence awaits you

With our top opal nose ring recommendations, you can enjoy enduring elegance and flair. For a wholesome experience, use our tips to spot genuine opals, pick strong metals for lasting style, and choose a comfortable style that suits your features and preferences. 

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