These are the 5 Least Painful Piercings You Can Get

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Body piercings are a beautiful way to show off your personality and style. However, they come with pain during the procedure. Generally, the pain feels like a sudden, sharp sensation as the needle goes through, then settles into a dull ache. Afterward, it might feel like having a tender bruise at the piercing site for a little while as your body starts healing. 

If you’re new to the world of piercings, you’re probably curious about the least painful piercings. Or, if you had a very painful piercing before, you probably want your next one to be as pain-free as possible. Let’s explore which piercings hurt the least.

What is the least painful piercing?

Here are some of the least painful piercing options that you can consider. 

Earlobe piercings

earlobe piercing


Earlobe piercings are the least painful because earlobes are fleshy and lack cartilage. The pain is often likened to a quick, momentary sting (milder than a bee sting), lasting mere seconds. Opting for a needle piercing rather than a gun can also minimize the pain, as piercing guns tend to cause blunt force trauma.

Here are some of the least painful ear piercings and where they fall on the pain scale (1-10):

  • Standard lobe piercing (1-2/10)
  • Transverse lobe piercing (4/10)  

Lip piercings 

Lip piercings


Contrary to what most people think, some lip piercings are relatively painless because of the soft, cartilage-free nature of the lip tissue. Temporary soreness and swelling may occur initially, but it typically subsides swiftly, with complete healing occurring in 6 to 8 weeks. The least painful lip piercings include:

  • Labret piercing (4/10)
  • Snakebites (3-5/10)
  • Monroe (3/10)
  • Madonna (3/10)
  • Medusa or philtrum (3/10) 

Navel piercing


Navel piercings are among the least painful because the skin around the navel is fleshy and nerve-free. The pain feels like a bee sting, and many say it feels as painful as an earlobe piercing. 

Significant pain can occur if you snag the piercing with clothing or towels. It’s advisable to avoid any strenuous abdominal exercises during the healing period. A navel piercing generally ranks between a 3 and 5 out of 10 on the pain scale, although some say it feels like a 6/10.

Eyebrow piercings 

eyebrow piercing


Generally, eyebrow piercings don’t cause much pain because the needle goes through the surface layer of the skin. You’ll feel a slight stinging sensation because of the area’s high concentration of nerve endings. People with eyebrow piercings often describe the feeling as a sharp and brief pinch.

Here are some of the least painful eyebrow piercings to try: 

  • Horizontal piercing
  • Vertical piercing
  • Bridge piercing
  • Spiral piercing

Tongue piercings 

tongue piercing


Surprisingly, tongue piercings aren’t as painful as most people think. A tongue piercing involves a controlled needle insertion through a precise point on the tongue, causing slight discomfort. Some of the least painful tongue piercings are:

  • Tongue web (3/10) 
  • Midline tongue (4/10) 
  • Snake eyes (4/10) 
  • Venom (4/10) 
  • Frowny (4/10)

Which piercings heal the fastest? 

Some of the piercings that heal quickly are: 

  • Earlobe piercings: The earlobe piercings heal the fastest, taking 3-4 months to heal. 
  • Eyebrow piercings: These also tend to heal within 3-4 months.
  • Nose piercings: They take around 4-6 months to heal completely.

💡 Take Note: Remember to apply aftercare practices diligently since they play a considerable role in quick healing time.

What piercings reject the least?

Rejected piercing - The Least Painful Piercings: Combining Style and Comfort


Piercing rejection occurs when the body expels the piercing jewelry, treating it as a foreign object. The body’s response resembles how it deals with splinters, pushing the jewelry toward the skin’s surface. This is typical for surface piercings like eyebrow and navel piercings. Ear piercings that are less likely to reject include:

  • Earlobe piercings
  • Ear cartilage piercings
  • Lip piercings 

Say hello to pain-free beauty

It’s natural to be curious about the least painful piercings, especially if this is your first piercing. Now that you’re equipped with all the least painful options from our guide, you’re ready to take the plunge with whichever piercing you choose. Remember, pain is subjective and can vary between individuals. Choosing the right piercing should be a personal decision based on your preferences.

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