Curious About the Venom Tongue Piercing? Start Here

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If you want to stand out with a tongue piercing, look no further than the venom tongue piercing. It’s a double piercing on the tongue. Like all other piercings, you must make an informed decision before getting one. In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know, from the procedure to the risks involved. 

What’s a venom tongue piercing? 

venom tongue piercing - Curious About the Venom Tongue Piercing? Start Here


A venom piercing, or the frog eyes piercing, comprises two piercings that go through the tongue on each side close to the tip. The piercer uses a straight barbell, longer than necessary, to accommodate the swelling during the healing process. 

The procedure is fast and simple, and here are the steps involved: 

Step 1: Rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash.

Step 2: The piercer will mark the spots for the tongue piercings.

Step 3: The piercer will hold your tongue with a clamp to ensure it’s steady.

Step 4: The piercer will pierce the tongue at the marked spots using a hollow needle, then gently insert the jewelry.

💡 Take Note: Sometimes, piercers may advise you to get the two piercings at different times. 

Types of venom tongue piercings

Here are the two types of venom tongue piercings. 

Vertical venom piercing

vertical venom piercing


The vertical venom piercing is two separate piercings on the tongue where the straight barbells sit vertically. The piercings can be done in one sitting or at different times.

Horizontal venom piercing

Horizontal venom piercing


The venom tongue piercing can sometimes be called a horizontal venom piercing since it looks like frog eyes. In this case, a single piercing passes through the tongue horizontally.

Getting a venom tongue piercing

We’ve discussed some important details you should know before getting a venom tongue piercing. 

Are venom tongue piercings dangerous?

Venom tongue piercings can be dangerous if not done by a professional piercer. The wrong placement can cause the barbells to rub on the gum leading to gum erosion. 

How much is a venom tongue piercing?

A venom tongue piercing will typically cost between $40 to $100, excluding the cost of the jewelry. Generally, the price will depend on your location and the piercer you visit. Depending on your chosen material, jewelry can cost between $15 to $30. 

How painful is a venom tongue piercing?

A venom tongue piercing has a rating of 7 out of 10 on the pain scale, so it’s only suitable if you have a high pain threshold. However, it’s important to note that pain is subjective and will differ for everyone. 

Healing and aftercare

Each individual reacts to piercings differently, so the healing process and timeline will differ. However, proper aftercare practices will reduce your risk of irritating your piercing or getting an infection which will lengthen the process. 

How long does it take for a venom tongue piercing to heal?

If you’re practicing proper aftercare and don’t have any complications, your venom piercing can take up to 8 weeks to heal fully. The healing process during the first two weeks is the most intense as the tongue would be swollen, making talking and eating uncomfortable. 

How to clean a venom tongue piercing

Follow these step-by-step instructions to clean your venom tongue piercing:

Step 1: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water before touching your piercing.

Step 2: Brush your teeth, floss, and rinse with mouthwash to ensure proper oral hygiene.

Step 3: Brush the piercing site and jewelry with a soft-bristled brush to remove plaque build-up.

Step 4: Rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean water. 

Tips for caring for a venom tongue piercing 

The key to a smooth healing process is doing the right things and avoiding the wrong ones. Here are some tips to help you properly care for your venom tongue piercing.


  • Eat liquid and semi-solid foods until the swelling reduces.
  • Rinse your mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash at least twice daily and with water after every meal.
  • Wash your hands properly before touching your piercing.
  • Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush.


  • Engage in oral activities like kissing to prevent possible infection.
  • Smoke or use tobacco products since they can slow down healing.
  • Consume alcohol as it irritates the piercing site.
  • Eat spicy foods.
  • Play with your jewelry.
  • Change your piercing jewelry until your piercing is fully healed.

What are the side effects of the venom piercing?

Venom piercings have some side effects during and after the healing process, including pain, bruising, bleeding, and swelling.

You may experience gum erosion and teeth issues if your piercing and piercing jewelry is wrongly placed. It may also lead to blood vessel damage.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some more questions about the venom tongue piercing.

Is the venom piercing better than snake eyes?

The venom piercing is better than snake eyes because it has fewer risks. With proper placement, you can avoid issues like gum erosion and teeth chipping. On the other hand, snake eyes are generally considered unsafe. 

Why do most piercers not do snake eyes?

Snake eyes have a high risk of rejection alongside possible gum erosion, teeth chipping, and tongue impairment, which can negatively impact speech. If you see a piercer willing to give you the piercing, ensure it’s a professional with several years of experience and positive reviews.

Venom tongue piercing jewelry 

Here are some of our favorite jewelry picks for a venom tongue piercing.

Multicolored venom tongue piercing jewelry

Kiokioa 12pc 14G Mix-color Stainless Steel Straight Barbell Tongue Rings Bars Piercing 5/8" Length  

This Kiokioa six-piece set of tongue jewelry provides a range of colors. They’re made of quality stainless steel, suitable for people with mental sensitivities. All six barbells are 14G and 16mm long

Buyers say the color stays on, and they don’t unscrew. However, they note that the balls are smaller than usual at 6mm. 

Silver venom tongue piercing jewelry

Incaton 14G 5 Pairs Nipple Rings Tongue Ring Surgical Steel Nipplerings Retainer Piercing Women Silver Straight Barbells 12mm-18mm

This Incaton jewelry is a five-piece set of stainless steel straight barbells. Its gauge size is 14G and has lengths ranging from 12mm to 18mm

Buyers rave about the good quality and recommend knowing the exact bar length you need for your piercing. 

Surgical steel venom tongue piercing jewelry

VCMART Nipple Rings Tongue Ring Surgical Steel Nipplerings Piercing Women Silver Barbells 14G 6 Pairs 5/8"(16mm)

This six-pair set of surgical steel jewelry has various ball colors. The barbells are externally threaded and available in 14G size. You can choose a length between 12mm and 18mm. The clear-colored barbell can be a retainer when you want to hide your piercing. 

Buyers say it’s a good choice if you’re into changing your jewelry, and the balls screw on well

Gold-plated venom tongue piercing jewelry

Ruifan 316L Stainless Steel Tongue Nipple Shield Barbell Ring Bar Body Piercing Retainer 14G 12mm 2PCS (Gold)

This Ruifan stainless steel jewelry comes as a pair of gold-plated barbells. The barbells are externally threaded, 14G in size, and 12mm long. They’re also suitable for nipple piercings.

Buyers say they don’t tarnish fast and don’t cause irritation.   

Not your regular tongue piercing

The venom tongue piercing is uncommon, so it’s a sure way to stand out. Its uniqueness is partly because it requires a high pain threshold and specific tongue anatomy. 

It doesn’t have the smoothest healing process, so ensure you can take time out for your piercing to heal, especially for the first two weeks. Since it’s an oral piercing, practice proper oral hygiene and speak to your professional piercer if your jewelry is poking your gum.

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