Getting an Industrial Piercing: Important Dos and Don’ts

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Do you want to go beyond the bounds of conventional piercings? An industrial piercing is perfect. This piercing is far from the usual—it creates a daring statement that wraps you with a unique blend of strength, style, and individuality.

Whether you’re a piercing enthusiast or simply curious about industrial piercings, this guide has something for you. We’re diving into industrial piercings, exploring their meaning, pain level, healing, and aftercare. 

What is an industrial piercing?

what is an industrial piercing?


An industrial piercing is a one-of-a-kind piercing that goes through two holes in the upper ear cartilage. It’s usually done with a barbell long enough to reach both holes. 

What does an industrial piercing say about you?

An industrial bar piercing says you dare to be different and unique, you’re okay with standing out even if it leaves everyone else talking, you’re edgy, 100% yourself, and you love it that way. If that sounds like you, then industrial piercings were made for you. 

What is the right anatomy for an industrial piercing?

Sadly, not all ears can get an industrial piercing. Your upper ear rim must have enough fold to get one. The ear needs enough fold to hold the jewelry and keep it at the right angle. 

The inner part of your upper ear must also be flat. An industrial barbell will not sit well if you’ve got ridges inside the ear. A professional piercer will determine if you have the correct anatomy for an industrial piercing. 

Getting an industrial piercing

getting an industrial piercing


What does it take to get an industrial piercing? Let’s find out.

How much is an industrial piercing?

You’ll need about $30-$85 to get an industrial piercing. The exact price varies from piercer to piercer, and the cost of jewelry influences your final cost too. Besides the piercing fee, you should also budget for aftercare products (about $10) and tips for piercing studio workers. 

How bad do industrial piercings hurt?

Industrial piercings hurt a lot, ranking at 7 on a scale of 1-10 because they go through cartilage in two spots. But you might find it less painful since pain tolerance varies. Some individuals who got an industrial piercing say it wasn’t as painful as they imagined. 

Healing and aftercare 

healing and aftercare of an industrial piercing


After the painful (or not-so-painful) piercing process, you must focus on healing and caring for your new industrial piercing. Here’s what you need to know.

How much does an industrial piercing take to heal?

An industrial piercing takes longer to heal (six to twelve months) than other ear piercings because it’s a double cartilage piercing.

How to care for an industrial piercing

Good aftercare will prevent infections and complications and help your industrial piercing heal faster. Here are some tips to help you care for your piercing:

  • Clean the piercing site using saline solution twice to thrice daily. 
  • Avoid touching your piercing. If you must do so, wash your hands thoroughly first.
  • Keep chemical products—makeup, perfume, hair cream—away from your pierced ear.
  • Be careful when dressing up so you don’t snag your piercing. 
  • Avoid sleeping on a new industrial piercing. 

How to change an industrial piercing 

After your industrial piercing heals, you can change the initial jewelry to a new, fancier one. Here’s how to change your industrial piercing:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. 
  • Hold one end of the barbell firmly while you unscrew the ball on the other end. 
  • Once the ball loosens, pull out the barbell. 
  • Get your new jewelry and unscrew the balls.
  • Insert the bar through the top piercing hole and push it through the second hole. 
  • Screw on the balls on both ends of the barbell. 

💡 Quick Tip: It’s advisable to wear gloves when changing an industrial piercing for the first time. It gives you a firmer grip on the jewelry and prevents you from infecting the piercing.

How to clean industrial piercings

Here’s how to clean an industrial piercing:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent germs from getting in the piercing. 
  • Soak a Q-tip in saline solution for a few seconds.
  • Clean the piercing sites with the soaked Q-tip, then clean the barbell in the middle. 
  • Adjust your ear as needed so you touch all intricate parts of the piercing. 
  • If you notice a crust, avoid scrubbing it but continue cleaning with the Q-tip. The crust will likely fall off in the process. 
  • After cleaning, pat the piercing dry with a dry Q-tip.
  • Finally, trash the used Q-tips and wash your hands. 

Industrial piercing jewelry worth buying

Wearing the wrong jewelry can ruin your piercing experience. We’ve selected three ideal industrial piercing jewelry pieces just for you. 

Ruifan industrial barbell

Ruifan 5PCS 14G Mix Color Crystal Ball Stainless Steel Industrial Barbell Earring Cartilage Body Piercing Jewelry 1 1/2 Inch(38mm) - Style 2#

This set of straight barbells comes in silver, black, and gold. They’re 38mm long, ideal for an industrial piercing. They also have pretty, easy-to-wear crystal balls

Many past buyers say the crystal balls don’t fall off easily, so you can rest assured that this piece will stay securely in place. 

Gagabody industrial bar 

Industrial Bar 14G Industrial Earrings Surgical Steel Industrial Barbell Gold with Green Imitation Jade Industrial Piercing Jewelry Industrial Bar Piercing Body Piercing Jewelry 1 1/2 Inch 38mm

We love the light green stones at each end of this barbell. If you’re into fancy pieces, this piece is for you. This barbell has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, showing it’s a great buy. 

Masedy industrial barbell

Masedy 12Pcs 14G 316L Stainless Steel Industrial Barbell Earrings for Women Men Cartilage Helix Piercing Silver

This 12-piece set features barbells in different designs. You can wear a different design every day. However, some buyers complained about the decorated barbells (twists and shapes in the middle) being complex and inconvenient to wear. 

Frequently asked questions

People who are curious about industrial piercings often ask these questions. We don’t want to leave you wondering, so we’ve answered them below. 

Do industrial piercings get infected easily?

Yes, industrial piercings get infected easily for three main reasons:

  • They’re cartilage piercings; they take longer to heal, making them vulnerable to infections. 
  • They have two holes—double spots for an infection. 
  • Hair strands and products may come in contact with the piercing and cause infection.

What ears can’t get an industrial piercing?

If the upper part of your ear rim is flat, you can’t get an industrial piercing. You need enough fold on your upper ear to get an industrial piercing.

Can you wear Airpods with an industrial piercing?

Since AirPods don’t sit on the upper ear, you can wear them with an industrial piercing. However, ensure they’re clean and wear them carefully so they don’t touch and irritate your piercing. 

💡 Take Note: While AirPods are wearable, headphones are a no-no for new industrial piercings because they cover the whole ear.

Can my hair touch my industrial piercing?

Your hair can get stuck on your piercing and snag it as you try to remove it. Apart from it being painful, snagging your piercing can also irritate it. So, keep your hair away from your industrial piercing while it heals.

Will my industrial piercing set off a metal detector?

That rarely happens, but it’s possible. It usually depends on your jewelry metal and how many other piercings you combine with your industrial piercing. 

Edgy yet elegant 

An industrial piercing is one of the few piercings that create an edgy yet elegant look. Although it may be painful and take longer to heal, the spectacular, bold statement an industrial piercing creates makes it worth a shot. As long as you love it and your anatomy is right, you sure won’t go wrong with an industrial piercing.

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