31 Best Jewelry Stores to Buy Great Jewelry Online

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It’s time to upgrade your jewelry collection. Only if you had the time to visit physical jewelry stores to shop.

Enter: Online jewelry stores

It’s the digital age, and your favorite stores are now online for a more effortless shopping experience. You can see a whole collection with the swipe of a finger and compare prices between shops by just switching tabs. 

But you know all these already. Your main concern is where to buy jewelry online. No worries, we’ve got you covered. There are many online jewelry stores with jewelry for different styles and budget sizes. 

Is buying jewelry online a good idea?

Yes, buying jewelry online is a good idea. The most important thing is to buy from reputable and trusted brands with proof of satisfied customers. Many online jewelry stores have brick-and-mortar stores that you can visit, so the online store simply caters to a wider audience. 

When buying online, check the images and videos, if available, and read the description of the jewelry piece noting the size and type of material. Also, read customer reviews and view the accompanying images. If you do your due diligence, you’ll get jewelry pieces you’re satisfied with. 

💡 Warning: If the price is too good to be true without an ongoing sale or discount, it’s likely a scam.

Where to buy fine jewelry online 

Say no to jewelry tarnishing in a month or those that turn your wrist green after a few wears. These are the best places to shop for fine jewelry.

Blue Nile

Riviera Pavé Diamond Ring - 31 Best Online Jewelry Stores to Buy Jewelry Online

Blue Nile is a leading online jewelry store popular for its diamond engagement and wedding ring collection. They have natural diamonds and lab-made diamonds, the less pricey option. They also have jewelry pieces made with other gemstones like emeralds, ruby, and sapphire.

Purchases will cost thousands of dollars, but you’ll buy jewelry made of the best jewelry metals like solid gold, platinum, and sterling silver. All their diamonds come with a GIA report, so you can rest assured of the quality of your diamond. 

James Allen

James Allen pearl pendant

James Allen is a reputable online jewelry store with a focus on fine jewelry. They are well known in the wedding industry for providing stunning engagement and wedding ring options for men and women. They are a good stop for gorgeous pendants as well. 

Their collection includes diamonds, other gemstones, and pearl jewelry. All their diamonds are GIA, AGS, or IGI certified. 


Essential Pearl Earrings - 31 Best Online Jewelry Stores to Buy Jewelry Online

Mejuri brand is one with a lot of hype, and that’s because their customers, male and female,  love them. As a direct-to-consumer brand, they promise to provide quality jewelry at a lower price than other brands. 

This fine jewelry store has a lot of options for different fashion styles—earrings, simple earrings for multiple piercings, bracelets, anklets, pendants, and charms. They make jewelry with materials like 14K gold, gold vermeil, titanium, diamond, and pearls. 



Cartier is a high-end luxury brand with instantly recognizable designs. They make high-quality pieces that people have described as timeless. The value of some Cartier jewelry may increase over time, so they have resale value. They also manufacture a collection of watches that collectors love to purchase. 

Tiffany & Co

Link Earrings

Tiffany & Co is a household name for fine jewelry and one of the leading online jewelry retailers. They are well known for their engagement and wedding ring collection. Asides from the usual type of jewelry, they have brooches and charms. Their customers describe shopping with Tiffany as more than just a product but an experience. 


Bloom Brooch - 31 Best Online Jewelry Stores to Buy Jewelry Online

If you’re a fan of cultured pearls, your best stop is Mikimoto. They are the originator of cultured pearls and have been at it since 1893. Asides from the prestigious brand name, they produce quality pearls and have a strict quality control process. This unmatched pearl quality is combined with exquisite designs to give you a piece you’ll cherish and even pass on. 


Connection Necklace

Aurate makes their fine jewelry from 100% recycled gold, and their diamonds are conflict-free. All their jewelry is either 14K or 18K solid gold. If you’re into beaded jewelry, you’re in luck with their Aura bead collection. They also sell engagement jewelry. 

David Yurman 

Cablespira Station Bracelet in 18K Rose Gold with Pavé Diamonds

David Yurman is a popular luxury jewelry brand with celebrities spotted in their signature cuff bracelet. Their collection caters to a male and female audience, and they have an incredible wedding collection. Their pieces come at a high cost, but you can’t complain when they’re made of up to 22K solid gold, sterling silver, and mixed metals. 


Diamond Tennis Link Bracelet

Kinn specializes in 14K fine jewelry handmade in Los Angeles. The jewelry pieces are dainty and will work for the modern aesthetic of stacked jewelry. They design symbolic types of jewelry like lockets and signet rings. While it is a high-end brand, they have a few pieces under $200. 


Orion Necklace

Vrai, formerly Vrai & Oro, is a Los Angeles-based jewelry retailer. They sell engagement rings that feature their lab-created diamonds. These diamonds are produced in their zero-emission foundry for sustainability. Due to the type of diamond, they’re popular for affordable rings. Their jewelry is made with 14K and 18K solid gold. 

Where to buy affordable jewelry online 

These online jewelry stores are a good stop if you’re looking for more affordable jewelry options. You can find jewelry as low as $30 and even $15 if you get a discount. 


Miabella Solid 925 Sterling Silver Italian 3mm Snake Chain Bracelet for Women Men Teen Girls, Charm Bracelet, Made in Italy (Length 7.5 Inches)

Amazon is a platform that hosts many jewelry brands, so with a simple keyword in the search bar, you’ll be able to see a range of options at different price points. From the big brands to the small businesses, you’ll be able to support your favorite jewelers. 


Basquiat bar bracelet

GLDN makes jewelry with solid gold, gold-filled, and sterling silver. They have many personalization options for your jewelry, so it’s easy to snag a symbolic piece. This is a good stop for a bride because the bridal shop has jewelry options for the bride and her girls. 

You can get jewelry for as low as $35. While at it, you’re supporting a good cause since GLDN donates 10% of its profit to communities. 

Ana Luisa

Hana Lee earrings

Ana Luisa is a sustainable jewelry brand that uses recycled and transparently sourced materials to design their product. 

They have a wide range of items for everyday style, and they are made with 14K gold-plated brass and gold-plated sterling silver. This an affordable brand, with most of their jewelry costing less than $100. 


Pavé Bar Bracelet

Etsy global marketplace that hosts a lot of jewelry brands. You can also find individual jewelers and commission custom pieces. Etsy is a great place to get bracelets for small wrists and rings for small finger sizes.  

If you’re all for finding unique jewelry pieces made from different materials at affordable prices, Etsy is your go-to place. 


Twisted pearl ring

Missoma is a jewelry brand based in London. It is a good stop for high fashion jewelry pieces they describe as demi-fine jewelry. Missoma jewelry is always in style, with various options made from recycled materials. Most of their jewelry is gold-plated vermeil on sterling silver and has a two-year warranty. 


Pearl Bracelet - 31 Best Online Jewelry Stores to Buy Jewelry Online

Catbird makes their solid gold jewelry in New York. They have many pricey options, but affordable pieces are under $200. 

Catbird has interesting collections in collaboration with individuals and organizations. Different designers create their pieces, so there isn’t a singular look or theme to their pieces, but the quality remains the same across the board. 

Melanie Auld

Serena Huggies

Melanie Auld is a Canadian jewelry brand with a physical store in Toronto, Canada. They make high-quality but affordable contemporary jewelry. You’ll find vibrant pieces with distinct looks inspired by travel and culture. 

The general style is minimalist, which makes the pieces great jewelry for stacking. They are made of solid gold, gold vermeil, and sterling silver. You can buy jewelry for as low as $55 and pay in 4 installments using afterpay. 

Kate Spade

Patisserie Studs

The great thing about this brand is that they have a site for surprise sales where you snag pieces for as low as $15. Most of the jewelry are gold plated and embellished with gemstones like cubic zirconia. Kate Spade doesn’t only deal with jewelry but also clothing, handbags, and shoes. 



Views and Co have a lot of modern and contemporary jewelry pieces. They have stacked jewelry sets for women who do not know how to stack. The jewelry are made of 18k gold plated brass designed to be hypoallergenic, so it is suitable for sensitive skin. Many of their jewelry are well under $100.

Tilo Jewelry 

Infinity Bracelet With Cubic Zirconia in 925 Sterling Silver

Tilo jewelry is a family-owned business based in New York. Aside from their site, you can find them on platforms like Etsy and Amazon. They have both male and female jewelry, including high-end jewelry made of diamond and other gemstones. They have solid gold, gold-plated, and sterling silver jewelry. 


Gemstone Ring

Linjer jewelry pieces are made with 14k gold vermeil, sterling silver, freshwater pearl, and ethically sourced gemstones. Naturally, the solid gold options are on the pricier end. But, not to worry, the prices are still reasonable for a small budget. They also deal in watches and leather goods. 

Where to buy vintage jewelry online

Vintage jewelry are back in style, and there are a few online jewelry stores you can find good deals.


Diamond Earrings

eBay is an e-commerce site where you can find new or used items. Since consumers can also list items, often, you can snag vintage pieces off the site. Shopping on this site will be easier if you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

💡 Tip: Legit resellers will provide you with plenty of information, like pictures from different angles and detailed descriptions of the piece. 

Ruby Lane 

Diamond Engagement Ring

Ruby lane is one of the biggest online vintage stores. They have many pieces categorized into eras and styles for an easy shopping experience. You can also make use of filters to narrow down your search. It has a lot of high-end vintage pieces suitable for collectors, but you can also get a good deal. 

Trumpet and Horn 

Aquamarine Ring

Trumpet and Horn is highly focused on vintage engagement rings. While most of their sales are online, they have a Los Angeles showroom. 

Some of the rings are vintage reproductions. So if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind ring for your perfect day, you’ll likely find it here. These quality rings don’t come cheap, but they’re worth every cent. 


Vintage Retro Vintage ring

Grailed has an extensive collection of listings for vintage jewelry. They also deal with clothing and shoes. They are reliable but like all other sites with listings, be careful to do your due diligence, so you don’t end up with a fake.

Erica Weiner

three-sided swivel seal fob with the crest of Walter-Frederick Campbell

Erica Weiner is building a spectacular collection of antique jewelry. They curate the best vintage pieces from as far back as the 17th century and also have vintage-inspired original designs. 

These pieces are handmade in Portland and New York City. They sell unique engagement and wedding rings and also design other types of jewelry.  

Where to buy used jewelry online

Buying used designer jewelry can be risky, but buying from reputable platforms reduces the risk considerably. You must have an eye for differentiating real from fake or have a way to authenticate it. 

If you’re buying a luxury item, the resell price is usually still high. These are some of the online stores where you can find used jewelry.


Rose gold butterfly necklace

Fashionphile is a trusted resale website for luxury handbags and jewelry. You can spot jewelry from luxury brands like Hermes, Cartier, and Chanel. While these products will still be expensive, you’ll be getting them at considerably lower prices. 

The platform has an authenticator, so there’s a slim chance of you being scammed. They also have a good return and refund policy.


Turquoise ring

Poshmark is a marketplace for second-hand fashion items. They carry electronics and home goods. Many products are available, so you have to search for pre-loved items that will suit you. The pricing on this site is variable. 

Vestiaire Collective 

Givenchy gold in metal earrings

Using Vestiaire Collective, you can always strike good deals. You can use Paypal to make your transactions which has a good buyer protection policy. There are a variety of items you can shop for while looking through the jewelry section.


Dangling orange stone bead earrings

Shopgoodwill has a chain of physical stores, but their best products are displayed on their site. You get the chance to make bids, and you can find items for very low prices. They provide pictures of the item from different angles and detailed descriptions. 

The RealReal

Lana nude necklace

The realreal has a great collection of luxury jewelry, and their prices are reasonably low. They also deal with designer bags and clothing. The listings are staff authenticated, so you have to be careful before making purchases. 

Shop for bling with one click 

Now, you know where to buy jewelry online. Building a jewelry collection is not a day’s job. You want to start small by purchasing everyday jewelry and occasionally splurging on those luxury items.

It’s best to focus on buying quality items that will last a long time, so check out these reputable online stores. Remember, it’s easy to compare prices, and you’ll surely find a store that sells jewelry that suits your style. 

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