An In-Depth Guide: Where Do You Wear a Wedding Ring?

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If you ever imagined getting married when you were younger, you probably have a few details down to the letter. But, now that it’s closer to being a reality, there are some you need to clarify. So, you ask questions like, “where do you wear a wedding ring?” That’s a common one.

We’ll answer this question and more while explaining why it may vary among individuals. 

Where do you wear a wedding ring? 

In many western cultures, the designated ring finger is the fourth finger on the left hand. 

This finger was chosen because people believed that a vein runs from the ring finger straight to the heart. So, wearing a ring on that finger connects the hearts of the two lovers. 

However, new-found knowledge of the human anatomy shows that there are veins that connect to the heart on every finger. Still, however, the tradition remains. 

For various reasons, some people may choose to wear their wedding rings on other fingers besides the fourth finger on the left. One popular alternative is the fourth finger on the right.

Wearing Your Wedding Ring on the Left Hand

Wearing your wedding ring on the left hand is the most popular way because it’s a cultural norm in many places. Also, in terms of functionality, people prefer to wear their ring on their non-dominant hand—the left hand for most people—to avoid damaging it during daily activities. 

Wearing Your Wedding Ring on the Right Hand

In some cultures, the norm is to wear the wedding ring on the right hand. For instance, in Indian culture, the wedding ring finger is on the right hand because they believe that the left hand is unclean. 

Other countries where people wear wedding rings on the right hand include Russia, Spain, Germany, and Norway. 

What finger does a wedding ring go on for a man?

In most western cultures, a man would wear his wedding ring on his left hand’s fourth finger (from the right). However, it’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

What is the correct way to wear a wedding ring set? 

A wedding ring set, commonly called a bridal set, is an engagement ring and wedding ring that is sold together. They usually have the same metal shade and matching design. 

bride wearing a bridal ring set

Do you wear your wedding band on the top or bottom? Brides choose to wear the wedding band on the bottom, so it sits closer to the heart. Then the engagement ring is worn on top. But you can choose to alternate the position. 

You can also bond your wedding band and engagement ring together by soldering. Be sure of your decision since you will no longer be able to change it, wear your engagement ring on a different finger, or have it tucked away for special occasions. 

💡 Tip: Whichever way you wear your set, ensure it fits by measuring your ring size correctly.

Alternative Ways to Wear Wedding Rings

If you’re a non-traditional couple or can’t wear your wedding ring in a conventional way for particular reasons, there are several options you can consider.

On a Necklace 

a woman wearing a wedding ring on a necklace


Have you ever asked, “what finger do you put your wedding ring on if you don’t have a ring finger?” Besides wearing it on any other finger of your choice, either on your left or right hand, you can wear it on a necklace. 

You can also try this option if your ring doesn’t fit anymore and you don’t want to resize it. The necklace will now become a jewelry piece you wear daily. 

In traditional Indian culture, a woman wears a mangal sutra, a necklace, to symbolize that she is married. Both men and women can wear their rings on a necklace.

💡 Take Note: When wearing a hinged ring on a necklace, ensure it is tight to prevent it from falling off. It’s safer to choose a closed ring.

Multiple Wedding Band Stack

Multiple Wedding Band Stack

You can choose to stack your wedding rings. Usually, it’s three rings on a finger—the wedding band, engagement ring, and a third ring to mark a milestone or an anniversary. But, of course, you can always add as many as you like. 

For your stack, feel free to experiment with different metals and engagement ring stones, as long as they look good and you’re happy wearing them.

Engagement and Wedding Bands on Different Hands

If you’re not one to stack rings, you can wear your engagement ring and wedding band on different hands. Most people decide to keep their wedding ring on the traditional ring finger, but there’s no hard and fast rule.

Skip the Rings 

A couple wearing a tattoo ring


Not everyone will wear a ring as a symbol of their commitment. Some may have to opt out of wearing a ring because of their work or lifestyle. Others may be allergic to the metals commonly used to make wedding rings, while some may not like the feel of a ring on their finger. 

If you’re up for alternatives, you can choose to have a wedding band tattoo on the finger you’ve chosen as your ring finger. You can also have a matching tattoo elsewhere of something significant like the wedding date. 

A matching wristwatch is another option that you can wear every day. 

Say, “I Do”

“Where do you wear a wedding ring”? is one detail you want to know before the big day. The final answer will depend on factors like your cultural beliefs, dominant hand, and preferences. You can also wear your wedding ring non-traditionally, like on a necklace or stacking it fashionably. 

If you decide to skip the rings altogether, you and your partner can devise another personalized way to mark your marriage. At the end of the day, it’s all about a beautiful symbol of love and commitment to your union. 

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