The Complete Guide to Wedding Ring Types for Men and Women

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Are you getting married soon? A few things are as important (and exciting) as finding the perfect wedding rings for your impending nuptials.

Also, if you’re planning to renew your marriage vows, it’s probably time for a new set of wedding bands. The important question is, what type of wedding band should you go for?

Maybe you’re just curious about the types of wedding rings available. We’ll let you in on all the details to feed your curiosity and guide your buying decisions. 

7 Versatile Types of Wedding Rings for Men

Many people think that men’s wedding bands do not have any special style since they get less attention than engagement rings. That notion couldn’t be further from the truth. From classic to modern, men’s wedding rings can be stylish. 

Women generally pay attention to their ring styles more than men. However, some men are particular about the type of rings they wear too. Let’s look at the different options men can choose from (or women can surprise them with).


TIGRADE 2mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm Titanium Ring Plain Dome High Polished Wedding Band Comfort Fit Size 3-15,2mm,Size 3

Comfort fit wedding rings are a popular type. Its distinct feature is a rounded, smooth inner surface that feels comfortable on the finger.

A comfort fit wedding ring easily slides on and off the finger making it a great choice for men with wide knuckles. The only con is that they usually fit looser than other ring types of similar size because of the curved interior. 


10k Yellow Gold 4mm Flat Plain Classic Wedding Band Ring Size 4

Flat wedding rings are some of the most popular wedding rings for men. They usually have a flat outer edge but are rounded on the inside for easy wear.

Some men like this style because it can be worn easily regardless of the size of your knuckles


Men's 10K Yellow Gold 4mm Traditional Fit Plain Wedding Band (Available Ring Sizes 7-12 1/2) Size 8

The half-round wedding ring is rounded on the outside and flat on the inside. Half-round wedding bands don’t slip off the finger easily. You can wear them while doing your daily chores like gardening, laundry, dishwashing, and wood cutting. 


iTungsten 6mm Gold Tungsten Rings for Women Men Engagement Wedding Bands Sandblasted Finish Domed Comfort Fit

As their name suggests, these classic rings have beveled edges, meaning they are cut at an angle and not flat like the rest of the ring’s surface.  

Many fans of this style like their unique design. However, their curved edges can make them difficult for men with large knuckles to wear. 


Men's 10K Yellow Gold 2MM Lightweight Comfortable Classic Plain Wedding Band by Brilliant Expressions, Size 8

Plain wedding bands are a traditional style for men. They have no designs or embellishments. This ring style suits conservative men. They usually come in platinum and gold. 

Their simple and plain design makes them a versatile and affordable option. They don’t attract jewelry thieves and can be worn to jobs that forbid embellished jewelry.

Plain rings are common and not the best option to make a fashion statement. You might have the same ring as almost everyone else.


Metal Masters Co. Titanium Men's Wedding Band Engagement Ring with 9 Large Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Size 6

Where are our stylish men? This is for you!

Embellished wedding bands are the opposite of plain rings. They have attractive decorative features. Decorations can be gemstones, engraved designs on the shank (band), a twirl on the band, or whatever design you desire. 

Embellished wedding bands can be simple or complex depending on your fashion taste.

Embellished rings allow you to express your style and personality. You can often create your own design from scratch. 

However, this ring style is not for you if your job involves hard labor like mowing, carpentry, building, and the like. Also, they are a target for jewelry thieves.


ThunderFit Silicone Rings for Men, Step Edge - 10mm Wide - 2.5mm Thick (1 Ring - Black - Size 4.5 - 5 (15.7mm))

Silicone is a synthetic rubber-like material that also falls in the wide category of plastics. Silicone wedding bands are a popular and cheaper alternative to their metallic counterparts. 

They cost between $9 – $20, depending on the seller.

We love this style of bands because they are scratch resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, conditions, and chemicals like chlorine.

This wedding band style is for you if your lifestyle involves weightlifting, swimming, gardening, or water sports. It’s easy to wear for men with large knuckles

Silicone wedding bands come in a variety of colors, and they are affordable. So you can buy a few of them and switch them up as you please. Silicone is a safe material, especially for men with metal allergies, as it’s hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and non-toxic. 

One downside is that silicone rings aren’t resizeable, so if your ring gets tight or loose, you’ll need to replace it.

While silicone is resistant to harsh chemicals, prolonged exposure may dry it out and give it a dull look. They can also easily be destroyed by a knife or scissors.  

💡 Take Note: The prices of these wedding rings depend on the type and thickness of the metal. For example, a 14K yellow gold 8mm comfort fit wedding band costs $370, while a 10K yellow gold 2mm comfort fit wedding band costs $66.

5 Great Types of Wedding Rings for Women

Finding the perfect wedding ring for women is a challenge. You have to consider factors like matching your engagement ring, your wedding hair piece, your style, the ring size, stones, and so on. Let’s look at the different types of rings you can choose from. 


Thin Eternity Solid Gold Ring,

The eternity wedding band is designed with diamonds set across the entire ring and is symbolic of never-ending love. It’s especially worn by married women, but some single ladies wear them as a promise ring from their significant other. 

Some husbands gift their wives an eternity ring to mark a special milestone, like the birth of a child or a special wedding anniversary.

The diamonds are set across the ring in a pave, channel, or prong setting. 

  • Pavé setting: The name pavé, pronounced as “pa-vay”  is a French derivative that means “paved.” The diamonds are deep-set into the band and laid just like cobblestones (cobble-sized stones used for pavement roads), providing a seamless sparkle.
  • Channel setting: The diamonds in a channel-set eternity ring sit edge-to-edge in a cut row or channel on the ring between two metal walls.
  • Prong setting: The prong eternity ring setting features four small metal prongs or forks holding each diamond in place.

Eternity rings are stylish. The diamonds are visible from all angles, giving the ring a beautiful sparkle. However, if diamonds are not your style, consider going for a unique ring like a blue wedding band or one with coloured gemstones.

There are a few downsides, though. The larger the diamonds in the band,  the more uncomfortable it will be to wear.

If you like the look of the eternity bands, but want out of the discomfort, try a half-eternity band with jewels set across the top half only.

Moissanite Wedding Band, Half Eternity Stackable Engagement Ring for Women 0.3ct D Color VVS Lab Created Diamond Moissanite Stone White Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring Size 3-11 (9, 0.3)

Another issue is that eternity bands are hard to resize. While it’s possible, it’s not a straightforward process and depends on the setting and metal. 

💡 Take Note: If you want to resize your eternity ring, seek the services of a tried and tested expert jeweler with rock-solid reviews. A quack jeweler will ruin your ring.


PAVOI 14K Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Twisted Rope Eternity Band White Gold for Women Size 7

This fancy women’s wedding band is designed with two interwoven metals to form one band. Twisted rings can be plain or bejeweled. The jewels give them a classy and unique look. They symbolize two lives entwining.

The woven design is unique and they are more affordable than eternity rings. They can be worn without an engagement ring. 

One issue with this ring style is that it doesn’t match every kind of engagement ring because it looks like an engagement ring.

Also, the design means the space between the twists can be a catch-all for debris, grime, and other daily substances. 


Greenpod 2mm Thin Tungsten Wedding Bands for Women Rose Gold/Silvery Domed Slim Engagement Promise Ring Comfort Fit Size 4-12 (Rose Gold, 8.5)

As the name implies, this ring style has no unique design or embellishment. It is more affordable than other wedding bands with designs. Plain rings do not attract undue attention, and you can wear them anywhere at any time.

They’re more affordable than embellished rings. You can wear them to jobs that forbid fancy jewelry. You may also like that they go well with most engagement rings and do not attract jewelry thieves.

The only downside is that plain rings do not make a fashion statement. 


Kobelli 1/ Diamond Notched Wedding Band 14k White Gold (62398 Series), 6

Notched wedding bands have a slight v-curve or c-curve at the top. The curve is purposefully positioned to fit a cathedral-set solitaire engagement ring.

Notched rings are usually slim and can either be plain or beaded with diamonds. 

💡 Keep in Mind: With notched bands, you’ll have to wear your engagement ring at all times. Your curved wedding ring may look awkward without it. These bands are also harder to resize.


ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Bands for Women, Printed Design -5.5mm Width 1.8mm Thick (Floral Magic - Size 7-7.5 (17.80mm))

Silicone wedding bands for women are the same as those for men. The synthetic rubber-like material is a cheaper alternative to metal

Silicone wedding bands are scratch resistant and are suitable for women with active lifestyles involving chores, weightlifting, gardening, and more. For women, these rings come in thinner band widths. 

These bands make a good replacement for traditional wedding rings. They can be used for manual labor without fear of scratching and breakage. Silicone wedding rings can be worn by women who are physically active. 

They come in various colors like white, pink, green, and blue, and are more affordable than metal wedding bands.

Prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals such as rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers may affect the structure and appearance of your silicone band. They can also easily be cut or destroyed by sharp objects.

Other Factors to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Wedding Band

Besides the ring style, there are a few other criteria to consider while choosing the best type of wedding ring for you. 

Ring Metal

The most common white metals used for rings are silver, platinum, palladium, and white gold.

Yellow gold rings’ karatage varies but the common karats are 10k, 14k, or 16k, depending on your choice and budget.

Rose gold is another unique metal to consider as are tungsten and titanium.

Ring Width

The width of the ring is its thickness. Most men are believed to prefer a thicker ring width compared to women.

Typically, the width of a woman’s wedding band should start anywhere from 1.5mm to avoid it being too thin.

A man’s wedding band width can start anywhere from 6mm especially since men do not wear engagement bands to compliment it.

Engagement Ring Style

Many ladies value the engagement ring more than their wedding band because of the sentimental attachment and greater freedom to showcase their style and taste.

Your wedding band style should complement your engagement ring. 

For example, solitaire cathedral-set rings work best with notched rings, and depending on your style, you might prefer to match a plain band to a bejeweled engagement ring or choose a matching eternity ring.

The key is to shop for your wedding band with your engagement ring style in mind for an impeccable fit.

Choose a Wedding Ring That Speaks Your Style 

There are many types of wedding rings to choose from. Plain wedding bands are the most common but embellished and silicone types are becoming popular. 

Whether you’re conservative or bold, there’s a ring for your style and personality.

For the women, remember to choose a band that matches your engagement ring. A wedding ring is a lifelong investment. Choose one that you’ll happily wear for a long time. 

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