Types of Foot Jewelry and How to Wear Them

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As a jewelry lover, adorning your body with different types of jewelry — earrings, rings, and bracelets — is not new to you. But your feet are important too, and they should not be left out. If you’re looking for different types of foot jewelry, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll discuss the three main options and all you need to know to wear them attractively.

What types of foot jewelry are there?

Wearing foot jewelry first started with the Egyptians and South Asians, but they’ve come to stay even in the western world. Foot jewelry will make you stand out since it’s a switch-up from the usual accessory pieces. There are three main types of foot jewelry.

Ankle Bracelet

anklet - types of foot jewelry

An ankle bracelet is popularly referred to as an anklet or ankle chain. As the name implies, it is a piece of jewelry worn on the ankle. 

Ankle bracelets had been worn in Southern Asia for many decades before becoming a fashion statement in the western world. For example, while it is worn casually here, it is an important part of the bride’s outfit during Indian marriages. 

Anklets can be made from precious metals like gold, platinum or gold plated chains. Even beads and leather are not left out. There are two types of ankle bracelets; flexible anklets and inflexible or rigid anklets. 

💡Take Note: Flexible anklets usually have connecting links in their chain, while inflexible anklets are solid metal sheets that jewelers shape to the ankle. With flexible anklets, you can decide to wear your anklet snug around your ankle or let it lie loosely.

Toe Ring

woman's feet with toe ring - types of foot jewelry

In India, women usually wear one silver ring – called a bicchiya – on the second toe of both feet to signify that they are married. However, it has no such significance in many Western countries. Toe rings are worn as fashion accessories and can be worn on any toe.

These rings are made from metals or other materials like beads. They may have intricate designs and may or may not have gemstones attached. If you get an adjustable toe ring, you can determine how snugly it will fit, but the opening can easily snag on something as you walk.

Barefoot Sandal

barefoot sandals

Barefoot sandals, also called hippie sandals, give the illusion of a sandal but have no soles. The sandal pattern can be as simple or complex as you want. It can be made from metal, beads, or gemstones. 

They are perfect for wearing on the beach, where walking barefoot is not unusual. These rings are worn in summer when you’re more likely to have your feet in flip flops or sandals.

How to Wear Foot Jewelry  

Foot jewelry should afford you extra style and class. Because they’re not so common, it can be hard to know how to wear them right. Here are some tips to help you adorn your feet like a fashionista.

1. Wear Anklets on Bare Legs

Wearing your anklet on bare legs is the right way to do it. Anklets are not as attractive worn over a piece of fabric, like a pantyhose. If you don’t want to take off your anklet repeatedly, you can wear it under your pants, where they will be out of sight.

woman's feet with several types of foot jewelry

2. Choose One That Suits Your Style

If you’re going for a classy, timeless look, you probably don’t need an anklet with differently colored beads – a simple gold ankle chain or a charm anklet will do.. You can also choose an anklet with tassels made from fabric, coins, or even tiny bells for a bohemian look. 

3. Get a Pedicure

Foot jewelry will always draw attention to your feet, so make sure your toes are adequately groomed. You don’t have to apply nail polish, but it’s a good idea if you can. Also, moisturize your feet often, especially if you’re going to rock barefoot sandals with bare feet. 

4. Wear Foot Jewelry with Casual Outfits

Foot jewelry may be considered unprofessional in some workplaces, even if they’re thin gold anklets. Toe rings are also not designed to be worn with proper shoes, and they may be too tight or pinch your toes. So stick to wearing your anklet on a beach day or for more informal outings. 

5. Wear Toe Rings on the Second or Third Toe

Your second or third toes are likely the longest on your feet. This makes it easy for your rings to slide into them and stay. 

💡Toe Ring Tip: The most comfortable position is between the toe pad and toe knuckle. Toe rings also generally look nicer when they have the toe length to occupy.

6. Choose the Right Ring Size 

Beauty doesn’t have to be painful, and wearing a toe ring should not stop your blood flow. For a proper fit, your toe ring should be tight enough, so you need soapy water or Windex to slide it in or out, but you should still be able to rotate it around the toe. 

If children or teenagers wear toe rings, make sure to check periodically that their toe has not grown past the size of the ring.

7. Invest in Quality Pieces

Since your foot jewelry are accessories you want to wear often, purchase options that will last a long time. Also, avoid jewelry containing nickel or copper as they may cause allergic reactions, and copper may leave greenish stains on your skin.

FAQs About Foot Jewelry

Foot jewelry is not the most common type of accessory, so it’s not unusual to have questions about what is right or wrong. 

What is the purpose of an anklet? 

The main purpose of an anklet today is to beautify the feet. It can add some glamor to an otherwise dull casual outfit.

On what foot should a woman wear an anklet?

A woman can wear an anklet on either foot of her choice. It’s a matter of preference as there’s no laid down rule.

What cultures wear foot jewelry?

Previously, foot jewelry was only worn by the South-Asian people, but now everyone has joined in. Still, in many South-Asian cultures, foot jewelry bears more significance than it does in the western world. 

Can you wear 2 anklets at once?

Yes, you can wear two ankles at once. It’s an excellent way to add more character to your anklet. However, you would want to pair thin ankles rather than chunky ones.  

Can you shower with an anklet on?

It depends on the material it is made from. If your anklet is made of solid gold, platinum, titanium, and stainless steel, it is safe to shower while wearing it. However, if it is made of sterling silver, gold-plated metal, or wood bead, you risk damaging your anklet by exposing it to water.

Give Your Feet Some Love

Don’t leave your feet unadorned – they deserve to have their unique jewelry. You’ll look chic, whether you start with anklets, toe rings, or combine them to form a barefoot sandal.

When shopping for foot jewelry – especially toe rings – it is important to get the sizing right. You can wrap a piece of string around the desired toe or ankle, mark it and place it against a ruler to get the measurement in millimeters. 

If you’re sure you have your sizing right, but your foot jewelry feels uncomfortable on the first wear, give yourself one to two days to get used to it.

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