Ring Resizing: Everything You Need to Know

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Having a nice ring that doesn’t fit perfectly can be upsetting. After all, it’s almost impossible to flaunt a ring when it’s not the right size. 

Fortunately, you can fix your ring by getting it resized. This post will show you all you need to know about ring resizing and how you can make your ring a perfect fit.  

How do you know if a ring is too big? 

If your ring slides off your finger easily or moves around it constantly, then it’s too big, and you might need to resize it to make it smaller. 

Oversized engagement ring โ€“ your ring should not fit like this

On the flip side, if you can barely move your ring past your knuckles or your ring squeezes your finger so tightly that flesh bulges out beside it, then your ring is too small, and you need to resize it to make it bigger. 

How to Get a Ring Off Your Swollen Finger

๐Ÿ’ก Take Note: Your ring is the ideal size if it’s easy to wear and firm but smooth to remove. 

How does ring resizing work?

Jewelers are the best people to resize your ring. To size down your ring (or make it smaller), your jeweler will cut out a small part of the ring band and join the cut ends together by soldering it. They will then smoothen, polish, and clean your ring to leave a fine finish. 

To size up your ring (or make it bigger), your jeweler will cut the ring, fill it in with extra metal to increase its circumference, and give it a fine cleaning and smoothing finish.

Does resizing a ring damage it?

As long as you get your ring resized by a professional jeweler, resizing your ring will not damage it. However, resizing may weaken your ring, especially if you do it multiple times on the same ring. 

How long does ring sizing take?

This depends on the type of ring you’re resizing and how busy your jeweler is. Ring resizing is faster when you’re working on a simple ring without gemstones. 

The resizing process only takes a few hours, but if your jeweler has other jobs ahead, your ring might have to wait. On average, you can expect to pick up your resized ring from your jeweler within a week.

How many times can you have a ring resized?

Depending on its design and durability, you can resize one ring two or three times. If you resize your ring too many times, it becomes too weak and susceptible to damage. 

๐Ÿ’ก Take Note: If your ring has one or two gemstones, you should only resize it once or twice to maintain its design.

How much does it cost to resize a ring?

Ross Simons offers free resizing for purchased rings over $500. Otherwise, it costs $15 to resize rings. Fox Fine Jewelry starts its resizing price at $76, while Quick Jewelry Repairs charge a minimum of $35. So, on average, you can budget about $40 to resize your ring. 

Is it cheaper to resize a ring up or down?

Resizing your ring down is usually cheaper than resizing up. Resizing up is more time-consuming for jewelers, and you’ll have to pay for the added metal, so it’s more expensive. 

What rings can not be resized?

While you can adjust most rings to fit your size, some types of rings cannot be resized because of their material or gemstone style. For example, you cannot resize ceramic, resin, or wooden rings because these materials cannot be cut and soldered. 

Black Ceramic Band 18K Rose Gold

Metals like tungsten, rose gold, stainless steel, and titanium can also not be resized because they are hard, susceptible to cracking, and difficult to work with. 

Even when made with resizable metals like silver and platinum, some rings cannot be resized because they have gemstones all around, like eternity and channel-set gemstone rings. 

Pear Cut Full Eternity Band

If you’re buying any of these ring types, measure your ring size accurately using a ring sizer or measuring tape before buying. 

Where to Resize Your Ring 

You can take your ring to a skilled jeweler in your locale for resizing. If you have purchased your ring from a jewelry store or brand offering resizing services, resize it there. Some stores offer free resizing for rings bought from them within a specified period.  

Can any jeweler resize a ring?

Generally, any jeweler should be able to resize a ring. But it’s always best to give your ring to a reputable jeweler. Go to jewelers with nice reviews from past customers or jewelers recognized by bodies like the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). 

Does Walmart do ring resizing?

Yes, Walmart resizes rings, but only those purchased there. Walmart will not resize a ring you purchased from a different store. 

Does Kay Jewelers charge for sizing?

Kay Jewelers will resize your ring for free if you bought it from them less than 90 days ago. However, you’ll have to foot the shipping bill. 

Does JCPenney do ring resizing?

Yes, JCPenny offers ring resizing services and other jewelry repair services. 

Does Pandora resize rings?

If you purchase a ring that doesn’t fit from Pandora, you can return it to any Pandora store, and they will replace it with a ring of the right size. 

Ring Resizing at Home

If you can’t see a jeweler right away, there are simple(and cheap) ways you can resize your ring at home. 

Can you make a ring bigger at home?

You can make your ring bigger at home with a  steel mandrel and a mallet. A mandrel is a cone-shaped rod marked with ring sizes; you can easily buy one online or at a jewelry store. Hereโ€™s what to do:

  1. Slide your ring through the narrower part of the mandrel. When it gets stuck, use the mallet to gently hit the ring at the top, as if you’re trying to push it down. 
  2. Tap the ring all around, then remove it from the mandrel. 
  3. Slide the ring in again invertedly and hit it all-around at the top. 
  4. Keep inverting and tapping the ring until it pushes down to the ring size you want. This process is known as “stretching”. 

How can I make my ring smaller at home? 

There are many ways to make your ring smaller at home. One way to do it is by using ring adjusters like silicone coils. To use a silicone coil, fix the first loop of the coil on your ring and wrap it around your ring band. The presence of the coil will make your ring thicker and tighter. 

Of course, you can always remove the coil or replace it with a thinner coil if your ring starts feeling too small. Apart from using silicone coils, there are other ways to make your ring smaller at home (we wrote a whole post about it here).

Perfect Your Rings

Getting a perfectly sized ring can be tricky. Even if it fits well at first, your ring may get bigger or smaller because of a change in weather or your routine. If that happens, you don’t have to worry. You can always make your ring perfect by resizing it. 

Resizing rings may sometimes take a while or cost you cash, but if it helps you wear your ring perfectly, it’s definitely worth it! 

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