Our Guide to the Unique Rhino Piercing

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Are you looking for a super unique nose piercing that most people have likely never seen before? The rhino piercing could be the one for you. It’s perfect if you want a distinctive, memorable piercing. 

The rhino piercing looks great both on its own and alongside other nose piercings, such as a bridge or septum. It might be worth considering whether it’s your first or second nose piercing.

Here’s everything you need to know about rhino piercings and the best way to prepare for one. 

What is a rhino piercing?

The rhino piercing gets its name from its resemblance to a rhino’s horn. It’s a cartilage piercing that goes through the tip of the nose. It’s also known as a vertical nose tip piercing.

The deep rhino piercing is the more extreme version. It goes through the bottom of your nose to the top. But the exit is much higher on the bridge of your nose.

Our Guide to the Unique Rhino Piercing


When did the rhino piercing first appear?

For centuries, nose piercings have existed in the Middle East, India, Africa, and among the Aboriginals of Australia as part of their cultures. While it’s not proven, it’s possible that the rhino piercing existed among them.

However, the rhino piercing only started appearing in the western world in the early 2000s, and it’s still an uncommon piercing.  

Are rhino piercings safe?

Rhino piercings are safe to the extent of your diligence. Find a licensed and experienced professional piercer who works in sanitary conditions, and it will be safe. Then take care of your piercing like your life depends on it.

Like any body piercing, rhino piercings are prone to mishaps. That’s why educating yourself about this unique piercing before getting one is essential. 

What is the point of a rhino piercing?

A rhino piercing will give you a unique look and make you stand out from the crowd. So, if you want to experiment with a piercing many people haven’t done yet, this piercing is excellent for you.

Rhino piercing also indicates boldness and doing things out of the norm. This eye-catching piercing will suit you if you’re drawn to the unusual and are a bit rebellious. 

Getting a rhino piercing

Before you book that appointment, you should know the process of a rhino piercing, the pain level, the cost, and the risks involved. 

How is it done?

Getting a rhino piercing is generally similar to getting other nose piercings, except there’s a lot of cartilage to pierce through, so it’s slower and uncomfortable. 

Also, if you want a deep rhino piercing, you’ll need an experienced, highly-rated piercer with extensive knowledge about the nose structure. An inexperienced piercer will damage your nose.

After vetting your piercer and looking around the studio to check if it’s a sanitary space, it’s time for the piercing process. Your piercer will mark the entry and exit points with a marker. Check and approve the markings before going through with the piercing. 

The piercer will then push a hollow needle through your nose tip tissue from the bottom to the top. They will then place the jewelry through the perforation. 

Is a rhino piercing painful?

At first glance, the rhino piercing looks incredibly painful, but it hurts less than you’d expect. People who have had this piercing done say it’s more uncomfortable than painful. As with every piercing, the pain level will also depend on your pain tolerance. 

What are the risks?

Rhino piercings come with risks, much like any other nose piercing. You might be allergic to the jewelry metal, you might experience nerve damage, or the piercing might cause pain or numbness.

That said, some piercings pose more risk than others, and a rhino piercing is one of them. The nose contains delicate structures that, if pierced, can cause significant damage that will require surgery to fix. Deep rhino piercings are especially prone to nose damage.

Also, the rhino piercing is vulnerable to scarring. If you decide you don’t want the piercing anymore and take out the jewelry at a later point, there will be a scar on the tip of your nose.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a rhino piercing ranges between $50 and $100. It depends on the piercer and studio location. 

How to care for a rhino piercing 

When you’ve taken the plunge and gotten a rhino piercing, it does take time to heal, but the aftercare process is not any different to caring for other piercings. Here are five care tips to follow: 

  • Before cleaning your piercing, wash your hands with soap. Then clean your piercing with a saline solution and a clean cotton cloth or Q-tip twice or thrice a day.
  • Soak the piercing in warm saline solution for at least 5 minutes at least twice daily.
  • After cleaning or soaking the piercing, dry it by dabbing it gently with a paper towel. Do not use your towel as it may harbor bacteria that will cause an infection.
  • Avoid touching the piercing. It’s especially hard not to touch your nose, but moving the jewelry will disturb the healing tissue and slow the process.
  • After taking a shower, rinse the area thoroughly to remove any soap that may irritate the site.

How long does it take for a rhino piercing to heal?

Like all cartilage piercings, your rhino piercing will heal in about six months to a year. Your healing time can be longer than a year if you aren’t diligent with the aftercare.

When you have no more soreness, swelling, discomfort, or discharge, your piercing might be healed. Visit your piercer to confirm that it’s completely healed, especially on the inside. 

How can you make your rhino piercing heal faster?

It’s hard to make a piercing heal faster than it normally would. However, you can ensure that the healing process isn’t slower than it should be by keeping it clean and avoiding touching it.

Our top 3 rhino piercing jewelry picks 

When you’ve got the go-ahead from your piercer, you’re free to change your jewelry. Be sure to ask them for the correct size. 

Curved barbells are your best bet for a regular rhino piercing, but straight barbells work for a deep rhino piercing. Here are our 3 top jewelry picks.

MODRSA curved barbell

MODRSA Rook Piercing Jewelry Rook Earrings for Women Eyebrow Rings Surgical Steel Nose Bridge Curved Barbell 16 gauge Surface Tragus Piercing Jewelry Snug Earring

This six-piece set features curved barbells made from 316L surgical stainless steel. They are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and nickel free – perfect for sensitive skin. They come with a 16G width and are 10mm long. They are internally threaded, and their ends feature shiny gems. 

Forbidden body jewelry curved barbell

16g 14mm Surgical Steel Curved Barbell with CZ Ends for Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing, Clear

This 16G surgical steel curved barbell is safe for sensitive skin and does not tarnish. 

It’s 14mm long and internally threaded with clear cubic zirconia adorning its ends. It also comes with pink, aqua, and black stones. In addition, you can get this barbell in yellow gold, rose gold, and black.

If you’re unhappy with the product, the seller offers a no-questions-asked refund.

Vcmart straight barbell

vcmart Nipple Rings Tongue Rings Stainless Steel Straight 14G Barbells Piercing Jewelry Silver 12mm,14mm,16mm,18mm

These straight barbells are made from surgical stainless steel, so they’re hypoallergenic. They come as a set of eight in four different lengths – 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm. 

They come in various colors, including silver, black, rose gold, yellow gold, and rainbow colors. You can also choose a set with different-colored barbells. 

Ready to stand out?

A rhino piercing is rare, and if you want to stand out in a “sea” of common piercings, this is the piercing for you. Owing to the risks involved with this unique piercing, doing your due diligence is not a light matter. 

Ensure that you find a licensed and highly-rated piercer, specifically experienced with rhino piercings. This will save you pain and regret and allow you to express your bold personality comfortably.

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