Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Nasallang Piercing

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There are different types of nose piercings, some more common than others. The nasallang piercing is an uncommon one for many reasons. Since it is not very popular, you may not know many people with one – hence the large knowledge gap. 

If you’re considering getting it done, you must have all the information possible. So, we’re here to answer all your nasallang piercing-related questions. 

What’s a nasallang piercing?

A nasallang piercing is a nose piercing that passes through the right nostril, septum, and left nostril. Since it passes through three nose parts, it is often called the tri-nasal piercing.

Getting a Nasallang Piercing

Typically, a nasallang piercing is not the first piercing you get. You would have had some other piercings to gauge your pain threshold. 

Finding a professional piercer willing to carry out the piercing is difficult because it requires some experience. If you want to ensure you’re in safe hands, you may have to travel some distance to find a certified, experienced piercer. 

In the end, the three piercings will look like two, and depending on the size of your jewelry, it will give you an edgy look.  

How is a nasallang piercing done?

A nasallang piercing is done by piercing through the right nostril, septum, and left nostril in one move.  It is usually done with a 16 gauge or 14 gauge needle. It skips the bone and pierces through the cartilage if done correctly. 

Your jewelry will match the size of your piercing needle and should be long enough to allow movement and swelling. 

Is a nasallang piercing dangerous?

A nasallang piercing is a complex nose piercing that piercers consider high risk. It requires piercing through thick cartilage, which hurts much more than nostril piercings. 

In addition, it takes a long time to heal, and during that period, there is the risk of infection if it is not taken care of properly. It also has an associated risk of bleeding after the procedure.

How much is a nasallang piercing?

Nasallang piercings usually cost an average of $100, excluding the jewelry. However, the price will vary based mainly on your location, and since not many piercers agree to do the piercing, there are limited options.

What is the healing time?

The healing time of nasallang piercings usually ranges from 6-12 months. This long healing period is because the piercing goes through a lot of cartilage. Nasallang piercing typically heals up with a lot of scar tissue. 

How painful is a nasallang piercing?

A nasallang piercing is a painful piercing to get. People with other multiple piercings would typically rate it an 8 out of 10 and describe it as their most painful piercing ever. 

For this reason, some piercers discourage their new clients from getting it unless the client shows deep interest and understands the healing time and process.

What are the risks of getting a nasallang piercing?

Some risks of getting a nasallang piercing include excess swelling during the healing process that could close off the nasal passage making breathing difficult, distorted tissue, accidentally tying the nostrils together, heavy bleeding, and extremely long healing time.

Nasallang Piercing vs Double Nostril Piercing 

The results of a nasallang piercing and a double nostril piercing can be similar, sometimes indistinguishable, but the process of getting them is different.

Nasallang Piercing - Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Nasallang Piercing
Nasallang piercing


A nasallang piercing involves a single barbell that goes through the right nostril, septum, and left nostril. It is considered risky and requires a high pain threshold because it requires piercing through a thick layer of cartilage. 

However, due to this pain threshold, it is considered hardcore and garners respect in the piercing community. 

Double Nostril Piercing
Double nostril piercing


On the other hand, a double nostril piercing is two piercings on the same or opposite side of the nostril. They can be gotten at the same time or at different times. 

When correctly placed on both nostrils, they resemble a nasallang piercing. However, they heal faster than a nasallang piercing because they do not pierce through the septum.

Our Top Jewelry Picks for Your Nasallang Piercing 

Since nasallang piercings are rare, it can be hard to find the right jewelry for them. However, straight barbells are your best bet, so here are our best picks for your nasallang piercing.

FifthCue Surgical Grade Nasallang Barbells

316L Surgical Implant Grade Basic Steel Industrial Barbell (14G - 2" (51mm) - 5mm Balls)

This barbell for your nasallang piercing is made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which means it is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish quickly. 

It is available in 14G and 16G, the two most common nasallang piercing sizes. It also has varying lengths, so you can choose the most suitable one depending on whether you just got your piercing or it is healed up completely. 

Customers have commented on how pleased they are that the balls stay put and that customer service is prompt and helpful. If you’re someone with sensitive skin, it’s a good match for you.

Scerring Titanium Nasallang Barbells

SCERRING 14 Gauge G23 Titanium Industrial Barbell Cartilage Earring Body Piercing 1 1/2 Inch 38mm Sold by Piece

Since titanium jewelry is the kind most professional piercers recommend for initial piercings, this piece is a good choice. It is great for sensitive skin and easy to clean. This is a 14G barbell that is available in four lengths, with the longest at 38mm.

These balls on both ends can unscrew, making it easier to fix a chain for that extra glam. Some customers have complained that the balls are too large at 5mm while others think it’s a suitable size.

Forbidden Body Nasallang Piercing Retainer

Forbidden Body Jewelry 14G 19mm Hospital Grade PTFE Flexible Piercing Retainer with 4mm Acrylic Balls, Plus Free Bonus Barbell

This barbell is a flexible retainer perfect for people with metal sensitivities, pregnant, needing MRI scans, or needing to camouflage their piercing in their workplaces. 

It is available in sizes 14G and 16G and can be custom cut to your desired length. This means you can use the same retainer when you newly get your piercing and need the extra length and when it heals completely.

Buyers appreciate how easy it is to insert and how comfortable it can be. They have also commented on how it stayed put for a long while. If you want to show off your new piercing, this is not your best choice.

Dyknasz Colorful Nasallang Barbells

Dyknasz Extra Long Industrial Barbell 45mm (1.77") 14G Surgical Steel Industrial Earrings Piercing Jewelry for Women Men Silver-Tone Black Rose Gold Rainbow

A package of these barbells contains six barbells of varying colors. In addition, it comes with a velvet pouch for keeping your remaining barbells safe. It is available in 14G and 16G but comes in a single length of 45mm. 

This is a good choice if you’re tired of only silver-toned nasallang jewelry. It is also a reasonable price, especially if you have a friend you can share them with. 

However, some customers have complained that it is hard to unscrew the balls, making them use pliers to hold the bar before unscrewing. 

Get a Rare Nose Piercing

A nasallang piercing isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking for the next level nose piercing, speak to a professional piercer about getting one. 

You’ll need to have a high pain threshold, understand the possible complications of getting the piercing, and be ready to take care of the piercing hole for the prolonged healing period. 

Typically, people with this kind of piercing get respect in the piercing community, and it’s a good conversation starter. However, if you want the aesthetic of nasallang piercing without enduring the pain, you can go for a double nostril piercing on opposite sides or a high nostril piercing.

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