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Many jewelry lovers appreciate moss agate pieces for their durability and natural allure. If you’re looking to add a moss agate necklace to your jewelry collection but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. In this guide, we’re sharing a carefully curated list of the 10 best moss agate necklaces and tips for choosing a good piece.

How to choose a good moss agate necklace 

Here’s a set of criteria to consider when choosing a good moss agate necklace. 


Moss agate always has inclusions, usually green and leaf-like. Check the stone for such pretty inclusions to confirm it’s a genuine moss agate. Some other agates (not moss agate) come in semi-translucent shades of red, blue, or gray


Real moss agate has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale (1-10), so you can’t scratch it easily, not even with a knife. Confirm the gemstone’s harness by scratching across its surface with a hardness pick. 


Moss agate is usually heavier than it looks. If possible, feel the weight of the necklace’s stone. If it’s light, it’s not genuine moss agate. 

Necklace chain

Moss agate goes with most metal colors, so your necklace chain will depend on your preferences. Choosing a chain made with durable metals like sterling silver, stainless steel, and gold is best. 

10 best moss agate necklaces 

Here are the 10 best moss agate necklaces for nature lovers like you. 

Best moss agate necklace for men 

GEMSCITE Moss Agate Crystal Pendant Necklace Healing Authentic Stone On Silver Plated 20" Chain Real Gemstone Chakra Healing Charm

This necklace features a curb chain that looks great on men. The moss agate stone is faceted, so you can expect it to be shiny and pretty. 

Past buyers appreciate the excellent packaging of this product. Some even received their necklace with an extra gift from the seller. On the flip side, we found complaints that this necklace broke quickly

Best moss agate necklace for women

Luyona Natural Moss Agate Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Green Moss Agate Marquise/Oval/Pear/Emerald Cut Necklace Moss Agate Necklace Natural Green Gemstone Jewelry Gift for Women

This necklace’s rolo chain style, simple silver frame, and oval-cut pendant combine to give a beautiful, feminine vibe. It’s a good pick for women who want something pretty but simple. It has a sterling silver chain, so it’s fine for everyday wear

We like the flexibility of this moss agate necklace. It’s available in oval, marquise, pear, and emerald cuts.

Best moss agate necklace pendant

JEWELOPORIUM 925 Sterling Silver Pendant for Women Green Genuine Moss Agate Stone Fashion Silver Pendant Necklace New Year Gift Boho Jewelry

This sterling silver pendant is the perfect addition to your favorite necklace chain. It’s a charm-sized pendant (about ½” or 12mm) featuring moss agate with green, plant-like inclusions. It’s safe for sensitive skin and suitable for any occasion.

Many past buyers love the gemstone quality. They also appreciate the seller’s fast delivery. 

Silver moss agate necklace

COAI 925 Sterling Silver Leaf Moss Aagte Crystal Necklace for Women

This necklace features moss agate in a 925 silver chain. Sterling silver is a hypoallergenic metal, so this necklace won’t irritate sensitive skin. 

This piece comes in a pretty gift box, and many buyers have had good experiences buying it as a gift for their loved ones

However, we found complaints that the chain is short, so it won’t work if you prefer a long necklace. 

Gold moss agate necklace

Gem's Beauty Gifts for Her 0.63CTW Square Moss Agate Pendant Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver Women's 14K Rose Gold Necklaces

This neckpiece features a 5x5mm moss agate with an extra touch of shiny tiny stones. Judging by the dimensions of the gemstone, it has a petite pendant

Note that this necklace is gold plated so it may fade with time. Avoid using harsh chemicals like detergents or abrasive cleaners on this piece. 

Best moss agate necklace for kids

COAI Stainless Steel Heart Moss Agate Stone Crystal Pendant Necklace

This moss agate stainless steel necklace is great for teenagers. It will be a good surprise as it comes in a lovely gift box. 

The main features that we like include the heart-shaped moss agate pendant and the box necklace chain. This necklace is 20″ long, so it’s not appropriate for young children. 

Best unisex moss agate necklace

AMORWING Moss Agate Round Donut Pendant Necklace

This piece features a nylon string that looks great on both males and females. It uses a sliding closure, which makes it easy to wear and adjust. We love the unique donut pendant shape. It’s less common than round, teardrop, or oval pendants. 

While buyers commend the moss agate’s quality, some complained about it looking darker than depicted.

Best layered moss agate necklace 

MONGAS Moss Agate Layered Necklaces for Women Sterling Silver Moss Agate Pendant Necklace Jewelry Gifts for Women

This layered sterling silver necklace features one choker and one long chain. The light green moss agate pendant adds a perfect touch to this lightweight piece.

Past buyers are raving about this piece, saying it’s beautiful and comfortable for everyday wear. However, some buyers complained about the chains tangling easily.

Cameo moss agate necklace

MORGAN & PAIGE Cameo Pendant Necklace for Women - Genuine Carved Green Agate Gemstone Charm on 925 Sterling Silver Chain, 18 inches Butterfly

Gemstones look prettier with carvings, as seen in this cameo moss agate necklace featuring a butterfly design. It’s an eye-catching piece with a 4.7-star rating on Amazon. 

Buyers say this piece is just as pretty in real life and makes a good gift. However, we found complaints about it arriving smaller than expected. That’s a good thing if you love dainty pieces but not so good if you want a sizable necklace. 

Teardrop moss agate necklace 

WES Necklace for women, Natural Moss Agate 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace For Birthday Green Gems Engagement Wedding Jewelry Gift Teardrop

This gorgeous necklace features a teardrop moss agate surrounded by cubic zirconia stones, giving it a beautiful shine. 

Past buyers commend the sturdiness of this necklace. Buyers say it didn’t turn green or irritate sensitive skin, which makes sense because it’s a sterling silver chain. 

The moss agate on this necklace is only 10mm by 8mm, so don’t expect a large pendant. 

Frequently asked questions 

We’ve answered some interesting questions about moss agate necklaces below. 

What does a moss agate necklace mean?

Moss agate stones are connected to serenity, fresh beginnings, and closeness to nature. Wearing a moss agate necklace means you want to attract such attributes. 

What pairs well with moss agate?

Moss agate pairs well with gold and silver hues. It’s also a good match for clear, shiny stones like diamonds and cubic zirconia or colored ones like emeralds. 

Is moss agate OK for daily wear?

Yes, moss agate is durable enough to wear every day. With a 7 out of 10 hardness, moss agate doesn’t scratch or chip easily. However, if your daily routine involves vigorous activities, removing your moss agate when working is best.

Can moss agate get wet?

Yes, water does not damage moss agate.

Is moss agate a real stone?

Yes, moss agate is a real, natural stone (although it can also be lab-grown). However, it’s not a precious stone like diamonds or rubies. It’s a semi-precious stone. 

Is moss agate stronger than diamond?

No, moss agate is not stronger than diamond. It has a hardness of 7 while diamond is the strongest gemstone, with a hardness of 10. 

Mesmerizing moss agate necklaces

There are many reasons to own a moss agate necklace — beautiful, symbolic, durable, and suitable for everyday wear. Some individuals connect moss agate to stability, focus, and new beginnings. 

If you’re buying this piece for any of these reasons, we’re excited for you. Pick one or more of the products on our list, and you’ll have one of the best moss agate necklaces.

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