What is Morganite? Read This Ultimate Guide

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The morganite is a rare and beautiful gemstone occurring in pink and purple tones. Its romantic and feminine qualities make it the perfect engagement ring stone. It looks like a pink diamond, but it comes at a much lower cost. Here’s everything you need to know about this unique gemstone. 

What is morganite?

Morganite is a pinkish-orange gemstone formed within the earth through natural processes involving heat and pressure. It’s also known as rose beryl as it’s a beryl variety. When beryl (colorless) interacts with manganese, it gets its peachy color and becomes morganite.

Where does morganite come from?

Morganite mostly comes from Brazil. Madagascar is now a minor producer, but its original deposit has the best morganite quality. 

Other sources of this salmon-colored gemstone are Afghanistan, China, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia, and Zimbabwe. And in the USA, California, and Maine. 

How much is morganite worth?

A carat of morganite costs between $85 and $450. This price depends on the gem’s hue. Pale peach morganites are more affordable than the pink and purple ones. 

What does morganite symbolize?

Because of its soft pink hue, morganite is often associated with sweetness, romance, love, and innocence. It’s believed to be connected to the heart chakra, bringing compassion and healing to its wearers. 

Pros and Cons of Morganite Engagement Rings

Like most gemstones, there’s a good and bad side to morganite. We’ve highlighted the pros and cons of morganite engagement rings.


Here are the pros:

  • Affordable: The beautiful morganite can fit any budget. Rather than buy a small diamond, you can get a decently sized morganite for less.
  • Durable: The morganite ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, meaning it’s durable. Since you’ll be wearing your engagement ring daily, the center stone should withstand your daily activities. Gemstones of similar durability include aquamarine, emerald, spinel, and topaz.
  • Available in many colors: While the most common morganite color is a pinkish-orange shade, this gem exists in other colors like pale pink, violet, and other deeper shades.
  • Various cuts and shapes: Morganite comes in various cuts. Available shapes include oval, square and rectangle cushions, heart, emerald, and pear.
  • Unique and beautiful: This gemstone’s unique color makes it stand out among other stones. If you choose a morganite engagement ring, you’ll surely get many compliments.
  • Sparkly and shiny: It has a high brilliance. Your engagement ring is sure to sparkle and dazzle your friends.


Here are the cons of morganite engagement rings.

  • High-maintenance: Morganite engagement rings can get dirty quickly. You might have to clean it once or twice a week (depending on its exposure to dirt) to keep it sparkly and beautiful. 
  • Needs a sturdy setting: While the morganite is quite durable, the stone’s edges can easily get chipped if it gets hit daily. You have limited options for the types of settings to get.
  • Varying quality: Much like other gemstones, morganite has varying quality. Unfortunately, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has no certifications to protect customers looking for morganite rings

However, you can use seller ratings and reviews to help you make decisions based on quality. 

How to Tell If Morganite Is Real

Buy your engagement ring from a reputable store that will provide a GIA certification stating the gem’s authenticity. However, if you bought a vintage ring online and want to find out if it’s real morganite, here are some quick ways to check for yourself.

  • Examine for cracks and scratches: Nowadays, many morganites are heat-treated to reduce the number of inclusions in the stone. Look at your stone closely. It may not be real if you observe any cracks, dots, scratches, or tiny fractures.
  • Look for bubbles: Place the gemstone under bright light and look at it using a 10x jeweler’s loupe. If you notice tiny bubbles just under the surface of the morganite, then it is likely a fake.

💡 Bottom Line: The best way to tell if morganite is real is by seeking professional services. A licensed jeweler will expertly examine your gemstone to confirm its authenticity. 

Morganite vs Diamond

Both morganite and diamond are beautiful, brilliant gems. Here’s how they compare:


Morganite is a more affordable (yet equally attractive) stone. It costs about $300 per carat. On the other hand, diamonds cost between $1000 to $12,000 or more per carat. Not to mention, colored diamonds are even more expensive. 

Appearance (Color)

Morganite comes in different hues of pink and purple, like peach, rose, salmon, and violet. Diamonds exist in all naturally occurring colors, including white, pink, brown, green, yellow, red, and more. 


Morganite ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, meaning it’s durable. However, you should take extra care to protect it from knocks and scratches. Diamonds are highly durable, standing at a 10 on the Mohs scale. They can withstand knocks and pressure. 

How to Care for Morganite Jewelry 

Your morganite jewelry deserves the proper care to keep it shiny and beautiful. Here are a few simple care tips to keep your jewelry sparkling for years to come:

  • Avoid contact with cosmetics: Avoid washing your hands or applying lotion with your jewelry on. Soap and other cosmetics create a layer on the stone, making it look dull. Protect your jewelry’s shine by wearing your jewelry after using soap and lotion. 
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals: Some dishwashing and laundry detergents contain harsh chemicals which can damage the ring. If you’re not using gloves, take the jewelry off first.
  • Avoid heat exposure: Morganite is temperature sensitive. Avoid exposing your jewelry to high heat, as your stone will fade.
  • Store it correctly: The best way to store your jewelry is on its own in a pouch or a jewelry box. Ensure to keep your jewelry box in a cool spot, especially during the summer.
  • Clean it weekly: If you wear your jewelry daily, we recommend you clean it weekly. 

How to Clean Morganite Jewelry

Here’s a simple process to clean your morganite jewelry at home.

Materials Needed

  • Two small bowls
  • Lukewarm water
  • 1-2 drops of mild dishwashing soap
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Microfiber towel


  1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add soap to it. Place the jewelry into the mixture for one minute.
  2. With the soft brush, gently scrub the jewelry to remove accumulated debris.
  3. Fill another bowl with lukewarm water only and gently submerge the jewelry to rinse the soap residue.
  4. Using a microfiber towel, gently pat your jewelry dry.

If you want your jewelry to look brand new but don’t want to risk damaging it by cleaning it at home, take it to a professional jeweler. 

FAQs About Morganite Jewelry

Still curious about this peach-colored stone? We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to give you more information.

Is morganite a valuable stone?

Morganite is a semi-precious stone. And while it’s less expensive than emeralds and diamonds, it’s still a rare and valuable stone, especially the darker colored ones. 

Is morganite natural or man-made?

Both natural and manmade morganites exist. While natural morganite forms within the earth, its manmade counterpart is created in the lab by hydrothermal technology. 

This process uses heat and pressure, imitating the conditions within the earth that produce natural morganite. As a result, they both look the same. 

Can you wear morganite in the shower?

We recommend you take off your morganite jewelry before showering. Hot water, soap, and other chemicals will damage the stone. 

Can morganite be worn every day?

Yes! The stone is durable at a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, making it great for daily wear. 

Where to Buy Morganite Jewelry

Buy your morganite jewelry from these trusted sellers.

James Allen

James Allen has various morganite jewelry options. You can create custom engagement rings by choosing the gemstone, cut, setting, and metal. If you want a unique piece, try this brand. 

Morganite Engagement Ring - What is Morganite? Read This Ultimate Guide

Brian Gavin Diamonds

This store offers an array of pieces featuring this romantic gem. It comes in various cuts and hues. 

Cushion Morganite


At Zales, you’ll find a vast collection of pieces featuring this beautiful peach stone. This brand also offers this gem in various colors, including translucent pink, peach, lilac, and brighter pale pink.

Zales Disney Morganite Ring


Jared sells this romantic jewel in pink, peach, peachy brown, and very light pink with various jewelry types. This brand also sells pieces featuring morganite mixed with other gems. 

Brown Morganite Ring

Brilliant Earth

This retailer allows you to create custom jewelry to suit your lifestyle. They offer mainly light pink and peachy morganites. 

Morganite earrings


Kobelli’s morganite inventory comes in the most beautiful shades of pink and lilac. 

Morganite Teardrop Necklace


At Kay, you can make custom jewelry designs with orange, peach, and pink morganites. 

Morganite Ring


While on Angara’s site, you’ll only see light pink-colored morganites beautifully adorning earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings. 

Morganite Teardrop Earrings

A Peachy Diamond Alternative

The morganite beautifully complements different skin tones and goes well with most jewelry types. It’s affordable, appealing, unique, and durable. All its qualities make it the perfect romantic gem for daily wear. 

Much like any piece of fine jewelry, you’ll need to take care of it to ensure it maintains its beauty for years to come. If you’re looking for a diamond-looking gem with a touch of pink and a lower price tag, this is a great pick. 

Read our pink gemstone guide for other similar gems you might want to consider.

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