10 Marquise Cut Engagement Rings (and How to Choose)

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Marquise cut gemstones are beautifully curved at the sides and pointed at the tips. They are a less popular option for engagement rings since most couples lean towards the familiar round and oval cut. Automatically, this makes marquise cuts a unique choice.

If you’re picking the marquise cut for your partner’s engagement ring, we’re showing you the best. Keep reading to see our exciting list of marquise cut engagement rings.

10 best marquise cut engagement rings 

Whether you want a vintage, silver, gold, or rose gold marquise ring, we’ve got you. We’ve curated a list of our top 10 picks. 

Unique Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Lotus Fun Grow Through What You Go Through Rings with Card,925 Sterling Silver Marquise Shape Jade Aventurine Open Leaf Rings Olive Leaf Rings Handmade Jewelry Unique Gifts for Women Mother Mom Wife Girls

Few marquise-cut rings are as unique as this one. The green aventurine stone, the olive leaf design — everything about this ring is special and completely different from the typical engagement ring.

The best part is it has a wide size range. The ring is adjustable for sizes five to nine, so if your size falls within this range, it will make a good fit. 

We found a few complaints about the gems falling off after a while, so you’ve got to be careful with it. 

Vintage Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Marquise Cut Diamond Vintage Infinity Engagement Ring - 10 Marquise Cut Engagement Rings (and How to Choose)

Vintage rings have a traditional vibe, just like this marquise infinity ring. It’s made of 14K yellow gold, and we love the lining of dainty gems around the center. 

You’ll love this ring if you’re a fan of art deco designs. This vintage ring is also sure to last long since it’s made of gold. The only con we’re seeing is its high price.

Three-set marquise cut engagement ring

MABELLA Trio Sterling Silver CZ Marquise Wedding Ring Set Anniversary Rings for Women Size 7

Here’s a beautiful set of three rings with a marquise-cut center stone. The ring is made from sterling silver and is sturdy, durable, and sparkly. Past buyers comment that this ring lasts really long, which is good if you want an engagement ring that you’ll enjoy for years to come. We’d say this ring is a fair price for such great quality

Tiffany marquise cut engagement ring

Marquise Cut Diamond Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring - 10 Marquise Cut Engagement Rings (and How to Choose)

This Tiffany ring features a diamond set in six prongs. It has a lovely sparkle and shines. The ring band is made from 18K yellow gold, so it’s also durable.

The only con we’re seeing is its relatively high price. However, this ring will last decades and is highly valuable, so if that price fits within your budget, it’s definitely worth a shot! 

Silver marquise cut engagement ring

TwoBirch 925 Silver Marquise Three Ring Bridal Set with Three Stone Marquise Engagement Ring and Two Matching Chevron Contour Bands (925 Silver, Size 8)

Here’s our favorite silver marquise ring. It comes as a three rings set, so it’s perfect for an engagement ring and wedding band. The stone is set in prongs, one of the best settings for marquise cut rings. Many buyers love that because the ring doesn’t snag on clothing or hair

Some buyers said one or two of the rings arrived bigger than expected, so you’d probably want to be specific about the size you order. 

Gold marquise engagement ring

Palm Beach Jewelry Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold-Plated Marquise Shaped Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Engagement Ring Size 6

If you want a gold ring for your engagement, here’s one with a marquise cut stone. This 14K gold plated ring has an impressive 4.3-star rating on Amazon. 

Buyers commend its shine and brilliance. However, this ring may tarnish after some time since it’s gold-plated. 

Rose Gold marquise cut engagement ring

Gold Chevron Statement Rings for Women 14k Gold Plated Rose Gold Pointed V Shaped Chunky Open Ring Marquise Crystal Cubic Zirconia Adjustable Rings

This rose gold ring has several marquise-cut stones. It’s a three-layered ring that’s perfect for women who love statement pieces. It also has a couple of oval-cut stones, which is good if you want a mix of marquise and oval-cut

The seller says it’s adjustable, but some buyers complained about the ring being too big. We also found a few complaints about quick tarnishing

Bezel marquise cut engagement ring

Green Amber Sterling Silver Celtic Thin Ring , Size 8

The bezel is one of the best settings for marquise-cut stones because it holds the stone firmly in place. This bezel ring is sturdy and has a unique Celtic design

It has a 4-star rating on Amazon from over 140 buyers. But the gemstone is not green as depicted; you should expect more of a yellow color. 

Cubic zirconia marquise cut engagement ring


Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Round Princess Oval or Marquise Cubic Zirconia Bridal Ring Set Size 6

Cubic zirconia is a popular choice for couples who love the sparkle of diamonds at a low price. We found this affordable CZ ring that features a complementing platinum-plated band. The white metal band makes the stones even shinier. 

Many reviews appreciate how the ring looks valuable and expensive. However, a few people had issues with the stones falling out

Solitaire marquise cut engagement ring

2.5CT Solitaire Marquise AAA CZ Band Inset Guard Enhancers Engagement Wedding Ring Set For Women 925 Sterling Silver

This solitaire ring comes with an optional ring enhancer with extra gems. You can either rock a simple solitaire ring or a ring set with an extra touch. Both rings are made from sterling silver, so you can be assured of their beauty and durability

Many reviews agree that they look stunning and are great for daily wear. Past buyers also love how the rings look more expensive than their actual price.

Is the marquise cut right for you? Take our quiz!

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FAQs about marquise engagement rings

If you love the marquise rings above, here is more information about marquise engagement rings. 

Is marquise a good diamond cut?

Yes, it is. Because of its tapered shape, a marquise ring elongates the wearer’s finger, making it look longer and slimmer. Marquise cut stones also look large at the crown, accentuating the diamond’s size and making it look even prettier. 

Do marquise diamonds break easily?

Marquise diamonds tend to break easily at the pointed ends. The thin ends are susceptible to chipping. 

Do marquise rings get caught on things?

Yes. The tapered ends on marquise rings are very likely to snag on things — clothes, hair, and jewelry. It may also scratch surfaces. To reduce the chances of your marquise ring catching on stuff, choose a v-prong setting.  

Are marquise-cut diamonds more expensive?

No. Compared to other diamond cuts like the round cut, marquise cut diamonds are less expensive. For example, marquise cut diamonds cost about 15% less than round-cut diamonds of the same carat.

How do you pick a marquise diamond? 

These three tips can help you pick a good marquise diamond:

Check the height/breadth ratio

The height/breadth ratio influences the look of a marquise diamond. If you’d like a short, plump marquise, go for diamonds with a lower height/breadth ratio of about 1.7. 

If you prefer a longer marquise, choose a height/breadth ratio of about 2.2. However, remember that longer, thinner diamonds tend to look less shiny. 

Check the shape

A good marquise diamond will curve gently at the sides and be pointed at both tips. If a marquise diamond bulges too much at the sides and the ends are not very sharp, it looks less appealing. 

Check the center sparkle

Marquise diamonds tend to have a dark band (or bowtie) at the center, and that reduces the center sparkle. Look out for diamonds with a smaller dark band. Diamonds that look darker at the center usually have a poor appeal. 

For best results, you should also choose the right band metal and stone carat to compliment your gem. 

What are the best settings for a marquise diamond?

The 6-prong, bezel, and v-prong settings are the best for a marquise diamond. These settings hold the gemstone firmly in place and protect its unique, pointed ends.

Choose your marquise

Marquise cut rings are a great choice for brides and brides-to-be who want a unique ring. You can make the best pick using the tips above and ensuring that your marquise ring is in one of the best settings. Marquise rings are available in varieties; vintage, set, bezel, and solitaire. Choose your best marquise, and you’ll have an engagement ring that will make onlookers marvel.

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