Mantis Piercing Guide: Getting It Done and Aftercare Tips

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The mantis (or forward nostril) piercing is a fairly recent nose piercing. Itโ€™s chic, bold, and perfect for people who want something pretty but rare. 

If you want to know more about the mantis nose piercing, we’ve got you. This article discusses how mantis piercings are done, their healing time, pain level, and aftercare practices. 

What is a mantis piercing?

Mantis piercing - Mantis Piercing Guide: Getting It Done and Aftercare Tips


A mantis piercing is also known as a forward nostril piercing. It sits on the tip of the nose and is achieved by piercing two horizontal spots on the nose tip through the nostril.  

Getting a mantis piercing

If you’re thinking of getting a mantis nose piercing, hereโ€™s what you need to know. 

What jewelry is used for a mantis piercing?

Labret studs are the typical choice for mantis piercings. They are easy to fix and donโ€™t fall out quickly because they have a flat back to secure them. Some people also use straight barbells. Curved barbells and nose rings are not often used for mantis piercings because there’s a lot of nose tissue on the tip. 

๐Ÿ’ก Take Note: For the best healing experience, mantis piercing jewelry should be titanium or stainless steel. 

How do they do a mantis piercing?

A mantis piercing is a two-in-one piercing. A piercer will push a cannula needle through each nostril at a spot near the tip of the nose and insert a stud perpendicularly into one nostril and another stud in the other nostril. 

Do mantis piercings hurt?

Mantis piercings go through the nose cartilage, so they do hurt. But they donโ€™t hurt as much as some nose piercings like the nasallang and septum piercing. 

Did you know? Mantis piercings have a pain level of about 4 to 5 out of ten. 

As long as a professional piercer does it, the pain level of mantis piercings is bearable for most people. 

Where should you get a mantis piercing?

A mantis piercing is located at the front of the nose. That’s a spot that becomes very obvious if anything goes wrong. You should get your mantis piercing at a professional piercing studio. 

Look out for piercing studios that have experience with mantis piercings, are members of recognized bodies like the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), or have appropriate licenses. 

How much do mantis piercings cost?

Mantis piercings cost between $60 and $80. The exact price will depend on your piercing studio and the type of jewelry you choose. Itโ€™s best to have a budget that accommodates safe, high-quality jewelry. 

Are mantis piercings dangerous?

Because theyโ€™re cartilage piercings, mantis piercings have a few risks. They could become infected, rejected, or bleed excessively. But if you go to a professional piercer and practice proper aftercare measures, you reduce the chances of complications with your mantis piercing.

Mantis piercing healing and aftercare

After getting a mantis piercing, you must care for it to ensure it heals smoothly. Here’s what to know about healing mantis piercings. 

How long do mantis piercings take to heal?

Mantis piercings take about six months to heal completely. But it could take longer if you donโ€™t take care of your piercing and it gets infected. 

Caring for a new mantis piercing

If you want your new mantis piercing to heal smoothly without complications, you must care for it. Here are aftercare tips you should practice:

  • Clean your piercing twice daily (morning and night) using a cotton swab soaked in saline solution. That keeps the mantis piercing site clean and prevents infections. Alternatively, you can use a saline solution spray on the piercing site. 
  • Avoid touching or playing with your new mantis piercing; it disrupts the healing process. 
  • A mantis piercing is in a very open spot on the face, so be careful when you wear clothes so that your dress does not tug your piercing. 
  • Avoid rough activities that could hit your piercing while it’s healing.
  • Keep body sprays, perfumes, hair sprays, and other chemical products away from a new mantis piercing. 
  • Keep makeup away from your mantis piercing site while it’s healing.
  • Wait to replace the starter jewelry until the new piercing is fully healed (after about six months). 

Rejection is a piercing complication when your skin sees your piercing jewelry as a foreign object and keeps pushing it out. If your skin rejects a piercing, you may have to take it out eventually, and it may leave a scar. Rejection is common with surface piercings. 

However, a mantis piercing is not a surface piercing, so itโ€™s less likely to reject. To stay safe and prevent your mantis piercing from rejecting, use a large gauge starter jewelry and practice the aftercare measures listed above. 

Which piercings are similar?

Mantis piercings look similar to a couple of other nose piercings. We’ve compared each piercing with a mantis piercing, so you donโ€™t mix them up.

Mantis vs. rhino piercing 

mantis vs rhino piercing
Mantis piercing


rhino piercing
Rhino piercing


While a mantis piercing sits on two horizontal points on the nose tip, a rhino piercing goes through the nose tip vertically. A curved barbell is a typical choice for rhino piercings, but you’ll find labret studs on most mantis piercings. 

Mantis vs nostril piercing

mantis vs nostril piercing
Mantis piercing


nostril piercing
Nostril piercing


A nostril piercing is done on the soft, curved cartilage that forms the nose’s sides. A mantis piercing is closer to the nose tip, where the cartilage is thicker. A nostril piercing can be on just one spot, while a mantis piercing is on two locations on the nose tip. 

Mantis vs. Austin bar piercing

mantis vs austin bar piercing
Mantis piercing


Austin bar piercing
Austin bar piercing


These two piercings look much alike. The difference is that an Austin bar piercing goes through the nose tip horizontally, while a mantis piercing has two different piercing spots on the nose tip. 

Mantis vs nasallang piercing 

mantis vs nasallang piercing
Mantis piercing


Nasallang piercing
Nasallang piercing


A nasallang piercing enters from one nostril, goes through the septum and comes out at the other nostril. It differs from a mantis piercing that doesn’t go through the septum. 

Frequently asked questions 

In case you still have questions about this piercing, hereโ€™s what you need to know about mantis piercings. 

Does a mantis piercing look good on a round nose?

Yes, mantis piercings look good on round noses. On the other hand, a mantis piercing may not pair well with pointed or thin noses. 

Do mantis piercings interfere with nostril piercings?

No, you can have nostril piercings and still get a mantis piercing. Both piercings sit on different spots on the nostril. 

What jewelry gauge is best for mantis piercings?

As with other nose piercings, 18 gauge or 20 gauge nose jewelry is fine for a mantis piercing. 

Stand out with a mantis piercing

If you want a special nose piercing, a mantis piercing is the best for you. If this piercing style appeals to you, weโ€™ve shared enough information to get you started. Go to a reputable piercer, practice correct aftercare measures, and only replace your new mantis piercing after it has healed completely. 

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