Your Guide to 10 Best Hoop Earrings for Cartilage Piercings

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Your cartilage piercing has finally healed, and it’s time to choose new jewelry to dress up your piercing. We’ve got you covered! This guide will explain how to choose the best hoop earrings for cartilage piercing. We’ll also share 10 stunning hoop options for you.


Can you put a hoop in a cartilage piercing?

Yes, you can. Hoops look amazing in cartilage piercings, but you need to mind the timing. For initial piercings, you should use a stud

Hoops can create curved holes while the piercing heals. They can also cause other complications like infections or piercing bumps.

You can only use curved initial jewelry for a fresh daith piercing because it’s a narrow region, and a hoop or curved barbell will fit better. For other piercings, wear a stud, and switch it out for a hoop when you’ve healed fully.

What to Know About Choosing Hoops for Cartilage Piercings

The market has myriad choices for hoops and other cartilage jewelry. But with many options comes the difficulty of knowing what to choose. Here are some tips on choosing the right hoop for your cartilage piercing.

Metal Choice

A fresh piercing requires specific metals because you don’t want to irritate the area and trigger a bump. Professionals suggest implant grade titanium, 14k and 18k gold, and platinum.

You have more freedom with older, healed piercings. You can use a variety of metals as long as you’re not allergic to them. Avoid metals with nickel as it’s the most common allergen.

Hoop Size

Generally, the placement of the jewelry and your body anatomy influence the jewelry’s size

However, it’s better to have longer or wider hoops unless you want a tight fit. Bigger jewelry (than your actual size) will sit more comfortably. 

Measure from the piercing hole to the edge of your ear and add a millimeter or two to get a comfortable hoop size.

Closure Style

Earlobe earrings have various closures and backs, but options are somewhat limited for cartilage hoops. For instance, a latch back or saddleback looks lovely on an earlobe hoop, but it won’t give a clean closure. 

Our recommendation is to use hinged segments or seamless closures. These give your rings an utterly round shape and are easy to put on or take off.

10 Best Hoop Earrings for Cartilage Piercings

Here are our 10 picks for the best hoop earrings for your cartilage piercings. They have great customer reviews and come in various designs and metal options. We’ll highlight their best features and some customer feedback.

CreatingUnkamen Colorful Hypoallergenic Simple Hoop

Colorful Hypoallergenic Simple Hoop

If you want multiple color choices, try out this seamless titanium cartilage hoop.

CreatingUnkamen sells it in over 15 lovely colors and five gauge sizes. You even get to specify the hoop diameter for a perfect fit. 

💡 Buyers love its simple, elegant design and wearing ease.

CoCharm Jewelry Hinged Segment Ring

Solid Gold Cartilage Hoop

This feminine minimalist hoop is the perfect gift for your sister or girlfriend. It comes in 14K solid gold and features a hinged segment closure that makes it easy to put on and take off.

Choose the perfect size by measuring the distance from your piercing to the edge of your nose or ear. Then add 1mm for a snug fit and 2mm for a loose fit. 

When ordering, note that it doesn’t come in pairs, so you’ll need to buy two.

SKC Jewelry Design Celestial Huggie

Real Gold cartilage hoop earrings

This sparkly and dainty piece features a star-shaped design with tiny cubic zirconia gemstones and a secure clasp. It is a great jewelry piece for helix and conch piercings lovers.

The seller ships this 10K yellow gold beauty in a lovely box. And if you’re getting it as a gift, you can attach a personal note. 

The only downside is the hoop is relatively small, but buyers love its dainty gorgeousness. The store has a no return policy, but if you’re unsatisfied with the quality, they will refund or exchange it.

AnotherEast Butterfly Hoop Earrings

Butterfly Cartilage hoop earrings

This gorgeous butterfly earring is a popular piece from this star seller. It features brilliant cubic zirconia stones and a lever-back closure. 

It’s an ideal choice for wearers with nickel allergies and is available in plain sterling silver and 18k gold plated sterling silver

Buyers adore its lightweight and secure nature, noting that it’s a comfortable wear throughout the day. 

AraDeOro Conch Earring Hoop

Diamond-cut Earring Hoop

This beautiful hoop features a diamond-cut textured design. 

It’s available in 9k, 14k, and 18k rose gold and yellow gold. You can specify your preferred diameter for the perfect fit. 

This hoop’s beautiful, delicate, and unique design will turn heads.

Some buyers complained about the delivery time, but they admit it’s well worth the wait.  

HelenJewelryK Fire Snow White Opal Cartilage Earring

Fire Snow White Opal Cartilage Earring

October’s birthstone, the opal, takes center stage in this gorgeous hoop. You can choose a hoop with a pretty metal wire and bead detail or one without the metal beads. 

It’s available in 14K yellow gold-filled and sterling silver. 

Buyers rave about its stunning detail and ease of wearing.

Oufer Rope Cartilage Hoop

OUFER Helix Earring Hoop 14K Solid White/Yellow Gold Daith Tragus Helix Cartilage Earring 16G Septum Piercing Hinge Segment Rings Hoop

The twist rope metal detail on this white gold hoop adds interesting charm to it. It comes with a clicker segment, making it easy to put on and take off. 

You can choose between 9k and 14k gold, and specify your preferred internal diameter. Buyers rave about the snug fit and comfort while wearing it. 

OuferJewelry Implant Grade Titanium Cartilage Hoop

20g Implant Grade Titanium Cartilage Hoop

With more than 11 cubic zirconia studs, this cartilage hoop earring brings a gentle sparkle to your ears or nose. 

It’s chic, minimalist, and created with implant-grade titanium, making it ideal for sensitive skin. 

Though it’s available only in 20G, you can choose from four displayed inner diameters for a snug fit. Buyers find it comfortable for daily wear.

Jewseen Cartilage Earring

JEWSEEN Cartilage Earring Hoop Moon Septum Ring Cat Horseshoe Hoop Earring 16G Nose Ring Hoop Captive Bead Rings Tragus Daith Rook Helix Piercing Body Jewelry

Try out this black horseshoe barbell for an edgier look

Instead of the typical barbell balls at each end of a horseshoe earring, this unique hoop features a metal cat on one end and a moon on the other.  

It’s made of 316L steel and is lead-free but may have traces of nickel

Some buyers have warned that you might feel uncomfortable with this hoop in your septum, especially when rubbing your nose. 

EveandkUS 16g Hexagon Shape Cartilage Silver Hoop

Hexagon Shape Cartilage Silver Hoop

If you’re searching for something unusual, this hexagon-shaped hoop might be for you.

EveandkUS offers it in gold and silver with three internal diameters (8mm, 10mm, and 12mm). You’re sure to stand out with this piece.

The metal is 316L surgical steel, which may contain some nickel

Cartilage Piercing Earring FAQs

Do you have any more questions about cartilage piercings? Here are our answers to some common questions people ask.

Do you need a special earring for cartilage?

Yes, you do. Regular ear lobe jewelry may not work as ear lobe piercings are usually smaller than cartilage piercings. 

Also, regular ear lobe earrings aren’t always designed for daily wear, while cartilage earrings and studs are made with more durable and wear-resistant material. 

Which earrings are best for cartilage piercings?

Flat-back studs or labrets work great, especially for fresh piercings. They don’t move much, so the piercing will heal quickly.

Hoops or curved jewelry aren’t ideal at first because they can create a curved hole as the piercing heals. They might also irritate the piercing and make healing difficult.

When the piercing heals, you may replace your stud with hoops or any cartilage earring of your choice. However, you’ll want to stick with hypoallergenic metals like 18K gold, sterling, titanium, platinum, and niobium.

What size hoop do they pierce your cartilage with?

Piercers typically use 16G or 18G needles for most cartilage piercings. 

💡 Take Note: Most piercers do not recommend getting a cartilage piercing with a hoop because the piercing will take longer to heal and become a curved hole. 

Adorn Your Cartilage with a Hoop

Hoops look fantastic in your ear lobe, and these cartilage hoop earrings are sure to look just as impressive. 

Remember, you shouldn’t get pierced with a curved earring. Your piercer will put a straight post in for your initial piercing, and when it’s completely healed, you can switch it out.

The hoops we listed have various lovely designs, from plain and simple, to sparkly and elegant. Their buyers were happy, and we know they’ll leave you satisfied too.

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