10 Helix to Lobe Earrings You’ll Want to Get Now

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Now that your helix and lobe piercings are fully healed, it’s time to experiment with much more than a simple stud. Single hoops are great, but an earring that connects the lobe to the helix does it best for an edgy look. 

Cartilage to earlobe earrings aren’t common, so they may not be as easy to find. But we’ve rounded up the best helix to lobe earrings for you.

10 stunning helix to lobe earrings

Here are our favorite cartilage to earlobe earrings.

Best gold helix to lobe earring

Rose Gold Crystal Ear Cuff Earrings Chain - Sterling Silver Hypoallergenic Cubic Zirconia Ear Cuff Rhinestones Drop Dangle Earrings 2 in 1 earrings Piercing Jewelry Gift for Women Girls

This earring is made of sterling silver plated with rose gold. It features a cubic zirconia stud for your lobe piercing and a cuff for the helix. The connecting chain is attached to the backing of the stud. You can wear the stud alone or attach the chain to a different lobe earring for your unique style. It comes in a pair, and it’s suitable for daily wear

Buyers say it’s comfortable, and dainty enough to wear on various occasions. 

Best helix to double lobe earring

gold helix to lobe earring - 10 Helix to Lobe Earrings You’ll Want to Get Now

This earring is made of sterling silver and has three round studs. If you have double lobe piercings and a helix piercing, this is one piece of jewelry you need. The chain between the lobe piercings is 1.5 cm, while between the lobe piercing and the helix piercing is 6cm. It’s a single earring.

The presentation is not fancy, coming on a display card, so if you want to gift a loved one, you’ll have to buy a proper gift box. However, it’s worth the simple and put-together look. 

Silver helix to lobe earrings

SLUYNZ 925 Sterling Silver Fashion Star Cuff Earring Chain for Women Teen Girls Star Crawler Earring Wrap Earrings (Pair-Silver)

This sterling silver earring is platinum-plated to slow down tarnishing. It’s nickel-free and suitable for people with sensitive skin. It’s also lightweight and comfortable for daily wear. This earring has a helix cuff, so you don’t need a helix piercing.

Buyers have said that the cuff is sturdy and stays in place. The earring also gets them lots of compliments. 

Rose gold helix to lobe earring

SLUYNZ 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings Threader Chain for Women Teen Girls Crawler Earrings Wrap Earrings (Rose Gold Plated)

This earring is made of sterling silver and plated with rose gold. It’s hypoallergenic and a suitable earring for those with sensitive skin. It has a cuff for the helix, and its design resembles three cartilage hoops attached to a simple stud with an 11 cm chain.

It comes in a pretty box, making it ready to gift to your loved one. You get a pair of earrings to wear on both ears or share with a friend. 

Buyers say the earring is durable and easy to wear daily as the cuff isn’t painful. However, it’s dainty, so it may not be the right fit if you want to make a statement. 

Best helix to lobe bar earring 

20g 16g Bar Helix to Lobe chain earring, 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, 20g dangle helix chain earring, ear cartilage piercing chain jewelry

This earring is available in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold. The gold options are made of sterling silver plated with 18K gold. It requires you to have an actual helix piercing and a lobe piercing. 

The helix part of the earring has three backing options; butterfly backing, barbell, and CZ studded barbell. The bar for the lobe piercing has two length options of 0.6 cm and 1.2 cm. The helix part is 16 gauge, which is thicker than the earlobe’s typical gauge size of 20. 

Pearl helix to lobe earring 

SLUYNZ 925 Sterling Silver Unique Double Cuff Earrings Chain for Women Teen Girls Shell Pearl Studs Earrings Pearl Cartilage Earrings

The sterling silver earring is electroplated with platinum. It has pearl details on the stud and features a double cuff for the helix. The double cuff chains are attached to the earring back. These earrings come as a pair.

Buyers say this earring is comfortable and easy wear. Its elegant design makes it suitable for casual and dressy occasions

Best dangling helix to lobe earring

SLUYNZ 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Earrings Chain for Women Asymmetric Star Moon Earrings Crawler Earrings Dangling Chain (A-Silver)

This star and moon earring is made of rhodium-plated sterling silver. It features a dangling lobe earring, a welcome variation from the usual stud. In addition, it has cubic zirconia detailing that makes it sparkle beyond the typical shine of silver. 

It comes as an asymmetric pair of earrings with one featuring the cuff and connecting chain while the other is a simple star stud. 

Buyers say it’s a comfortable piece. If you don’t have a helix piercing yet, but like the way it looks, this is an excellent pick. 

Best drop helix to lobe earring

WUWEIJIAJIA Minimalist Spike Dangle Drop Hoop Earrings for Women Girls Men Sterling Silver Charms Hoops Cuff Cartilage Stud Tragus Helix Wrap Geometric Hypoallergenic Fashion Personalized Punk (Silver)

This stainless steel drop earring holds up well against tarnishing. You can get this as a pair of similar-looking earrings. You can also get an asymmetric pair with a spike-shaped drop for one ear and a spike drop attached to a cartilage hoop for the other ear. It requires both lobe and helix piercings and is suitable for both men and women.

Buyers say the length is comfortable and the clasp is secure without being too tight. 

Cubic zirconia helix to lobe earring 

Double Holes Butterfly Halo CZ Small Stud Cuff Wrap Tassel Chain Crawler Climer Dangle Drop Earrings for Women Teen Girls Cartilage S925 Sterling Silver Piercing Animal Jewelry Gifts Daughter Sister

This earring features a butterfly design for the lobe and a simple cubic zirconia stud for the helix. It’s made of 925 sterling silver, a hypoallergenic material suitable for people with sensitive skin. It is lightweight, has a smooth surface and comes packaged in a beautiful gift bag.

It comes as a single earring with a 70mm long chain and is suitable for a playful chic look but can be worn with other styles. 

Buyers say it’s a beautiful subtle earring, perfect for any occasion. 

Threader chain helix to lobe earring 

SLUYNZ 925 Sterling Silver Wave Cuff Earrings Wrap Tassel Earrings for Women Teen Girls Threader Earrings Chain

This sterling silver earring features a wave-shaped cuff with inlaid cubic zirconia stones, making it sparkle. It comes as a pair, and you can wear them in three different ways: as a helix to lobe earring by threading the chain through your lobe piercing, as a dangling helix earring, both earrings on one ear. 

Buyers say it’s advisable to wear it only if your piercing is fully healed, and you shouldn’t wear it to sleep. Some buyers say it’s smaller than what appears in the picture and more suitable for a minimalist style. It comes in a presentable gift box.

Which helix to lobe earring is for you?

Whether you have a helix piercing or not, you can always wear helix to lobe earrings. No matter how simple the design, it still adds an edge to your look. 

If your skin is sensitive, look for safe metals like sterling silver, solid gold, and surgical steel. Also, choose earrings with more versatile options if you’re one to create different styles. 

Now that you’ve seen the most stunning cartilage to lobe earrings, it’s time to pick your favorites. 

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