The Best Earrings for Round Faces (Our Top 10 Picks)

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Round faces are defined by wide cheekbones, soft angles, and a cute, round chin.

A couple of earring styles are a great fit for round faces — but not all earrings will look good. 

We’ve compiled this post to help you make the best earrings choice. In this article, you’ll find the best earrings for round faces; earrings that’ll elegantly complement your round face.

10 best earrings for round faces

Here’s a little secret: Round faces look best with earrings that elongate the face and give it a slimmer look. 

Each of the ten earrings in this list will make a round face longer and more defined. Sounds great? Let’s get into it. 

Humble Chic triangle hoop earrings for round faces

Humble Chic Spike Triangle Threader Hoop Earrings - Long Geometric Arrow Thin Wire Drop Dangles, 18K Yellow, Gold Plated, Hypoallergenic

Hoop earrings are known to accentuate round faces, so they are usually not a good choice. However, these hoop earrings are triangular, so they give a good contrast to round faces. They are also 2.5 inches long, so they’ll provide the perfect dangly look for a round face. 

This pair is gold plated, so it has a nice finish and is durable yet affordable. The only downside we noticed is that it’s made from brass, so it may irritate sensitive ears

Raneecoco stud earrings for round faces

"STUNNING FLAME" 18K White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Emerald Cut Stud Earrings | CZ Studs for Women, Men and Girls (Emerald,6)

Like hoops, stud earrings are usually not recommended for round faces. But if you really want to wear a stud, these dainty zirconia stud earrings are a great choice. They’ll fit round faces because the gemstone is emerald cut, so you’ll get a more angular and elongated look

These earrings are stunning, durable pieces made from sterling silver. However, they look very simple, so they may not be a good pick on days when you want a bold look. 

GUESS drop earrings for round faces

GUESS "Basic" Silver Crystal Rhinestone Linear Drop Earrings

The length of these drop earrings makes them a perfect fit for round faces. In addition, each earring has a long chain that drops down to your neck when you wear it. These long chains will elongate your face, and you’ll look great without any extra jewelry (like necklaces). 

These drop earrings are made from sterling silver, so you’ll enjoy their durability. However, some buyers complained about them being too long

EleQueen pearl cluster earrings for round faces

EleQueen Women's Silver-tone Crystal Simulated Pearl 4 Chain Bridal Long Dangle Hook Earrings Ivory Color

We love the arrangement of pearls on this pair of earrings. Given its length, it’s sure to suit round faces. These pearl earrings are suitable for various occasions, and many previous buyers have enjoyed them as part of their bridal set

You won’t go wrong with this pair if you need earrings to complement your wedding dress. However, each earring weighs 4.56g, so you may find them slightly heavy. It comes in a lovely gift box and a velvet bag, perfect for gifting your loved ones. 

Amazon collection dangle earrings for round faces

Sterling Silver Oxidized Celtic Knot Round Drop Earrings

These sterling silver dangle earrings come with rose gold plated details. At 1.3 inches, they aren’t very long but are long enough to make round faces appear slimmer. They feature a unique Celtic knot design that buyers love

The earring back style is a fish hook, so you’ll find it easy to wear. But that’s also a disadvantage because fish hook earrings tend to fall off easily.

SWWTV cluster stud earrings for round faces

SWEETV Bridal Wedding Earrings for Brides Bridesmaid, Marquise Cubic Zirconia Rhinestone Cluster Earrings for Women, Prom, Silver

These earrings feature a cluster of marquise-shaped cubic zirconia stones that form a unique leaf design. Since it is not the typical round stud, it’ll look nice on round faces. 

As many previous customers do, you’ll find them easy and comfortable to wear. However, they are made of silver-plated copper, so their metal shine will not last long

SWEETV teardrop earrings for round faces

SWEETV Rose Gold Teardrop Wedding Earrings for Brides Birdesmaid, Crystal Cubic Zirconia Bridal Drop Earrings for Women Prom, Silver

These earrings are great if you love shiny, sparkly stones. They feature cubic zirconia in pear, marquise, and teardrop shapes. These teardrop earrings will effortlessly look great on round faces because they are long enough to make a face look slimmer. 

With an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon, this piece is definitely worth a shot. Buyers love that they’re lightweight; you can wear them all day without hurting your ear. 

Benevolence LA huggie earrings for round faces

14k Gold Huggie Hoop Earrings for Women, Gold Chunky Earrings, Thick Gold Hoop Earrings, Chunky Gold Hoop Earrings, Chunky Gold Earrings Hoops, Gold Thick Hoop Earrings, Amalfi Hoops

This pair of gold huggie earrings is a pretty fit for round faces because the small width (20mm) will not accentuate your face shape. These earrings are 14K gold plated; beautiful and durable

Many buyers say these earrings are light and easy to wear. However, some buyers complain about their size, saying they’re too small for their taste. So they’re not a good choice if you love bigger pieces

Me&Hz tassel earrings for round faces 

Me&Hz Black Layered Tassel Drop Earrings Tiered Thread Tassel Dangle Earrings for Women Girls Bohemian Boho Statement Fringe Black Tassel Earrings Valentines Gift

If you love statement pieces, these tassel earrings are for you. Because they are long and dangly (3.35 inches long), they are a perfect fit for round faces. 

We love the druzy stone at the top and the bold, black color. If you’re not a fan of black, you can order this pair in other bright colors, including blue, pink, lavender, red, orange, green, silver, yellow, white, and turquoise

This product has a 4.6-star rating from over 8000 buyers, a sign that it’s a great piece. However, you’ll have to be extra careful with these earrings; the silk tassel part can get damaged if you touch them too often

Yukhins square earrings for round faces


Yukhins Women Girls Stainless Steel Hoop Geometric Square Hook Simple Fashion Earrings(SquareGold)

Square earrings are another superb choice for round faces. Because they are angular, they kind of break down the face’s circular shape and give an impression of angles

With a 4.2-star rating on Amazon, this pair of square earrings is a quality choice. It’s made of stainless steel, and past buyers commend its lightweight and sturdiness. But some customers complained that these earrings tarnished too fast.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve prepared this section for you if you still have a few things you need to clear up about choosing earrings for round faces. 

What earrings make your face look slimmer?

Long, dangling earrings will make your face look slimmer. So drop, dangle, and tassel earrings are the best earrings for round faces.

Can round faces wear stud earrings?

Stud earrings usually accentuate the face’s width, and that won’t look so good for a round face. However, round faces can wear stud earrings with emerald cut stones or a different (not round) shape. Those types will provide an elongating look. 

Do hoop earrings look good on round faces?

Round hoop earrings generally don’t suit round faces. But if you opt for small round hoop earrings with a 30mm width or less, they’ll look great. Also, triangle or square hoop earrings will look good on round faces. 

How do you accessorize a round face?

The key is to pick accessories that will increase your face length, give it an angular definition, and make it look slimmer. 

Tips for choosing earrings for round faces

Here are specific tips to guide you when choosing earrings for round faces:

  • Look out for earrings that make your face longer, not wider. For example, long dangling earrings.
  • If you’re buying circular hoop earrings, choose only small hoops.
  • If you want large hoops, buy angular earrings. Stay away from big, circular hoops. 
  • When buying earrings with gemstones, look out for emerald-cut pieces.

This guide will help you choose the best earrings for your face shape. 

Longer is better

As a general rule, longer earrings are best for round faces. Teardrop, dangle, tassel, and drop earrings will perfectly complement a round face, making it look slimmer. 

Our list of the best earrings for round faces should give you an idea of what will complement your beautiful, round face and make it look just perfect. 

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