Double Helix vs Single Helix Piercing: How To Choose

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A helix piercing sits on the outer and upper rim of the ear. The fantastic thing about this piercing is you can have multiple ones (double and triple), showing off your bold personality and style, or you can have a single one if you’re more of a minimalist with a reserved nature. Other types include forward and backward helix. 

If you’re reading this guide, you’re trying to decide between a double helix vs single helix piercing. Read on because we’re discussing how these piercings compare and what to consider when choosing.

What is a single helix piercing?

singke helix piercing


A single helix piercing is one perforation located along the upper and outer cartilage rim of the ear. 

What is a double helix piercing?

double helix piercing


With a double helix piercing, you have two piercings close to each other along the upper and outer cartilage ridge of the ear.

Double helix vs single helix piercing: How they compare

Let’s take a closer look at both piercings to determine how they compare in various aspects. 

Pain level

Both double and single helix piercings are more painful than lobe piercings because they go through cartilage. On the pain scale of 1-10, the single helix piercing ranks at a 4 while the double helix ranks at a 5. Getting two piercings next to each other (double helix) is more painful than getting one (single helix).

Healing time

Healing is subjective and depends on your aftercare regimen, overall health, and stress levels. The single and double helix take the same time to heal—three months for initial healing and six to nine months for complete healing.


The piercing cost varies depending on the piercing parlor you go to, the piercer’s experience, and the jewelry. A double helix piercing costs between $40 and $100, while a single helix costs between $30 and $75.

When choosing a piercer, consider their competence, experience, and hygiene, not price. A cheap piercer may cost you much more in the long run with infections and medical bills.


The double helix and single helix are located around the same position on the ear; therefore, they have similar benefits. The location of the helix, also known as the allergy point, helps relieve allergy symptoms like sore throat and congestion when stimulated or pierced. Stimulating the helix region can also help with insomnia.


You can adorn single and double helix piercings with flat back stud earrings, spikes, barbells, and small hoops. 

However, the double helix allows you to wear earring pairs of various styles and colors, displaying different aesthetic possibilities. In contrast, you can only wear one earring with a single helix piercing. 

Frequently asked questions 

You might still have questions about how a double helix and single helix piercing compare. We’ve answered some common questions below.

Is it better to get a single or double helix piercing?

It’s better to get a double helix if you want to make a statement because pairing jewelry pieces such as hoops or studs will look more appealing than with a single helix. If you’re a minimalist and can’t stand the pain of a double piercing, the single helix is better for you.

How many helix piercings can you get at once?

You can get a maximum of three helix piercings at once. However, it can cause significant swelling and may prolong healing time. Note that the number of piercings you can get in one session will depend on their location and your pain tolerance.

Does a double helix piercing hurt more?

Yes, a double helix hurts more than a single helix. 

Double helix vs single helix piercing: Which one should you choose?

If you’re still on the fence about choosing a double helix or single helix piercing, consider these factors to make a final decision.

First-time piercing

A helix piercing is not ideal for a first-time piercing. Any helix piercing takes at least six months to heal fully, so starting with a lobe piercing which takes 4-6 weeks to heal, is better. 

Predisposition to getting keloids

A keloid is an overgrowth of scar tissue that forms when an injury occurs. If you’re predisposed to getting keloids, it’s recommended to have your piercing done by a dermatologist who will inject the ear with steroids, preventing the formation of keloids. Also, start with a single helix piercing instead of a double helix. 

Pain tolerance

If your pain tolerance is low, get the single helix piercing, as it’s less painful than the double helix.

Double helix or single helix? Choose one

We’ve shared everything you should know about the double helix vs single helix piercing, so now you must decide which one suits you best. Make an appointment with a professional piercer and diligently follow the proper aftercare practices for a pleasant piercing experience.

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