10 Best Conch Piercing Jewelry Pieces for the Cool and Edgy

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Whether you want conch piercing jewelry for an edgy look or because of the supposed health benefits, there’s something for everyone. And if you’re one with the multi-earring look, you’ll want a piece of jewelry that fits your already curated look. 

Good thing we’ve carefully selected the best conch piercing jewelry we’ve come across. But first, we’ll share how to pick the right jewelry for your conch piercing.

How to choose the best conch piercing jewelry

You’ll need to select the right conch jewelry for a smooth piercing experience from healing to post-healing. Here are some things to consider for your conch piercing jewelry. 


The most common needle sizes for conch piercings are 14 and 16 gauge. If you’re unsure of the size of your piercing, ask your piercer which gauge size of jewelry you should purchase. 

When selecting a conch hoop, its diameter will depend on the size of your ear and the piercing placement. Ensure your jewelry is lightweight to avoid irritating your piercing.


If you have metal sensitivities, choosing jewelry made of hypoallergenic materials is best. Such materials include solid gold, titanium, platinum, stainless steel, and sterling silver. 

Avoid plated materials for new piercings, as the plating can quickly wear off, and the particles stay lodged in your piercing.


The studs and hoops are the two common kinds of jewelry for conch piercings. Studs are typically for a simple look, although they can have unique designs. Hoops, on the other hand, are statement pieces.

10 best conch piercing jewelry options

Here are our selections for the best conch piercing jewelry on the market. 

Best hoop conch piercing jewelry

Septum Jewelry Conch Hoop Earring Nose Ring Hoop Conch Daith Helix Rook Tragus Earrings Cartilage Earring Hoop Conch Helix Daith Tragus Rook Piercing Jewelry CZ 316L Surgical Steel 16G 10mm Silver

This conch hoop is made of surgical steel with cubic zirconia stones around its perimeter. It’s available in 14G and 16G sizes. It’s a hinged clicker that can be worn on your other cartilage piercings and septum piercing.

Buyers have said it’s affordable, comfortable, and lasts a good while

Best stud conch piercing jewelry

BodyJ4You 3PC Labret Tragus Stud Earrings | 16G Surgical Stainless Steel CZ Crystal | Monroe Helix Cartialge Conch Medusa Lip | Body Piercing Jewelry Set

This is a 16G internally threaded labret. It has a single cubic zirconia stone making it suitable for a simple look. It’s made of stainless steel, a good choice if you have metal sensitivity. 

This piece suits other cartilage piercings, so you get your full money’s worth.

Best 14K gold conch piercing jewelry

JEWSEEN 14KT Real Yellow Gold Solitaire Cubic Zirconia Cartilage Earrings 16g Flower Design Helix Stud Rings Solid Gold Tragus Conch Ear Piercing

This 14K solid gold barbell has a ball closure. Its bar holds a cubic zirconia stone that sparkles in the light. It’s a relatively more expensive option but worth its price. It’s safe to wear if you have metal allergies.

Buyers have said that you may need someone to help you get the jewelry into your piercing, but it’s lightweight and comfortable.

Best titanium option

G23 Titanium Helix Earrings 18g 8mm Septum Ring Septum Jewelry Seamless Septum Clicker Hinged Nose Rings 18 Gauge Nose Ring Hoop 18g Cartilage Earring Lip Rings Silver Nose Hoop Nose Piercing Jewelry

This seamless clicker hoop is made of titanium and is available in different colors like black, blue and rose gold. It also has different gauge sizes and diameters suitable for different cartilage piercing placements. 

Buyers have said it’s one of their best purchases for a conch piercing.

Unique conch piercing jewelry

FINE4U 16G Gold Snake Piercing Jewelry for Conch, Tragus, Helix - ASTM F136 Titanium Hypoallergenic Cartilage Earring, Internally Threaded Nickel Free Flat Back Stud, Labret Body Jewelry for Women

This unconventional piece is an internally threaded flat-back labret with a snake-like form for the right amount of edginess. It is 16G in size and 8mm in diameter

Buyers say it’s comfortable and love the jewelry packaging. However, they note that you may need assistance putting it on, or it might take a long time to screw it on.

Best 18K conch piercing jewelry

18K Gold Starburst Clicker - 10 Best Conch Piercing Jewelry Pieces for the Cool and Edgy

This high-end conch piercing jewelry is 18K solid gold and decorated with cubic zirconia stones. It’s a 16G star-shaped clicker hoop. 

The seller allows you to pay for it in four installments. This quality jewelry will last you a lifetime

Best gemstone conch piercing jewelry

Cartilage Pavé Diamond Mini Hoop

This cartilage pavé diamond mini hoop is made of 14K solid gold and beautiful diamonds. It’s available in yellow and does not tarnish. 

Although it’s relatively pricey, the seller offers free 30 day returns and 2 years warranty.

Captive conch ring piercing jewelry


This titanium captive ring is an excellent choice for sensitive skin. It’s available in different gauge sizes, including 14G and 16G

Buyers have praised the jewelry as lightweight, fitting correctly, and affordable.

Double hoop conch piercing jewelry

Yrogcu 16G Silver 8mm Hinged Nose Ring Hoop Double Open Ring Diamonds Septum Piercing Jewelry Cartilage Earrings Stainless Steel Helix Earring Hoop Daith Lip Eyebow Belly Ring with Shiny Clear CZ

This double hoop conch jewelry is a statement maker. It’s a seamless hoop made of surgical-grade stainless steel. It’s available in 16G and five colors, including black, silver and yellow gold. The shiny cubic zirconia stones give it the necessary sparkle. 

Buyers advise that you consider the size carefully before making a purchase. 

Themed conch piercing jewelry

3D Spider Threadless End

This 14K gold three-dimensional spider jewelry will be a no-brainer if your vibe is dark and moody. It has a universal threadless end that fits with a universal threadless post you’ll need to purchase separately. It’s available in yellow, white and rose gold.

Since it’s solid gold, it comes at a cost, but the seller allows installmental payment.

Where to buy conch piercing jewelry 

Conch piercing jewelry is not commonly found in physical jewelry stores. Here are some online retailers that carry both high-end and relatively inexpensive conch jewelry:

It’s conch jewelry season

Once your piercing is fully healed, you can experiment with the different styles and see what suits you best. It’s alright if you can’t seem to find the perfect one. You can have more than one piece of jewelry you like to wear. 

Ensure all your purchases are of high quality, as they will last a long time and reduce the risk of metal sensitivity. Since most of the stores are online, it makes shopping around easier. 

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