Get These 10 Best Clip-on Earrings For Girls

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Clip-on earrings are an excellent option for people without pierced ears or with sensitive skin. They’re designed to screw or clip onto the outside of the earlobe instead of inserting it through a pierced hole. However, you can also wear them over pierced lobes.  

If you’re looking for clip-on earrings for a tween or teen girl, this guide is for you. We’ve curated a list of our 10 favorite clip-on earrings for girls, and we’re sharing how to choose the right ones. 

How to choose the best clip-on earrings for girls

When purchasing clip-on earrings for your little girl, consider the factors below.


The best clip-on earrings for girls rest comfortably on the ear. Heavy clip-on earrings can be painful and uncomfortable and are most likely to fall. Therefore, lightweight clip-ons are better.

Clasp style

The clasp styles for clip-on earrings include:

  • Simple screw back: The earrings fasten by tightening a screw against the back of the lobe.
  • Hinge: It works like a hinge; you open and close it to fasten on the earlobes. It’s perfect for lightweight or small earrings. 
  • Screw hinge: It combines the adjustable comfort of the screw back and the convenience of the hinge clip. It’s excellent for heavy earrings and lobes that swell.
  • Mini-clip: It has a tiny wedge-shaped hinge back with a tension bar. Its dainty design is excellent for small lobes or lightweight earrings.

Skin sensitivity

You must evaluate if your little girl is sensitive to any material before purchasing clip-on earrings. If you observe a reaction with a pair of clip-on earrings, you should choose hypoallergenic earrings made without nickel or lead.

10 best clip-on earrings for girls

We’ve compiled the top 10 best clip-on earrings for girls to give you options for your little one.

Best screw-hinge clip-on earrings

7CT Vintage Style Halo Simulated Purple Amethyst Cubic Zirconia AAA CZ Fashion Dangle Drop Teardrop Screw back Clip On Earrings For Women Prom Pageant Bridesmaid Wedding Silver Plated

These rhodium-plated clip-on earrings feature a stunning purple cubic zirconia teardrop surrounded by a halo of clear cubic zirconia stones. The center stone also comes in other colors like blue and green. These earrings are perfect for older teen girls to wear on special occasions.

Best lightweight clip on earrings

SELOVO Egg-shaped Clip on Huggie No Pierced Stud Earrings Clip Oval Cubic Zirconia (champagne color)

These earrings have a brilliant cubic zirconia center stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones. The center stone can come in different colors, like blue, red, and black. In addition, its clip-backs have comfort cushions that help protect the ears.

Best cheap clip-on earrings

Hicarer 7 Pairs Christmas Crystal Clip on Earrings Girls Princess Jewelry Earring and 7 Pairs Earrings Pads in Pink Box (Style 1)

For a low price, you can get this set of seven clip-on earrings. Each earring has a soft rubber earring pad that protects the ear. 

They come in different styles and shapes to match any outfit, including white flowers, pink hearts, yellow crowns, purple bows, blue feet, and deep pink butterflies.

Most comfortable clip-on earrings

YOQUCOL 8mm Simulated Freshwater Pearl Clip On Earrings Not Pierced Elegant Stud Jewelry For Women Girls

These brass earrings have a simulated 8mm freshwater pearl in the middle and a non-slip mat on the clip to secure it on the ear. Many buyers said they are the most comfortable earrings they’ve bought.  

Best fake earrings for little girls

Spiritlele 12 Pairs Colors Crystal Magnetic Earrings Fake Stud Earrings Clip on Non Piercing Earrings Set (12 colors)

This set contains 12 pairs of stainless steel magnetic earrings with shiny round rhinestones. The high-quality magnet keeps them secure on your ear so you can wear them anywhere. The different colors allow your girl to match them with her outfits. 

Some buyers said the earrings fell off their little girls’ ears quickly, especially if caught on something. Others mentioned that the magnetic hold was strong and hurt their little ones’ ears.

Best clip-on earrings for teen girls

AllenCOCO 14K Rose Gold Plated CZ Halo Clip On Stud Earrings, Round Cubic Zirconia Non Pierced Clip Earrings For Women Girls

These halo earrings are made from rose gold and inlaid with cubic zirconia. They’re hypoallergenic (lead- and nickel-free), making them an excellent choice for little girls with sensitive ears.

Best kids clip-on earrings

Kids Clip On Earrings for Girls 25/32 Pairs Hypoallergenic Clips Earrings for Girls Toy Earrings Princess Play Jewelry Party Favor

This colorful 32-pair set is a perfect birthday gift for girls between 4 and 12 years old. It features multiple styles and popular toy shapes like dolphins, rainbows, and mermaids. The earrings come with a clip pad that protects the ear from pressure and pain.

Best colorful clip-on earrings

Fiore Mismatched Clip-On Earrings - The Best Clip-on Earrings For Girls (10 Cute Options)

These earrings are made with freshwater pearls. The pop of color would complement many little girls’ outfits with similar colors. Remember, pearls are delicate, so you must keep these earrings safe, away from water and chemicals. Also, remove them during physical activities and store them separately in a soft pouch.

Best stud clip-on earrings

YOQUCOL Bright 8MM Cubic Zirconia Crystal Clip On Stud Round Non-Pierced,Pierced Earrings For Women Girls

These brass and crystal earrings feature a shiny cubic zirconia stone in the middle. You can choose from various center stone colors; white, purple, green, blue, gold-red, and silver-white. The earring back has a non-slip mat that ensures it’s secure on your ears. 

Best screw back clip-on earrings

Sophistication Rose Pink Crystal Silver Tone Drop Screw Back Clip On Earrings

These clip-on earrings feature highly faceted AAA-grade rose pink crystal drops suspended from silver-plated screw backs. They have a threaded post that screws close to the ear lobe for easy adjustment, security, and comfort. They are also available with gold plating and sterling silver.

Frequently asked questions

You may still have questions about clip-on earrings, so we’ve answered some of the common questions below. 

Are clip-on earrings good for your ears?

Yes, as long as the clip-on earring is not too tight. When it’s too tight, the tissue inside the lobe will gradually get softer (due to the constant pressure from a clip-on) and eventually lose its structure and elasticity.

Are clip-on earrings painful?

Clip-on earrings can hurt and put excess pressure on the earlobe if they’re too tight.

Can you sleep with clip-on earrings?

No. It’s advisable to take off your clip-on earrings before bed. Sleeping with clip-on earrings may increase the pressure on the earlobes, causing pain and irritation.

Are clip-on earrings good for sensitive ears?

Yes. Clip-on earrings are recommended for people with sensitive ears. 

A beautiful alternative 

Stylish earrings aren’t only for girls with pierced ears. With our list of clip-on earrings for girls, we’re sure you’ll find a pair perfect for that special girl, whether it’s your daughter, niece, sister, or friend. Remember to avoid tight earrings and consider the weight, clasp style, and skin sensitivity so she can wear them comfortably throughout the day. 

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