How Well Do You Know the Aquamarine Stone? An Ultimate Guide

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The aquamarine stone is popularly known as the March birthstone, but there is much more to it. From ancient times, this blue gemstone has been referred to as the “treasure of mermaids.” And it was highly significant to those who wore it or carried it around.

If you’re curious about this gemstone, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we discuss its origin, composition, symbolism, benefits, value, and care tips. We also share the difference between a fake and a genuine aquamarine.


What is the aquamarine stone?

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The word “aquamarine” combines two Latin words: “aqua,” which means water, and “marina,” meaning “the sea.” These words translate to “the color of the sea.” Legend has it that these gems washed ashore from treasure chests belonging to mermaids, hence the name “treasure of mermaids.”

Aquamarine is a greenish-blue or blue-colored gemstone that’s part of the beryl family. Pure beryl is colorless, but iron traces cause a greenish-blue to blue color, hence aquamarine. 

Its color can range from a very light (almost unnoticeable) color to a rich blue color. Aquamarines with vibrant blue colors are the rarest, most popular, and most valuable.

What is the aquamarine stone good for?

Aquamarine helps treat swollen glands, sore throats, and thyroid problems. It boosts the immune system and alleviates hypersensitive reactions such as allergies and hay fever. It also regulates hormones and growth as well as counteracts short or long-sightedness. 

Aquamarine has calming energies that quiet the mind and reduce stress. It helps overcome judgmentalism, invokes tolerance of others, and gives support to those overwhelmed by responsibilities. It clarifies perception, clears confusion, and sharpens the intellect. 

Aquamarine promotes self-expression, soothes fears, sharpens intuition, and increases sensitivity. It’s highly protective during pregnancy as it helps guard mother and baby from harm and prevents miscarriage.

Is aquamarine a crystal or gem?

Aquamarine is both a crystal and a gem. A gem is a piece of mineral crystal that has been cut and polished and used as jewelry or other adornments. 

A crystal is a solid material whose components are arranged orderly, forming a crystal lattice. Aquamarine is a gemstone with a hexagonal crystal system; therefore, it’s classified as both a crystal and a gem.  

Is aquamarine precious or semi-precious?

Aquamarine is a semi-precious gemstone. Precious gemstones are beautiful, rare, and durable. On the other hand, semi-precious gemstones have only one or two of these qualities. While aquamarine is gorgeous and durable, it’s not rare.

What is the symbolic meaning of the aquamarine stone?

Aquamarine represents hope, happiness, and everlasting youth. In ancient times, people believed that aquamarine protected those at sea. It made the sailors brave and protected them from their enemies on the open waters. 

Today, aquamarine jewelry is still used to bring protection to those at sea and is a popular gift among sea and ocean travelers. On dry land, aquamarine jewelry is believed to have calming effects on couples, helping them to work through their issues and differences to ensure a happy and lasting marriage. 

Aquamarine jewelry is also believed to bring good luck and impart thoughts of peace, happiness, joy, and love to those who wear it. This semi-precious stone is also associated with relaxation, trust, cleansing, and balance.

How hard is the aquamarine stone – compared to diamond?

With a Mohs hardness of 7.5-8, aquamarine is one of the harder gemstones. But it’s not harder than a diamond with a Mohs hardness of 10. 

Where is aquamarine found?

The aquamarine stone exists in various locations around the world. Brazil, Nigeria, and Mozambique have the most significant deposits of this gemstone. 

However, it exists in many other countries, including the USA, Russia, India, Tanzania, Madagascar, Zambia, and Pakistan.

In the USA, aquamarine exists in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Georgia, Maine, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and California.

How much is a real aquamarine stone worth?

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The price of a real aquamarine stone depends on its color depth. However, a 1-carat aquamarine can cost between $500 and $700, and a 2 or 3-carat aquamarine can go for $1000 to $1500. Consult a licensed gemologist to ascertain the value of your aquamarine gemstone. 

What makes aquamarine expensive?

Aquamarine costs depend on the color, cut, clarity, and carat size. Darker aquamarines with very few inclusions are expensive. Inclusion-free gems are even more expensive.

Expensive aquamarines have an excellent cut and a high brilliance, displaying the stone’s dazzling hues.

What are the benefits of wearing aquamarine jewelry?

Aquamarine’s association with the sea alludes to the belief that it’s soothing and provides relaxation and protection. The sea-colored gem keeps its wearers connected to the water, which is believed to be the origin of all life on the planet.

The aquamarine stone is also thought to protect you from the influences of gossip, enhancing faithfulness and friendship. There’s also the belief that it increases one’s wisdom and happiness.

The aquamarine stone helps people heal from emotional trauma by resolving conflict and cooling tempers. Other benefits include instilling a sense of peace, having a clear-thinking mind, and helping suppressed emotions resurface. 

How to identify a real aquamarine stone

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Knowing how to differentiate between real and fake gemstones prevents you from getting conned by unscrupulous jewelry sellers. Here’s how to identify a real aquamarine stone. 

Check the clarity

Hold your gem against bright light and observe it from various angles. If you notice any eye-visible inclusions, the stone could be a fake. High-quality aquamarines are often clear, eye-clean, and transparent, meaning they don’t have flaws to the naked eye. 

Inspect the color 

Aquamarine stones are pleochroic in nature, meaning they reveal different hues when examined from different angles. So, if your gem appears to have only one color when viewed from various sides, it might be a fake.

Search for bubbles

Place your aquamarine under a bright light and view it through a 10x jeweler’s loupe. If you notice tiny bubbles within the stone’s structure, it might be a fake.

How to care for aquamarine jewelry

Taking good care of your gemstone will ensure it stays brilliant and beautiful for a long time. Here are a few care tips for your aquamarine jewelry: 

Clean your gems

Clean your aquamarine regularly, especially if you wear it often. Soak your jewelry in warm soapy water for about five minutes. 

Then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the stone. Rinse it under warm water to get rid of the excess soap.

💡 Take Note: Use about one or two drops of mild dishwashing soap in a small bowl of warm water. Soap with harsh chemicals will discolor your gemstone.

Store in a cool place

When you’re not wearing your jewelry, store it in a cool, dry place. Aquamarine is sensitive and may fade when overexposed to heat.

Store it carefully

While aquamarine is a relatively hard gemstone resistant to scratches. It can scratch other stones, so it’s best to store it separately. Wrap it in a soft cotton cloth or keep it in a velvet-lined jewelry box. This storage also prevents it from chipping and getting dusty.

Take it off when doing strenuous activity

Take off your jewelry when doing strenuous activities like exercising or gardening. The stone is brittle and will easily break when struck.

Avoid contact with harsh chemicals

Avoid contact between your aquamarine and cleaning agents like household cleaners or cosmetics like shampoo. They contain harsh components like bleach, chlorine, and alcohol, which can discolor and fracture the gem. 

Our top 3 aquamarine jewelry picks

We’ve selected the top 3 aquamarine jewelry pieces for your consideration.

FANCIME sterling silver aquamarine necklace

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This dainty sterling silver necklace features an infinity pendant holding an aquamarine stone with a four-prong setting. The chain metal is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. 

Its lobster claw keeps it secure around your neck. And if you’re getting it to gift someone else, you won’t need extra wrapping – it comes in a beautiful gift box.

Brilliant Earth aquamarine engagement ring

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This stunning customizable piece features an entwined lovers’ knot and a shiny aquamarine stone in a four-prong setting. The knot is a Celtic symbol of everlasting devotion.

The available stone shape options include round, cushion, emerald, oval, and pear, while the band metal options include 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 14K rose gold, and platinum.  

Gem Stone King chandelier aquamarine earrings

Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Long Drop Dangle Elegant Wedding Bridal Chandelier Teardrop Earrings For Women (2 Inch Pear Shape 16X12MM, 20.00 Cttw)

These sterling silver earrings feature a teardrop aquamarine stone. The stone is lined with petite cubic zirconia stones that also spread along the whole earring. The earring back is a hinge with a notched post.

Frequently asked questions

If you still want to know more about this beautiful blue gemstone, we’ve answered some questions people usually ask. 

What’s the best cut for aquamarine?

The emerald cut (rectangular or square) is the best and most popular for aquamarines, especially for ring settings. 

Does aquamarine break easily?

Aquamarine is brittle, making it vulnerable to chipping and breaking when struck. So, if your work involves hard labor, remove your aquamarine jewelry first, or it will break.

Can aquamarine go in sunlight?

No. Aquamarine is sensitive to sunlight and extreme temperature. In the summer, store your sea-colored gems in a cool, dry place.

What birthstone month is aquamarine?

It’s a March birthstone.

Can aquamarine jewelry be worn every day?

Yes. Its mineral hardness of 7.5  to 8 makes it highly resistant to scratches and abrasions, making it suitable for daily wear.

Is the mermaid’s treasure for you?

The aquamarine stone is a gorgeous, durable gem that evokes calmness, joy, and peace. It’s the perfect stone to wear daily in a necklace, ring, bracelet, or earrings.

Its delicate beauty and versatility make it the ideal match for any outfit. This mermaid’s treasure is an excellent addition to your jewelry collection.

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